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Here are your cards and your predictions.
Cartomancy adapted from the Ancient Tarot of Marseille.

By Denis Lapierre - Sunday December 15, 2019 - Certified website

   Warning: Generic reading.   
    Automatic Tarot - For entertainment only  Copyright © 2019 (5)  Denis Lapierre

Indices are trends that can vary from day to day.
They are obtained according to the disposition of your cards.
Your LOVE indice :70%            Your HEALTH indice :75%
Your MONEY indice :78%            Your WORK indice :82%
Your RELATIONSHIP indice :62%            Your HOBBIES indice :97%
GLOBAL :   77%
1-20% = worrying    21-40% = unfavorable    41-60% = neutral
61-80% = favorable    81-100% = very favorable
The probability of accuracy of your reading :   74%

A situation will be difficult. A person will need you. This will be a woman who is older than you. She is part of your everyday circle. She can be recognized by her beauty and her great physical attractiveness. She recently had minor surgery. This woman has quasi-exceptional prudence, which leads her to be very little combative when confronted with a major problem. Even though she has a very appealing personality, someone wishes her harm and considerably complicates her life. She is going to suffer devastating grief and you will have to support her emotionally. You will need to transmit her a lot of love to encourage her to open up to you. You must be persevering and philosophical, since this woman will be very afflicted. This is a question of a broken marriage, of a mountain, and of an abandoned land.

A new encounter is coming. You will meet a person (m/f) who will be very attracted to you. This is someone in a friend’s regular circle of acquaintances. This person is intelligent and a perfectionist. They are seeking your love. Your very presence stirs up their amorous feelings. Your encounter will take place in a bazaar or an open-air market. This person is very attached to traditions and rituals. Because of this, if any union should take place between the two of you, it will have to be by marriage. This person has recently stopped working to take up studying again. If not, this means that they are currently in training/apprenticeship for a new job. As far as their dwelling, this person seems to live near a green area (a park, woods, etc.) in the outskirts of a large city. After your first encounter, this person will definitely try to contact you once more. They will make a substantial trip (by car) to be nearer to you or to facilitate a new meeting with you.

A rivalry will lead you to face a strong competition from a young woman. You must demonstrate great skill in order not to be beaten by her. This young woman will influence many people thanks to her charm, giving her a head start toward a goal that both of you will covet. Although she will not be truly insensitive to your approach, this young woman will make no move to concede victory. As her determination to achieve the goal will be as great as yours, you will need to thwart many of her actions. On the other hand, if you are successful in taking advantage of her weak points, you should undeniably be able to take more targeted actions in order to defeat her. Even if at first glance your chances at winning seem small, if you act with intelligence, it is really you who should triumph in the rivalry.
Your intuition will be one of your greatest strengths. You see things in a way that only you can see them. Although it will often be indirect, you will have a great influence on the people of your surroundings (personal, social, work, etc.). People will watch you and admire you. You will not do anything like other people. You will learn from your life experiences (but also from the experiences of others) and you will have incredible flair. When people will need advice for important decisions, they will turn to you first. You will be a key person for the people around you and you will be loved for your great honesty (at all levels). You are a sensitive and serious person, and you will seduce those who need stability (safety) in their lives. You will teach with rigor, but you will let people flourish on their own. Obviously, no one knows the absolute truth, but you will seek it all your life. It will be your quest and it will make you a holder of great wisdom. This quest will bring you to travel and people will love being with you because of your great open-mindedness. You will make many journeys (spiritual and personal growth).

A woman for whom you have great affection will enable you to find a solution to one of your problems. It is a problem that worries you enormously and that is inflicting a certain state of anxiety on you (medical/health aspect). It is causing a recurrent and persistent situation (in your personal life). This woman has a perspective of your problem with greater retrospect, because she is not undergoing what you are. She sees things more clearly and she will make you see your problem from a new angle. She will lead you to take care of small details that are escaping you. This woman is a very close friend. You have a lasting friendship with her. She is a wise and decent woman. She has had to overcome some rather-difficult trials in the past, which is why (today) she is better able to use her intuition. She is more methodical than most people around you, which is why she is going to enable you to better understand the source of your problem. Yes, there is a rather simple solution to your problem and you will find it. This woman trusts in you greatly (in your capabilities, your know-how, etc.), so listen to her, because she sees something that you do not.

You have many goals in life and you will reach nearly all of them. Your life will be exceptional. You deserve your success and you will benefit from an incredible opportunity. Your love life (and family life) will be successful. You will have enough money to live well and benefit the people you love. You will travel a lot and you will make people jealous. You will also have faithful friends and you will reward them for their loyalty. More specifically, it is on the professional level that you will stand out. Changes will be frequent, because you will take advantage of many opportunities (as much in your work as in business). You are someone who is fundamentally autonomous (someone who is socially dominant) and it is this that will make you a unique person (incomparable). You will innovate and you will follow your own path. You will not do anything like the others do, because you will have the power (and the will) to act differently. Indeed, you have your own way of seeing things and you will profit from this (in all aspects of your life). You have big ideas, so be true to yourself and pursue your dreams to the end!
A man is going to entrust you with something. It is a precious object or some personal property that has great sentimental value for him. You will have to undertake to take great care of it. The man who entrusts you with this thing currently has financial difficulties, but they are only temporary. You have great influence over him and you are probably the person in whom he has the most trust. This man cannot envisage or imagine his life without having you as a friend. He appreciates you very much and has great respect for you. This is a friend of long standing and he will be for a long time to come. He is going through a difficult period and, in your own way (according to your abilities), you will come to his aide. He is more or less the same age as you and it was through your work (or studies) (present or past) that you met him (for the first time). He also has a health problem to overcome (chronic fatigue, lack of energy) and this problem is related to a recent event in his personal life. This man needs a new start in his life and will begin a new existence the moment he has settled his financial problems. You have great affection for him and for some time you will have to be his guardian angel. Fortunately, it is announced that he will successfully get through his ordeal and this will be largely thanks to you.

You have the desire to venture off the beaten tracks. You want to initiate a new departure and to change your life radically. To accomplish this wish, you need to move to a different place or abroad. You are physically and intellectually capable of accomplishing this dream but either your financial means or the current economic situation are preventing you from acting.

You have assessed the situation well and you perfectly understand the impacts it will have on your life. You know the alternatives which are available to you and you know they will all have different consequences depending on the choice you make. At the moment you need to think thoroughly about yourself before the situation becomes irreversible. It will be irreversible once you make your next move. Take your time to think about it, because your decision is serious and your life might change radically and forever. You must think about yourself before you take care of others. It's about you first and foremost, and it’s for yourself and yourself only that this decision must be made.
A confrontation is looming and you must try to avoid it. A conflict of opinions heralds nothing but heated arguments and high emotions. An ex-friend is making unjustified attacks on you. However, the thing that is bothering him/her has nothing to do with you, and you must clearly disengage from it. This individual brings you nothing but problems, which you can do nothing about. They have made foolish decisions that they cannot then deal with, and they try to put the blame on you. Even though you know that you are not at fault for their failures, this individual believes that you are. This person was previously very close to you. They have a pet. It is probably a cat, or otherwise some sort of small animal that never (or rarely) leaves the house. They are an impulsive individual, and are increasingly intolerant with regard to their own errors of judgement. It seems likely that you would be best to reduce or cease you contact with this person altogether. They have spent a lot of money in a reckless manner and so you are not advised to sign anything in their favour, in the vein of legal papers or financial backing. Signing such documents could lead to severe consequences that you really must not take on. There is nothing for you to gain by putting up with this person, as you will merely be endlessly prolonging all of the problems they cause you.

Someone from your social circle would like you to be a little more forgiving towards her. This person is a woman barely older than you. She’s probably a neighbour, a work colleague or something along those lines. This woman has something to confide in you. She is trapped (in a delicate or compromising situation). But be careful, because she isn’t telling you everything (half-truths). The reality is that she has committed adultery (or is engaging in an inappropriate relationship with someone who already has a partner). This woman is detached from human (social, moral) values and in these circumstances, her sexual urges take priority. She knows she’s about to break up a couple (or is in the process of doing so), but that doesn’t stop her. Besides, her urges are so overwhelming that she may even be bisexual. Moreover, this woman could even be tempted to seduce you in order to seek forgiveness for what she has done.

You’re setting an example to someone who admires you. This person is trying to succeed in a project by following your example. It’s a woman. She wants to be as successful as you. She wants to ask your advice. This woman has complete faith in you. At the beginning, you might find her slightly irritating, but afterwards you will end up being touched by all the respect she has for you. Don’t be afraid, this woman doesn’t want to imitate you; she simply wants to learn from you. One day it will be her who does something for you, and you will be glad you took her under your wing (or accepted her as a friend). This woman has a great future ahead of her (money, wealth, power, generosity…) and she won’t hesitate to let you benefit from it the day you need it most (or at the moment when it would be most useful to you). Later, you will accompany her on one of her voyages. She has good intentions and she is (or is becoming) very wise. But for the moment, she has important financial choices to make and she wants to be inspired by you (by your life, your determination and your generosity to people).

  Thank you!  Copyright © 2019 (5)  Denis Lapierre

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