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By Denis Lapierre - Sunday May 31, 2020 - Certified website

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Indices are trends that can vary from day to day.
They are obtained according to the disposition of your cards.
Your LOVE indice :78%            Your HEALTH indice :71%
Your MONEY indice :91%            Your WORK indice :68%
Your RELATIONSHIP indice :86%            Your HOBBIES indice :77%
GLOBAL :   79%
1-20% = worrying    21-40% = unfavorable    41-60% = neutral
61-80% = favorable    81-100% = very favorable
The probability of accuracy of your reading :   75%

A project will soon see the light of day. After much effort, multiple cancellations and countless delays, you will realise a dream. The path towards this achievement has been long and difficult but you will finally be rewarded. You have made a lot of sacrifices so far but it was worth it. Your courage and determination are remarkable and you deserve the admiration of all. You have known austerity and false promises but you never despaired. You lived through a great heartbreak but you were able to bounce back and show yourself to be strong. You have been abused but you did not become dejected. Some people have cheated you and you have suffered the consequences, but you will not cheat and nobody will suffer because of you. You have understood that there are no short-cuts in life and no matter the obstacles, you will take the path required to get you to your destination. You are truly a person of great courage and you have not been forgotten.

Your pride attracts admiration, but it does not necessarily do you a favor on particular occasions. You must protect the (positive) image people have of you at the social level, but in order to do so, you will need to be careful in your relationship with a person of the opposite sex who is a bit younger than you. This person is a longstanding friend who is trying to reconnect with you after a difficult separation. He/she makes a big impression with his/her kindness and charm and it’s difficult for you to remain indifferent to the emotional attachment he/she has for you. This person is sociable, influential and has financial resources that could be described as very average. It seems quite obvious that he/she has been loving you for a long time, but he/she never had the opportunity to show it to you as much. However, your heart is currently pointing at someone else and this puts you in a very difficult position. You'll have to find a balance in the way you act and think if you want to do the right thing and make the right decisions. You don’t want to be ungrateful to anyone, but can you really give up everything to start your life again in a totally different manner? Here, you are more or less equally loved by two people at once, but only one of the two has what it takes to truly fulfill you and allow you to live a lasting love. You learnt a lot about life so far, so you know that no matter what decision you will take, you will have regrets. Since your feelings will not bring you the answer you're looking for, you absolutely need to think about it with your head rather than your heart.

A naive and reckless person is madly in love with you. This person is terribly attracted to you and looks for you wherever he/she can. You have already met up with him/her and he/she has already let you know of his/her desire for you. This person has a very attractive appearance and the desire to have intimate relations with him/her has even already crossed your mind. Moreover, it is also possible that you have already had intimate relations with him/her. A possible prolonged relationship that you might have with this person, even if it has a magical and wonderful appearance, hides a complication that is extremely difficult to overcome. You could have exceptional happiness with this person, but it will only be short term. A major challenge will hinder your connection and promises will not be able to be kept.
A man is facing an obstacle that is difficult to overcome. This man is younger than you and is a longtime friend. This is an intelligent and realistic man. He is experiencing important financial problems following the loss of his job (or of his main occupation.) He is currently asking himself questions regarding his professional life. His thoughts on this are deep and they will be decisive for his long term future. However, here it is a question of a man who has charisma and who easily gains the sympathy of others. He has great mental strength and, more than any other person, he knows how to bounce back in critical moments. You thus do not have to worry too much for him, because he will always have the support of those near to him. He has relations with influential people and he will be able to benefit from extraordinary resources to overcome his challenge. As such, his bad luck is not really bad luck. Here, it is rather about a new start for him. This man has learned a lot from his past experiences and he will be able to do great things in a new life journey. He has a promising future and he will accomplish great things in the years to come.

You are influenced by an illustrious (legendary or historical) artist (or character). This artist (or character) is from another era. He/she has been dead for a long time but, in the minds of many people, he/she is still very much alive. His/her work is fascinating (remarkable feats) and his/her fame is timeless. His/her achievements are mostly related to supernatural or unexplained phenomena. They feed your imagination tremendously. There is a matter of angels, spirits, fairies, and other entities of the same kind. Key words: flowers, gardens, uncharted worlds, luggage, travel, journey, love, autonomy, independence, tenacity, legend, and fantasy (mythical) realm.

You are a person committing yourself 100%. This is why you will succeed in your professional life. You climb the rungs one by one and rarely get discouraged. In order to attain your objectives, you do not count on luck but rather on discipline and perserverance. A women somewhat younger than you will retire from a prestigious position, and you will soon have a new opportunity. You are about to get a proposal which will considerably improve your financial situation. You will be able to undertake significant changes to your existence, above all from a social point of view. A new perspective for your future is opening up on the professional level, and you will have both a better mastery of the projects entrusted to you as well as a higher degree of popularity vis-a-vis your entourage. In short, your work ist about to change radically and very much to your advantage.
You benefit from your determination and perseverance at work and/or on your projects. Some people may believe that you’re simply lucky or fortunate, but they’re mistaken. You’ve earned your success honestly (and through hard work), and you deserve it. There is someone observing you (studying you) and he/she knows it very well. This person is older than you. You may not see him/her on a daily basis, but you’ve known him/her for a long time. This is someone who appreciates your true value and who is about to make you a proposal that goes beyond the merely interesting. This proposal is linked to a journey. He/she wants to convince you of the merits of this project, however it seems that he/she will not have to work very hard to win you over (seduce, enchant, captivate...). This person is not of the same generation (age group) as you. He/she is probably older than you by at least ten years (or even more). He/she will make good arguments that will convince you quickly, so you must prepare for this journey fast. It will be a somewhat sudden departure, but this won’t really worry you. Your numerical references regarding this event: 166, 259, 137, 1.

You ask why this injustice happened. Yet, the way you behave allowed this injustice to become part of your life. You have to understand that everything related to your happiness is determined more by your actions than by those of other people. Your past plays a big part, and you must take responsibility for your actions and for your life. You’ve always known what you had to do, but you often behaved otherwise. Not all events are decisive, but you must learn to act appropriately when you are confronted with important situations. Your future depends on it. You will soon come into contact with a younger man. This man is known to you through your business circles and his star sign is Aries. He is influential but dishonest. You’ll be warned against being reckless. You must be cautious in business. Key words: camp, stream, haemorrhage, escape, selfishness, poor use of funds, taking stock, Saturday morning, the month of June.

The intensity of your love life is diminished by work. Work (or your active life – professional or other) currently occupies a very important place in your life and this is having its effects on your love relationship. You feel a gap is widening between you and your beloved, and this worries you. You have, though, a joint goal or project with the person you love. Is it this goal that requires so much of your time? The answer is that you have to persevere. You need to overcome this test because it is destined to make you stronger in the face of adversity. You must overcome this test together and not separately. There is nobody else but you in the life of the person you love, so why so much anguish? Your path is a joint one and does not take you away from one another. Yes, it has its twists and turns, but it is these that will make your relationship strong and very united. Be careful not to overreact (internally) to transient situations. Your love life should be based on the long term and not on ephemeral difficulties.
In order to carry out a job or improve your job situation, you will surround yourself by competent people. Someone among them will help you to channel your efforts and your potential. You will receive sound advice from her. You'll take a big step in your evolution and this will enable you to open a door that you was previously closed to you. This situation suggests a possible course of new studies or a specialisation. You will discover a growing interest in things intellectual. Your emotional balance will be harmonious. What you have set in motion earlier will bear fruit. The coming into being of a relationship at this time indicates a great deal of harmony in your love life and will be the result of a great complementarity. Your projects will be the result of reflected-upon actions and their evolution based on solid foundations. Your partnerships will be effective and you will be able to count on substantial financial support.

Someone is trying to get in touch with you. This could be a person close to you who cannot seem to be open with you, but it is more likely that it is a person who is physically distant. Either the distance is an obstacle, or else there is a marginal or inexplicable bond that connects you both. The meeting that you will have to have with this person appears to be crucial. This person has important things to tell you. You know him/her but something separates you. Communication between the two of you cannot be established properly (or effectively). Pay close attention because it is possible that this person is not from our material world. You must, therefore, clearly consider the possibility that this is an entity from the beyond (your God, an angel, a spirit, a supernatural guide, a deceased person, etc.).

You need to pay attention to the excessive influence of a friend regarding an important transaction that you are about to conclude. This friend is a young person of the same sex as you. Even if he/she is not acting out of a bad intention, he/she is leading you to make choices according to his/her own ambitions rather than sticking to what you really wish for. The preparations for this transaction excite him/her so much that he/she almost forgets that you are the person concerned by this matter. However, nothing is really condemnable in his/her behavior, because he/she is acting in good faith. Here it is up to you to make your choices according to your own needs, in order to avoid future disappointments. You are afraid of creating coolness between your friend and yourself, but in fact, you are worrying unnecessarily. Your friend is sensitive to your needs and doesn’t want you to go against your grain. Here, the problem comes from the fact that your friend believes that you have the same interests and needs as him/her. Do not be afraid of displeasing him/her, because he/she is able to understand you. Be honest and sincere with him/her, and he/she will support you (unconditionally) in your choices.

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 Denis Lapierre  Copyright © 2005-2020 (1)
Trois-Rivières (Québec) Canada

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