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By Denis Lapierre - Saturday August 15, 2020 - Certified website

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Indices are trends that can vary from day to day.
They are obtained according to the disposition of your cards.
Your LOVE indice :64%            Your HEALTH indice :87%
Your MONEY indice :86%            Your WORK indice :67%
Your RELATIONSHIP indice :65%            Your HOBBIES indice :86%
GLOBAL :   76%
1-20% = worrying    21-40% = unfavorable    41-60% = neutral
61-80% = favorable    81-100% = very favorable
The probability of accuracy of your reading :   81%

Someone wants you. This person is proud and has a lot of confidence in him/herself. He/she is very comfortable interacting with the opposite sex and, if he/she feels that you are open to playing his/her game, he/she will not hesitate to make advances (or send you signals), which will be quite explicit. Furthermore, this person is intelligent and he/she knows how to take you to delicate terrain. You have already been troubled or disoriented by the effect of surprise of one of his/her initiatives and you still remember being left deeply shaken. Indeed, this person knows what he/she wants and clearly has the power to destabilize you (not necessarily in a negative way). In fact, this person has so much confidence that, if he/she continues to act in this way, you risk to succumb to his advances sooner or later. Right now, only you can judge whether it's good or bad. You know yourself well so trust yourself.

An important meeting is coming with a man who is older than you. This man is one of your relatives (or is closely linked to you.) He is intelligent, and he has your full confidence. He is ambitious, and he is very comfortable financially. However, his love life is declining and jealousy (or adultery) has installed itself in his couple. This is reflected in his words, because he talks a lot and he is not always careful about what he says. However, this does not concern you directly and does not affect you in an exaggerated manner. Your meeting with this man will be of a professional nature (work, business, investment, or other). A project is ongoing, but everything is not going as planned (or as wanted). Together with this man, you will focus once more on this project and you will review its planning from the beginning. You will have to be more flexible and make compromises. This meeting will be very constructive. It will allow you to consider your project from a new angle and to find particularly original ideas to overcome your obstacles. Creativity will be the key to your success, and it will pay off for you. You will bring major changes to your project and they are what will allow you to reach financial success through your approach. Your project is viable and you will take the right decisions to ensure its success. Your meeting with this man will be very beneficial for you, and you will overcome your difficulties. This meeting will be significant (or decisive) for you and it will also have a very positive impact on other events that will follow later in your life (on the financial level.)

A couple is going to get back together. These two people have been separated for some time, but certainly not for more than a year. These are two very stubborn people and that is mostly what led them to separate. They still love each other however, and they’re both having difficulty living with the breakup. An event will bring them back together. It is likely that each will make an effort to reconnect with the other, even if some uneasiness is felt. These two people will resume their conjugal life. Even if they sometimes have fairly pronounced disagreements, they are destined to be together. They will reconcile and learn to respect their differences. Over time, their conflicts will diminish because they will (both of them) learn to show greater maturity. This is necessary and they are fully aware of that.
Somebody that you knew in the past will come back to you. This is someone whom you loved very much and with whom you were quite intimate. This is someone who left your life suddenly and without any real explanations. Without warning, he/she changed his/her life in a radical way and you did not see him/her again. A lot of time has passed since this event and now he/she wants to see you again. He/she misses you and he/she will try to invite you to a public or social event (in a public place or to a public or social gathering) to meet you. This person wants to give you a gift of great symbolic value in the hope of renew contact with you. He/she is remorseful for having abandoned you and he/she sincerely wants to be forgiven. However, you should expect a fairly cautious move on his/her part, because he/she does not really know what you have become since that time and he/she does not want to create any discomfort. His/her desire to see you again is great, but he/she is afraid to make an inappropriate gesture without knowing it. He/she does not want to destroy the life of anybody, so if he/she feels (or believes) that his/her initiative causes a problem, he/she will not insist.

A financial opportunity which will be very favorable for you will present itself soon. You will have an intense and very constructive discussion which will end late in the evening. This will be with several people, many of whom will be people you are close to or your relatives. The exchanges will be harmonious and there will be a surprise for you. This involves a piece of land in the country. This land comes from the estate of a person who has died and it must be sold or ceded. It is probably a farm or a place where you can do farming, raise animals, or simply do gardening. It could also be a vineyard or a piece of land which is used for crop farming. The key person related to the transfer of title of this land is a woman (a little younger than you). This offer will arise suddenly, and you will have to make some important financial decisions as a result. This property suits you and it will be offered (or ceded) to you. It is destined to you and you will take possession of it.

Your relationship situation requires you to have courage. Be careful not to let yourself get cut down. You are afflicted and have a big decision to make. You have a choice to make and you must have confidence in yourself, for you must continue to have clear objectives. An individual of the opposite sex (very close to you on an emotional level) is in a position to help you in your plans. It is his/her choice and it is what he/she will do. This person is intelligent and he/she knows you very well (intimately). Your interactions with him/her will be advantageous and they will allow you to go forward with confidence without looking back at your past. Yes, you are going to have a fulfilling love life (successful and satisfying on all levels), but before that there are some important things that you are going to have to resolve. This is a question of legal papers and of spending a large sum of money. The faster you get out of this stagnant phase of your existence, the faster you will get to your new life. Your journey will soon have fewer and fewer obstacles, but only on condition that you leave this quagmire behind for good. You can do it and you will achieve it. Do it for yourself, but also for the person who loves you. This person loves you with an unconditional love and it is you that he/she absolutely needs to have true happiness.
A business (or professional) meeting has a lot of importance. You will have a meeting to reach an agreement that will have significant effects (or developments) on your long-term financial situation. Following this meeting, you will be more confident regarding what the future has in store for you, and this will allow you to plan (for very soon) a new way of living that you have been desiring for a long time. This meeting will have as its goal to meet a woman that you do not know (or know very little). This woman has a dominant personality and she has great skills (knowledge and experience) regarding the financial world. She can allow people to get out of financial difficulties, just as she can allow others to get rich. For the opposite sex, she is a very attractive woman, but in love she is uncompromising. This is a woman who is both fascinating, and a go-getter. She will also have something to talk about with you regarding you work (or your career plan). She knows (or will be informed) that you have had health problems in the past and she has (or will have) solutions (or new opportunities) for you. This woman is symbolically linked to the forest and birds, which indicates that she symbolizes both stability and liberty (especially financially). She will therefore be very favorable to you, no matter your situation.

A situation (circumstance) requires you to take a decision in a hurry. You must act quickly, otherwise you will miss an opportunity. Chance is on your side in this case, but only for a short period of time. Everything is favourable to you, but only if you take advantage of that now. You need to decide quickly, otherwise it will be somebody else who takes advantage of the opportunity in your place. A woman (a friend or relative) is encouraging you. She is convinced that this is the opportunity of your life (or almost). And yet she is in the habit of being suspicious. She is so exalted by what is being offered to you she is overflowing with energy (innumerable arguments) to convince you. If necessary, she is even ready to get you to meet a person (expert, specialist, professional, etc.) who will explain everything to you in great detail. It is a question here of a key moment in your life (the fulfilment of a dream). This may seem too good to be true, but none of it is illusion or fiction.

You will make a transaction or an investment which will be extraordinarily profitable for you. This event will also be the turning point beginning a series of financial opportunities which will present themselves to you which will permit you to enjoy a new very favorable economic situation. You will have a lot of intuition and you will do some very good business. Prosperity and abundance are clearly a part of your future. Financially speaking, you will be dominant and you will have great influence over others. Your income will grow rapidly and you will take many trips abroad. You will achieve great riches and your wish to visit the most beautiful places in the world will come true.
A young woman is looking to intimidate you. This is a young woman who does not have a car, and who almost never rides on motor vehicles, unless they consist of public transport (bus, metro, train, etc.). This is someone whom you consider a friend, but is she really one? This young woman is of foreign origin and she has a different culture from yours, especially on a spiritual level. In this sense, she seems to be very attracted to the occult. She is probably a fan of a kind of voodoo or some sort of sorcery. You seem to have done something that displeases her greatly, and she feels betrayed by you. This young woman frees herself from her frustration or her anger through occult rituals. The idea that she might be a member of a cult cannot be excluded, but this is not necessarily the case, as she can absolutely do everything herself. What is surprising is that, deep within herself, she doesn't really want to hurt you, but just to make you change your attitude regarding something. She seems to want to see you take a completely different direction in an activity that you have, because what you are doing is (in her eyes) wrong. So, her goal is to scare you, and this happens through black magic rituals that you are not aware of. However, you do not have to worry about any unfortunate events happening from her hands, as her efforts to scare you will not result in anything concrete. As such, if you decided to use your personal initiative to learn more about this young woman, it would certainly not be a bad idea, because more often than not, she feels abandoned or excluded by others.

An enjoyable story or a pleasant moment with someone of the opposite sex will end, only to resume later. You will have an interesting or fun relationship with someone endowed with manual dexterity and artistic talent (handicraft and odd jobs). This relationship will be brief, but it will resume later. At this point it will become more intimate and more enduring. This person is energetic and has a lifestyle that accommodates all sorts of whims. He/she is proud, mature, and his/her life principles are largely based on saving (money in the bank). His/her perseverance in saving money over long periods will allow him/her to fulfill many of his/her dreams. This person is exceptionally considerate (and tactful) around others, and this is what will most endear you to his/her personality. You will resume contact by chance in a public location, and this will be a magical moment for you. More specifically, this person will have a job with a direct link to the general public.

Your little pleasures are many and your well-being will mainly grow around a modest, but durable, happiness. In particular, it is consistency that will be the key to your long term success. Your great strength will come from the fact that, throughout your life, you will climb the steps one after the other, without ever looking to skip ahead. You will come to find serenity amidst the hustle and bustle, and your many blessings will soften the trials of both yourself, and others. This shows that you are the kind of person who manages to see the bright side of everything, even during the most difficult trials. As such, you will succeed where most fail. In all aspects of your life, you will constantly have projects that are either evolving or being developed. Nothing will stop you, because you will know how to save your strength, keep your pace, and maintain your vitality. You will be the epitome of someone who knows how to combine ambition and wisdom, and this will allow you to achieve big dreams. You will go very far, simply because you will know both your physical and mental capabilities (strengths and weaknesses) very well, and because you will know (or learn) to stay reasonable in everything that you will undertake.

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By Denis Lapierre - Saturday August 15, 2020

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