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By Denis Lapierre - Thursday October 24, 2019 - Certified website

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Your daily activities (work, hobby, or other) bring you into contact with a person who bothers or upsets you with his/her doings (or particular words) in circumstances that you don’t control. However, even though this person often makes you uncomfortable, your relationship with him/her will end up being incredibly favorable to you in the long run. In fact, it’s a matter that you don't know that person well enough to foresee (or understand) his/her thoughts and actions. This is a person of the opposite sex, who is about your age. He/she lives in your neighborhood, but you don’t have any intimate (or personal) ties with him/her. This is a person who likes to speak with others and appears to be very sensitive to the problems experienced by the people in his circle. He/she is often impulsive and eccentric, but this is an aspect of his/her personality that suits him/her well. On the financial side of things, this is a person who enjoys a rather considerable personal fortune. The more time passes, the more you’ll understand that you can develop a very good friendship with this person. Even though he/she seems to have a fairly capricious temperament, this person knows very well what is right and what is wrong, and his/her thoughts (and words) are often of great wisdom. You should not be afraid to trust him/her, as in the near future, he/she will be part of your circle of intimate friends who are dear to you. This person will be able to protect and defend you from people who are too grasping or who harm your personal growth (social and professional levels). He/she has the means to do it (authority and money), and he/she will do it.
A personality conflict exists between two people in your professional circle (work or otherwise). You know them well, but there is no (for the moment) causal relation between their behavior and your personal situation. The first person (m/f) is an opportunist, and he/she is using his/her charm to increase his/her influence with others. He/she is a manipulative type of person, and manages to impose his/her ideas relatively easily, even if they are not necessarily the best or the most sensible. The other person (m/f) is stubborn and intuitive, and has a great sense of judgement and objectivity. Both seek to maintain their image with others, but this is always at the expense of one or the other. This conflict is increasingly unhealthy, because constructive actions are not undertaken because of their incessant disputes. Jealousy is involved on both sides, and this conflict is leading nowhere. As their disagreements become more frequent and more pervasive, it is clear that you will soon have no other choice than to develop a plan in order to not let them get you involved in their incessant quarrels. Above all, try to keep both feet on the ground, because it is obvious that these two people have not for a long time already.

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