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Tarot Reading
Allegorical Tarot drawn from the Ancient Tarot of Marseille.

By Denis Lapierre - Sunday March 29, 2020 - Certified website

   Warning: Generic reading.   
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Indices are trends that can vary from day to day.
They are obtained according to the disposition of your cards.
Your LOVE indice :94%            Your HEALTH indice :61%
Your MONEY indice :76%            Your WORK indice :90%
Your RELATIONSHIP indice :94%            Your HOBBIES indice :82%
GLOBAL :   83%
1-20% = worrying    21-40% = unfavorable    41-60% = neutral
61-80% = favorable    81-100% = very favorable
The probability of accuracy of your reading :   87%

You have not received an answer about a request which you have made. You have been waiting for this answer for a long time, and it worries you. You absolutely need this (these) paper(s) and you cannot wait any more. The administrative delays seem exaggerated to you and you are probably not wrong about this. Frustration is building up in you, but what more can you do? It is clear that you cannot accelerate the current process, so you should be patient. But, will you really receive an answer? Has your application been forgotten? It is clear that people do not know you and feel no emotion with regard to what you are feeling right now. Here, we are talking about an opportunity that is completely undermined by the bureaucracy of a public administration or a private company. While for you this is almost a matter of life or death, from an administrative point of view you are just one number among many others. However, your file will soon change hands and things will eventually move forward. Do not lose hope…!

A coming appointment is very important for you (emotional level.) A meeting is scheduled with someone you love. Here, it is a question of a meeting or an interview which you fervently wish to happen. This appointment will indeed take place, and it will be in a public area. This will be near a watercourse or body of water (river, stream, lake, sea, fountain, etc.) You will be in a place where most people consume alcohol. The person that you are scheduled to meet is someone from your past. This is therefore probably a friend from childhood (or from adolescence), an ex, or somebody else that you knew in the past and with whom you lived several significant events in your life. However, paradoxically, this appointment is making you anxious, because it seems that you do not really know what to expect. In addition, this appointment includes a sacrifice. As such, it is either secret, or you have to cancel or postpone something to be able to honor it (miss work, miss another appointment, leave friends or family, etc.) What is certain, is that you love this person and that you are very eager to see him/her again.

A man is having problems with the law. This is a man of about your own age. He also has complications in his love life (jealousy, infidelity?). Your relationship with him is mainly of a commercial nature. There is often an exchange of money for goods between him and you. This man is courteous but he is also reckless and a liar. He consumes something that weakens his mental capacities (alcohol, drugs, etc.). Moreover, it is mainly due to this that his problems with the law arise. He was arrested recently and has to go before a judge. He promises to change but this does not really seem serious (empty words – he does not mean what he says). He abuses many things and feels no guilt about his excesses. He is deeply attached to self-destructive lifestyle habits and cares very little about it.
You will experience a great romantic passion (physical level, carnal pleasures). Your life partner will love you and will follow you blindly, and this will largely be due to your intimate relations. Bodily pleasures will be beautifully integrated into your relationship as a couple. They will have a dominant place in your daily life. You will know perfectly (or will quickly discover) the needs of the other and you will make him/her extraordinarily happy. The harmony between you two will be total. Your touches will bring euphoria as much as they will be healing. The other’s body will be your garden and vice versa. You will have access in common to very rare pleasures. Keywords: perfect knowledge of each other, fulfilling sex, romantic passion, intense relationship.

You're facing an obstacle coming from your own relations. Someone close, a woman barely older than you, has to overcome a test that is highly demanding psychologically (or spiritually). This woman is your key in taking a crucial step in your journey, but currently she is not able to help you or to advise you. Apparently, you cannot continue your journey without the agreement, approval or support of this woman. You'll have to wait until her situation returns to normal before undertaking any new initiatives. Although your project seems to be feasible, you cannot start without her (it's unthinkable or impossible). So there are no compromises to be made, because it is this woman who has the power or the means to allow you to progress in your journey. You’ve worked so hard to make your project happen, that this situation seem completely unreal to you. Your disappointment is great, but you have to understand that nothing should be abandoned. You have a destiny and that destiny has to happen through this project. Be persistent and everything will get sorted out. Your road is already mapped out before you; therefore, it is indeed this road that you should follow.

A problem will be resolved and great happiness will follow. This is a problem that has followed you for a long time and has always felt like a burden (sometimes overwhelming) depriving you of complete happiness in life. A woman who is around your age will be the key in this event. This woman is not a part of your regular environment and you will probably never see her again (or you will probably have no more direct contact with her) after this. In society, she holds a position that gives her formidable power (great authority), so few people are likely to contradict or disobey her. Her virtues are her depth in judgment (very sound reasoning) and her sense of justice (social equality). She will be very attentive to your difficulty and will act in your favor. Socially (judicially, administratively or democratically), she has the power to "compel" and she is very firm (she will give orders, commands or others) to resolve your problem once and for all. Following her intervention, you will experience great joy. Keywords: wonder, sunshine, healing, compensation, repayment of a debt, judgment without appeal, irreversible decision, final outcome.
A person in your surroundings will have to leave her job. This is a woman who is younger than you (or who is a young adult). She lacks maturity and she really doesn’t have the skills (or the willingness) to accomplish the tasks entrusted to her. She is irresponsible and she acts with great detachment. Her philosophy is the law of least effort, and her work is an accurate reflection of her way of thinking. She is not very helpful and she systematically abuses from the generosity of others. This woman also has against her her sexual recklessness. She often changes partners (or she thinks that she can have everything by being sexy and desirable for everybody) and she refuses to think that her actions will one day have consequences (compromised financial or professional future). Her success in society is only based upon her charm and beauty, and she think that this will be able to last forever. Unfortunately, she is wrong and she does not realize that time will do its work. If she does not straighten herself out immediately, she will have no future ahead of her. Her fall will be brutal and it will probably happen sooner than she thinks.

A woman in your professional circle will try to betray you to take better advantage of you. Be careful not to trust too much in a woman you know only a bit or from whom you have uncertain support. This woman is only attracted by material possessions. On the human level, she is an insensitive and disloyal person. Her interests are only oriented toward strong or influential people, regardless of their kindness or meanness toward others. Even if she has an endearing personal approach, her words have no value. This woman would not hesitate to reject her own parents in order to climb higher socially. Her ambitions are great and her honesty is highly doubtful. Her submission to earthly goods may easily lead her to crush those around her. Her monetary gains have always had more value to her than the friendship she has for her close friends. So, be wary of her. You must abstain from divulging information to her that she might use against you, especially on the personal level, and in particular if there are profits to made from it.

You will learn or discover something incriminating or reprehensible about a friend (a woman in your close surroundings). This woman is younger than you. Someone will confirm this information. It is about an old rivalry. An event from the past will resurface. In fact, this woman is currently hiding a secret from you. It might have been preferable for her to confide in you before, but it is better not to blame her for this. You will have to wait for a special (opportune, appropriate, sensible, etc.) time to talk to her. This woman is not what she was before. You will have to be understanding towards her. You will have to establish a climate of trust in order to get her to confide in you. But be careful, because it is not for you to break the ice, but for her. This friend must feel comfortable talking to you, so be careful not to rush anything.
Somebody loves you, but he/she does not want to have it known openly. This is someone that you know well, but that does not want to identify him/herself or declare (confess) his/her love. His/her attachment for you is undeniable, but he/she is currently in a relationship with someone else. Yet, despite his/her silence (with regards to his/her feelings), he/she regularly takes concrete steps to be closer to you (or to make you happy). Obviously, by keeping silent, this person wants to avoid awkward or inappropriate acts. He/she is most likely afraid of hurting people who are dear to him/her. Here, there is probably one or more children involved…

Circumstances (or an environment) will be conducive to an exchange of trust, yet you will have to wait a little while before confiding a secret that you hold within you. You will be in the presence of a loved one who will want you to open up to him/her, but in spite of what they tell you, they will not be ready to hear what you will have to say. Your feelings are honorable and the person concerned is the right one, but you will clearly have to wait a while longer before speaking to him/her safely because certain events taking place at the same time may ruin everything.

A new friendship will blossom between you and a young woman. She’s a woman you’ll meet on vacation (trip, stay in the country, beach or elsewhere). Even if your relationship is fleeting and short-term, it will still be important in your life. In fact, there are two parts to this prediction. The first part: This new friendship will be short-term but very intense. A close link will be created between you naturally and quickly. Within a few days you’ll feel like old friends. You’ll share everything and quickly become inseparable. This young woman will bring you an exceptional (reciprocal) joie de vivre and the day you separate will be very emotional. So, you’ll have a strong and lasting memory of your relationship with this young woman. Second part: You’ll get back in touch in the distant future (in several years). At that time, numerous events will have taken place in your respective lives and many things will have changed in your personal lives. In conclusion, your emotional bond will last over time and that moment will be extremely joyful. Your relationship will therefore be destined to be reborn later, and this time it will never be extinguished. You’ll never lose the contact between the two of you again. This friendship will be most precious to you and you’ll cherish it until you die (and even beyond).

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