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By Denis Lapierre - Monday March 01, 2021 - Certified website

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An unjust accusation will be made against a man who is very close to you. It appears as if this man is a close relative, and if not, this is a man to whom you are closely connected in terms of an attachment. At the same time, you are going to feel deeply betrayed by someone else (2) in whom you currently have great trust. It is going to be totally impossible for you to imagine that things could ever take such a turn. Except for a stubborn temperament, this man has done nothing to warrant reproach and always does his best to be as fair as possible toward everyone. It’s true, on occasion he can become intolerant, but this is generally with the view of protecting those who are weaker or more indigent than him. When he objects to something, it is always with the clear aim of eradicating an injustice. What’s more, this man is himself a survivor of past injustice. His altruism is great and his devotion to others is ceaseless. It is clear that someone (2) wishes him ill because of his excessive influence on those he protects. This individual (2) has the financial means to hurt him badly and as a result, the battle will be tough. Here, there is a conflict between money and good will. Even if this will require major resources on your part (particularly psychological resources), you will be in the forefront for supporting and defending this man, as you know that he does not deserve to be attacked in such a despicable way, whether or not one happens to agree with him.

You recently set upon the road to success, but something went wrong. There is no need for despair, because there is no need to start anything over. You must look at things objectively and not let yourself be influenced by your own (instinctive) reactions when faced with this event. Your temperament will be the determining factor of your future actions. You will soon receive a communication (by letter, telephone, email or another means) which will let you better understand what is expected of you. After this, you will get an appointment which will lead to you regain the upper hand on the situation. Do not let yourself become intimidated and you will win your point.

Your family keeps you very busy. You see many people, and you like to relax with your near and dear ones. You feel very connected to them. They bring you joy and your moments of greatest happiness. You have made a promise, and you must force yourself to keep your word. There is a special someone, who feels a lot of love for you. You bring him/her peace of mind and warmth of human affection. He/she enjoys every moment he/she spends with you. No one understands him/her better than you do. When you arrive, you relieve his/her pain and settle his/her disputes with others. You have promised to take care of him/her, and he/she trusts you.
You will have to temporarily stop working for health reasons. This does not necessarily mean that you are ill, because it could also be that it is your working environment or your work itself that is the problem. You will, however, be treated or assisted by a woman. This is not a woman who is usually in your immediate circle. She probably works for a public service (nurse, therapist, social worker or other). Unfortunately, you will experience solitude during this period and you will feel isolated in relation to society. You will have to show yourself to be strong because pessimism will occupy your thoughts. You fear abuses and you take offence at certain actions. Your income will decrease or be adjusted. A project will be cancelled or postponed until later. The woman who will assist you in your distress will be of great moral help to you. Fortunately, this period is only temporary and you will get through it. You will get back on your feet and return to work.

A situation is worrying. A young woman has a very immoral and inappropriate behavior. Despite her nice conversation, she has a way of life that is disturbing. She is particularly beautiful (sexually desirable) and she uses her charm to gain power over men. Her cynicism is great and she does not hesitate to provoke people (actions, words...) (offensive, indecent...) when she wants to make her point known. She is a master manipulator and she is constantly looking to impose her life’s philosophy (sex, licentiousness, debauchery...) both with women as with men. As such, despite its nature or its importance, your relationship with this young woman is unhealthy (or will soon become so). She wants to bring you to live in her way (to better manipulate you), so be careful not to find yourself in an embarrassing or extremely delicate situation because of her. In fact, she has a scandalous proposition for you... This young woman has a bad reputation, so you had better stay away from her because it could seriously harm your image.

You’ll have a favourable interaction with a young man. You’ll get a personal relationship and support from this person in implementing an expensive project or an important personal step. Your discussion or your task with this young person will be a turning point that will direct you towards success in your initiative. However, there will be reticence from another person from your circle regarding your project. This person accuses you of having too many illusions or of having a certain identity problem. Therefore, you must avoid giving too much importance to this last person who doesn’t seem to know your strengths or your actual capabilities. You are about to live a period suitable for achieving a dream and, therefore, you must free yourself from the prejudices of people who don’t have the right thoughts about your ability to do well in what you undertake. You are going through a phase of evolution for your existence, so don’t forget that your best allies are those who encourage you to go forward with your ambitions and not those who try to discourage you.

You will go on a trip to a foreign country (or distant region). We are speaking here about a project that you have planned for a long time. You will realise a dream. This trip will be memorable in every way. You will have a great adventure. You will be so happy that afterwards you will come home with regrets. This experience will be so outstanding that you will quickly start preparing yourself to go through it again. In fact, you will return there regularly (or many times) because this place will become your corner of paradise (or your escape). You will discover something new and fascinating each time. Your amazement at this place will be endless and you will experience incomparable moments there (amongst the happiest of your life).

You have a lot of influence on the people around you. You are loved and you are popular! You attract others so much, that many seek to (or would like to) be friends with you. More precisely, this is the case of a woman who will spend money to get closer to you. She likes you a lot and she will give you a gift. She is a little bit older than you. She is persistent and will insist. You do not know her well, but you will soon. She will pay a bill for you. This is an independent woman who does not really have any hobbies, nor social life. She does not have many friends and she has chosen you because you are one of the rare people that she really trusts. She has as her virtues her manual skills and artistic sense. In addition, she knows how to invest her money intelligently and she is rather comfortable financially. She is benevolent with the people she loves and dreadful with the people she despises. She has been somewhat anxious for some time, because she was recently hospitalized for a medical procedure. She went through several difficult trials in her life, and as such she now chooses her friends very carefully.

Be careful! You must be wary of the words of a person near you. This person is probably a member of your family or someone close to you. He/she is constantly looking to impress people and he/she says anything to attract the attention of others towards himself/herself. You must absolutely not let yourself by seduced by his/her plan, because his/her plan does not rest on something concrete. This person wants so badly to look important that he/she is unaware of the weight of his/her statements (the harm he/she may cause to others). He/she leads people into error and because of this he/she may lead people of good conscience to make decidedly catastrophic decisions. Yes, you have understood for a long time that most of this person’s stories come more from his/her fantasy than from reality, but this time he/she will be more convincing than usual. In fact, this person is getting ready to announce to you (or to affirm to you) something so unlikely, (so enormous, so incredible …) that you are about to believe that this cannot be (that it is impossible that it is) a lie or an invention on his/her part. So be very vigilant; if not you risk experiencing a terrible disappointment.
A team objective will be achieved, and it will be in a triumphant manner. This will take place within the context of a team project or challenge (professional, association, sports or other). You will be part of this group. It is a very organized group where each member has his or her own mission, role or task to accomplish. Your team includes a leader (owner, manager, coach or other). This is an intuitive but demanding leader. You also have some campaigners, which means there are some people who support or encourage you. You have a common goal and it will be achieved. You will gain popular recognition and you will be cited as an example for others. You also have some opponents (or detractors), but they will be overcome by your talent (collective), your combativeness and your tenacity. They will simply be silenced by your success.

Major winds of change are to be expected in how you perceive the things that are most important to you. You are going through a period of great internal upheaval. Your ideas, your thoughts and your aspirations are changing, and this goes right down to the very foundation of your ideology about the meaning of human life and the reasons that have led you to find yourself in the place where you are today. This means that major changes will be happening as a result of the soul-searching that you will undertake, and that the force of circumstance has forced upon you. You will be revaluating your priorities and you will be rethinking most elements of your current life. Seen from the current perspective, your future does not appear to ensure what you are really seeking in the future and this is why you are exploring and analyzing the reasons behind your aspirations, your actions and your relationships with others. The synthesis you are going to make must be serious and well executed, because it will carry enormous weight as you have to determine the value of the beings who surround you and whom you love.

Your life is going to change. You will be witness to an extraordinary phenomenon and your view of things will change considerably. You will get answers to your questions. Are you closely related to an entity from the hereafter? The greatest one of them all? Everything indicates this! If it has not already happened, this entity will teach you to free yourself a little more from material possessions in order to better focus on your spiritual path (self-sacrifice). Your life is not the one you believe it to be. You are not the person you believe you are. In a short while, your learning will reach its peak. Yes, you have always been a person with a great deal of empathy, but soon you will become even more sensitive to the daily struggles of certain people or certain populations. Your aura is big, really big. The tyrants and dictators of this world will soon come to fear you!

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