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Tarot Reading
Allegorical Tarot drawn from the Ancient Tarot of Marseille.

By Denis Lapierre - Saturday January 18, 2020 - Certified website

   Warning: Generic reading.   
    Automatic Tarot - For entertainment only  Copyright © 2020 (2)  Denis Lapierre

Indices are trends that can vary from day to day.
They are obtained according to the disposition of your cards.
Your LOVE indice :98%            Your HEALTH indice :69%
Your MONEY indice :66%            Your WORK indice :71%
Your RELATIONSHIP indice :69%            Your HOBBIES indice :67%
GLOBAL :   73%
1-20% = worrying    21-40% = unfavorable    41-60% = neutral
61-80% = favorable    81-100% = very favorable
The probability of accuracy of your reading :   83%

Happiness is within your reach and will take you beyond the realization of your dreams. You will live a love-filled, intelligent and rational passion. This passion will make you blossom incredibly in your emotional life. Your love will be inspired by great wisdom and will give you a psychological balance that few people achieve in their lives. Your love will be great, and this will be because you build and maintain it with sincerity and respect. Your honesty and frankness will earn you great respect from your love. Your married life will be planned with realism and understanding. Your success in love is guaranteed because you will be determined to succeed.

An extraordinary event will take place. It has to do with an unexpected or unhoped-for development concerning a woman (a very close friend). Her conditions of life are going to change and radically improve. This rebound is directly related to her love life. This woman is going to find love while away from home or on a travel junket. This trip will take place quite close by (certainly no more than 200 km from her home or her place of work). You don’t know the man whom she will meet. This man will fall head over heels for your friend and she will make special arrangements to open her door to him and welcome him into her life. This man has a privileged and extremely solid social position (especially financially). He will be very sensitive to your friend’s precarious situation in terms of finances. Unhoped-for initiatives are to be anticipated on his part. A project in cooperation with your friend that you have scrapped can finally be realized.

Two people love you. You definitely have to abandon one of them in order to dedicate yourself entirely and solely to the other. Unfortunately, and in spite of your good will, one of these people must suffer. The quicker you act, the less he/she will suffer. The more directly you speak to him/her, the shorter will be his/her ordeal. You can not hesitate because this situation must not persist. Do not be vague with your explanations because you will increase his/her suffering. Even if you fear heartbreak, you have to end the ambiguity. Be brave, even if you have to inflict a deep wound on yourself. Yes, you are a caring and sensible person, but the damage has already been done. You are perhaps still undecided or uncertain of your feelings, but love does not forgive, it is a serial killer!
A project is taking a long to complete. You will have to wait before seeing a desire come true. You will have to continue being persistent and accept that a person has decision-making power over you regarding this project. This person is a woman (professional level). You are not very close to her and this, for you, is what complicates things the most. Although she has no bad intentions, she is the one that decides your meetings together and never the reverse. We are talking about a woman who has a very busy schedule. She would like to appeal to everyone but knows that this is impossible for her to do. She must therefore consider certain priorities. This woman is held accountable (or she has targets to reach) and therefore has to make choices that are not always pleasant. Given the situation, and if you consider it urgent, it would perhaps be better to think around your obstacle rather than try to overcome it.

You will travel a lot. You will discover the world and find it wonderful. You will visit extraordinary cities and you will see breathtaking scenery. You will discover other people and you will learn to know and understand them. However, you will also see inequalities between people. You will witness irresponsible actions and you will understand why some people are vulnerable to poverty and misery. Nonetheless, you will always come back from your trips with the certainty that things are improving, and you will keep a lot of hope for people who have high hopes for the future.

The next day of the full moon will herald a momentous event that will take place in your love life. An individual (m/f) that you love will try a totally new (unusual) approach with the aim of attracting you toward (or keeping you with) him/her. This approach will be like nothing you have previously known with regard to him/her and its destabilizing effect on you will be clearly undeniable. This individual is deeply in love with you and he/she will try to make a grand gesture aimed at showing you beyond any doubt that you are the chosen one in his/her heart. Therefore, you should be prepared for a major declaration or spectacular gesture on his/her part. However, even though this individual has decided to go through with his/her effort, he/she also seems quite anxious in the face of what he/she is preparing to do. As a result, it is possible that he/she will not be altogether in control of the situation and that the chosen moment might turn out to be a bit embarrassing.
You need to seek a greater balance in your relationship with someone else. This person is of the opposite sex and is around your age. He/she is part of your professional environment (work, business, education, justice, healthcare or other) and he/she has a dominant behaviour over you. He/she is authoritarian and he/she seeks to control everything. You shouldn't accept to let yourself be dominated in this manner, since sharing is necessary. You will take a journey or a significant trip with this person and you will then have the chance to know each other better and to be frank towards each other. It is not necessary to confront this person but, rather, to inform him/her of your concerns regarding your relationship. Compromise is possible so don't be afraid of talking to him/her honestly. Don't be intransigent with him/her since he/she is capable of understanding your situation. This person loves you (or appreciates you a lot) and he/she has good intentions, but the problem is that he/she doesn't know how to behave with you. So help him/her and you will do a favour to yourself. Keywords: dialogue, commitment and sincerity.

A person of the opposite sex has a very sincere proposition to make to you. Moreover, he/she wants you to know his/her thoughts. This person has feelings for you and he/she wants you to know this. We are speaking here about a thinly veiled declaration of love. The words used are not chosen at random. Even if they sometimes have a double meaning, they have a very precise meaning in this situation. This person wants to have a closer connection with you (love relationship). He/she knows that you can hardly remain indifferent to his/her proposition and he/she is ready to put everything on the line. For him/her, the fire has been lit and there is no longer any question of putting it out. We are speaking here about a very close friend who has already had, or attempted to have, an affair with you.

There is the matter of an important acquisition. You will purchase a durable good (great financial value). Here, we are talking about a major investment. This acquisition represents (or confirms) the beginning of a project that has been planned in detail for some time (several months). You are preparing to fulfill a dream. You have made great progress in your personal life and this acquisition is one of the greatest examples. Much more is yet to come, because you have gained experience and now you know exactly what to do and what not to do. Everything is developing in your life and the best is yet to come. You are on the right track, do not stop, because you can do more than you think.
There is confusion about the identity of a person. You suffer the consequences of the actions of another person because you are held responsible for his/her actions (wrongly). Here, it is a question of an aberration (absurdity or mistake). This is indeed a case of mistaken identity. You are treated unkindly because you are unjustly accused (or suspected) of an act you did not commit. You need to defend yourself energetically. Unfortunately, the real culprit does nothing to exonerate you because he/she does not want denounce himself/herself. He/she want to save his/her skin at any price, even if he/she fully understands that you are accused in his/her place. He/she is using you as a scapegoat, so he/she will do nothing to help you.

A relationship that you have with a young person (1) (m/f) in your surroundings is not being described honestly. Someone (2) (m/f) feels in competition with you and tells unfounded stories about what you live (or do) with this young person (1). In fact, an event which took place recently was told out of context in order to spread an image of you that would make you seem depraved. Here, we are talking about a young person (1) to whom you have given your help (either material or financial) in order to accomodate him/her, or to release him/her from a social difficulty (emergency or great misery.) This young person (1) thanked you with a written note filled with good words and showing a great sensibility towards you (poem, thank you card, or other.) This made the second person extremely jealous (perhaps without you knowing it) and you should act to manage the situation well in order to prevent false stories about you spreading through gossip. In short, your generosity towards a person (1) in need displeases another. This is someone (2) who has amorous (or sexual) intentions towards the person whom you helped. Be on your guard, because your every move will be scrutinized to try to find a flaw in your behavior with this young person. A single mistake on your part could be "cruely" dramatized in order to make you fall into disgrace in the eyes of people around you or in your neighborhood.

You are living through a great uncertainty (or apprehension) caused by a person whose intentions are unclear (or ambiguous). A good opportunity, financially speaking, is being offered to you and is (apparently) very promising, but you are perplexed to engage in the process which would enable you to conclude it. This proposal is at first glance very interesting, but the more you linger on it, the more it seems too good to be true. In fact, you should be very careful, as it has all the characteristics of a proposal that aims to extract money from you, rather than allow you to prosper. The person in question here has about the same age as you and is of the opposite sex. You know very little about him/her, but he/she knows more about you, because he/she has obtained information about you. This is a person that looks great and presents a very well put together image of him/herself. He/she has the gift of eloquence and finds it very easy to conclude any transactions that pertain to him/her. He/she is trying to make friends with you in order to be better able to lead you into a negotiation or an agreement that could bring him/her large profits. Even if he/she acts with great professionalism and shows a lot of seriousness in his/her approach, in fact he/she cares very little about what you really could get out of such an agreement. Be careful, because you should not give your trust to this person blindly and you must not sign anything without real guarantees on his/her part. This person is in a hurry to make money and he/she is trying to reach a deal with you in an expeditious manner. If you listen to him/her and you accept everything without asking questions or requesting legal guarantees on his/her behalf, this adventure will lead you directly to "catastrophe". Yes, you could significantly profit from what is being offered to you, but certainly not on the proposed terms.

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