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By Denis Lapierre - Saturday January 18, 2020 - Certified website

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You have great influence on a person who loves you. A person is fascinated by your personality and is tremendously attracted to you. You have a strong hold on him/her and this becomes clearly evident. This situation starts to get people talking. Conversations are numerous and a rumour is circulating. This person loves you with a sincere love and it will be up to you to decide how it is best for you to react. You also have feelings for him/her, but all is not so simple. Is it love or deep affection? You will have to choose between the beginning of a romantic relationship or consolidation of a sincere and lasting friendship. But know that no matter what you choose, a flame will remain between you two.
An event or a situation will lead you to meet an incredibly unpleasant individual. You do not know this person and you have never met him/her before. This is about somebody who does not belong in your surroundings (in your personal life, in your neighbourhood, at work or anywhere else) and who will attempt to impose himself/herself and dominate everybody around you (which includes you just as much as your close friends or work colleagues). His/her behaviour will include oppression and discord. This person looks down on honest people who are satisfied with little or who live modestly and it will take a lot of strength from you to protect yourself from his/her abusive demands. You will quickly discover that this person is incapable (or that it is against his will) to listen to reason since his thinking is solely and entirely based on domination and making others subservient to him/her (selfishness and slavery). Your entourage and you will have to exhibit true determination to make him/her leave, but fortunately you will reach this goal. It is useless to try to analyze his/her behaviour because there is nothing there to understand (his/her behaviour is evil and completely irrational). Don't look to psychoanalyze him/her either, because this person is morally twisted with a corrupted soul and you will quickly be disappointed. This person is associated with evil (and everything that comes with it), and so the greater the distance there is between you and this person, the better you will feel. Push him/her away or get as far away as possible from him/her because these are the only two options you will have.

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