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By Denis Lapierre - Sunday March 29, 2020 - Certified website

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You are unjustly the subject of criticism or blame by a young man in your surroundings. This young man has trouble with the law (not necessarily criminal, but serious). He has a behavior that is often antisocial and this causes him problems continuously. To defend himself, he accuses you. He uses you as a scapegoat to avoid his responsibilities. In fact, you have nothing to blame yourself for, because this young man is trying to create a diversion. Obviously, he is aware that he is wrong, but he refuses to admit it (acknowledge, recognize, confess, etc.) What he wants above all is to avoid being held to account, because he knows that this will hurt his personal image (reputation, social prestige, etc.) Here, we are talking about a young man who loves (almost in an obsessive manner) to impress others. For him, popularity is more important than social justice.
Your romantic situation is uncertain (or complicated). Despite the love you have for your loved one, you are two people who have fairly different ways of doing things. Differences of opinion, therefore, are inevitable and are sometimes quite serious. You are a sensitive person so the highs and lows are constant. To the extent you can be madly in love one day, you can be distraught the following day. Beware of discussions that lead nowhere as they can lead to inaccuracies and mistrust. Your love relationship is being put to the test. Its long term survival depends on the coming days and weeks. Everything can switch from one side to the other. You are now going through a crucial time in your life and the outcome will come quickly. Whatever path you take, do not be too demanding with the other person because (like you) he/she has trials to face. This is a delicate moment in your love life. Something must change and you will be forced to make a compromise. Warning: the person one loves the most (unconsciously) is not always the person one is in a relationship with (or the person one thinks one loves). The opposite is also true: the person who loves us the most is not always the person we believe them to be. Your numerical references regarding this event: 214, 290, 51, 48.

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