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By Denis Lapierre - Wednesday October 21, 2020 - Certified website

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Indices are trends that can vary from day to day.
They are obtained according to the disposition of your cards.
Your LOVE indice :87%            Your HEALTH indice :58%
Your MONEY indice :95%            Your WORK indice :76%
Your RELATIONSHIP indice :62%            Your HOBBIES indice :98%
GLOBAL :   79%
1-20% = worrying    21-40% = unfavorable    41-60% = neutral
61-80% = favorable    81-100% = very favorable
The probability of accuracy of your reading :   80%

There is someone who needs gentleness. This person is older than you and their astrological sign is Cancer. He/she needs you to be more present in their life. He/she has a problem which is troubling them a great deal, but you don’t think this problem should require that much attention. This person doesn’t see things the same way you do, as a result, you should make a greater effort to put yourself in their shoes. In fact, your perception of the situation isn’t really an accurate reflection of reality. Things aren’t as you believe them to be. This person is hyper-sensitive and their network of friends has become much smaller in recent years. He/she has some financial decisions to make and some important legal papers which require his/her official approval. You must listen to them and treat them carefully. Key words: fishing, road, car, material achievement, stubborn, unwell, persuasion, gradual improvement, laughter, Friday afternoon, the month of March.

You are intrigued by a mystery or a symbolism. You have already tried to speak about this with a person you trust and to express yourself on this subject, but this person did not take you seriously. You would like to investigate further on the subject, but you lack the means. Answer: the only way you can make progress will be to leave the beaten path. You will need to have a creative spirit because you will have to do better than the others (do better than that which was already done before). You will have to venture where nobody has ever gone. You will have to think of things that nobody has imagined yet. You will have to be a leader in your research, and you can become one.

You recently had a conversation that left you pensive (or perplexed). This conversation was about a trip you would like to take. You really dream of taking this trip. Each time you think about it, your mind lights up and your heart fills with all kinds of emotions (strong palpitations). Moreover, (if possible) you want to take this trip with the person you love most in the world (or in the hope of seeing him/her again). A monetary concern, however, is stopping you from accomplishing your dream. You are upset, but you are looking for alternatives (method of transport, accommodation or other). You are a person of great maturity and you are convinced you will find a solution. Money will not be an eternal problem here. On reflection, you know exactly what you have to do (to accomplish your dream) and you will act accordingly. You are not someone who gives up easily and you will not capitulate. You will take this trip, this is indisputable. It is clearly revealed in the book of your life and it is deeply engraved on your heart.
You will launch yourself into a major project with a person you love very much. This is someone you have known for a long time, but with whom you do not yet have an obvious connection (probably on the financial or business level). You have a dream in common. You will join together and it will be a captivating adventure. We are speaking here about a person of the opposite sex. There will also be a rapprochement between the two of you on the emotional (or affective) level. You are complementary beings and will understand each other wonderfully. You will succeed in accomplishing something that is virtually impossible for you to do individually (separately, each on your own). Together, you will come to better understand the problems that you are not able to solve on your own. Moreover, this new collaboration will allow you to get in contact with other people you have known (from afar) for a long time, but with whom you have never really had any genuine interactions. Thanks to this association, you will make a lot of progress on the social level and will enlarge your circle of friends. This partnership is associated with happiness and great joy. Here, there is clearly a fusional relationship.

A man is trying to influence you (unfavourably). He always has good arguments to indoctrinate people and he is very persuasive. You need to act in such a way that you do not let yourself be manipulated. He tries to put pressure on you in order that you react according to his ambitions. You must protect your interests and not listen to him. He is older than you are and he is very intelligent. He is able to profit from people and he feels no shame in using blackmail when he does not manage to rapidly impose his will. Be careful, as he quickly discovers the weak point in his rivals and he will quickly detect yours (if this has not already been done). If necessary, do not hesitate to seek advice from people you trust because this man is very clever in his own way and you are perhaps more vulnerable than you think.

A mostly unimportant incident is having exaggerated effects. A woman who is vain and easily irritable is deeply outraged that her advice has not been followed and she blames you (in an unreasonable, outrageous, and disrespectful way) for an event that has degenerated. She requires explanations (or repentance) from you for something for which you do not have to justify nor defend yourself. It is obvious that you acted with honestly and good will, but this woman absolutely wants to reprimand someone (anybody, or the first person she sees) in order to divert the wrongs and prevent the blame from falling on her. In short, you do not have to bear the blame for something for which you are not responsible. Yes, there was an unfortunate incident, but this woman is surely more to blame than you with regards to what really happened. Here, do not argue unecessarily with this woman, because actually you will never have the last word with her. This woman is not used to taking the blame for her mistakes and she certainly will not start to act differently with you even if you show flawless reasoning. In short, do not waste your time with her (ignore her and take care of something else) because this is probably what is best for you to do to forget this whole story without any real importance.
You need to seek a greater balance in your relationship with someone else. This person is of the opposite sex and is around your age. He/she is part of your professional environment (work, business, education, justice, healthcare or other) and he/she has a dominant behaviour over you. He/she is authoritarian and he/she seeks to control everything. You shouldn't accept to let yourself be dominated in this manner, since sharing is necessary. You will take a journey or a significant trip with this person and you will then have the chance to know each other better and to be frank towards each other. It is not necessary to confront this person but, rather, to inform him/her of your concerns regarding your relationship. Compromise is possible so don't be afraid of talking to him/her honestly. Don't be intransigent with him/her since he/she is capable of understanding your situation. This person loves you (or appreciates you a lot) and he/she has good intentions, but the problem is that he/she doesn't know how to behave with you. So help him/her and you will do a favour to yourself. Keywords: dialogue, commitment and sincerity.

You will have a quick success. A project that you will make happen will earn you a lot of money and practically instantaneously (unexpected result). This success will be so fast that you will ask yourself if it is really happening. You will be as surprised as incredulous. Here, there is absolutely no question of you feeling guilty about anything, because there is no question of cheating or stealing (no scam). From the ethical viewpoint, you will obey the rules and, from the human viewpoint, you won’t be taking advantage of anyone. It is the originality of your project (of your approach, of your initiative) that will make the difference. Pointless to feel embarrassed by such a success, because you don’t get anything you don’t deserve. You have intuition, and you will be able to enjoy life like you never imagined. Your flair will pay off, and this event will be the start of a big adventure for you. Your future is associated with abundance, and nothing will be able to stop you from being happy and obtaining anything you want.

Your way of progressing is excellent. It’ll even be superior to the norm and it’ll lead you to achieving one of your dreams in the coming months. Your professional or financial results will have an unsuspected impact on your social standing and this will make the people around you have a lot of respect for you. Your know-how will be exceptional and it will allow you to solve most of the difficulties that will present themselves to you with remarkable ability and speed. Your objectives are decidedly very viable and you’ll have the potential to achieve them within a timeframe that’s really more than reasonable. More specifically, a fundamental wish in your projects for the future will come true in the short term, probably within the next two months. In the long term, time will definitely be on your side. Your business will be distinctly more profitable than your rivals’ and you’ll have the ability to constantly increase your achievements. Your success will be total because you’ll make wiser and wiser decisions over the years but also because of a truly prevailing development of your transactions and strategic investments.
You will receive a priceless gift from a member of your family. This gift will come from someone older than you who is a member of your immediate family (parents, grandparents, uncle, aunt, brother or sister). It will be a valuable item that has great value from the point of view of your heritage. This gift will also have a sentimental value for you. We are speaking here about a durable item that can be passed from one generation to another. It is even possible that it has already been passed down several (or many) generations before coming to you. So in addition to having great monetary value, this item also has great meaning for you, on the family as much as on the emotional level.

A love message will come to you unexpectedly. It will come from a person with whom you have a professional relationship (work, business, education, justice, healthcare, or other). This is someone who currently has to overcome several problems at the same time (or go through a major difficulty) and who must make sacrifices. He/she has made errors in the past because he/she trusted people too much. This person has a beautiful appearance and this harms him/her. In fact, he/she takes everything lightly, because it is very easy for him/her to meet new people. His/her amorous relations are always very unstable and short lived. One day or another, he/she will have to re-evaluate his/her way of managing his/her love life, because nothing ever really worked for him/her. Right now, this person must face the justice. This seems to be connected to a divorce or an ongoing (or recently occurred) separation. One or more children are involved.

Your amorous relationship will have to overcome many obstacles. In fact, this relationship will not be fully accepted by all the people around you (or around the person that you love.) It will bring people to lecture you or to criticize your behavior, your choices, or your decisions. Among other things (but not necessarily) it is possible that the jealousy or disdain of your ex (or the ex of the person that you love) will be involved. It is also possible that a rejection by your family of the person that you love (or vice versa) will be involved. However, your love is sincere and it should not be questioned. It is up to you to make your own decisions, because it is you who will live with the consequences of your choices. Nature is made in this way, and others must learn to respect you through both your strenghts and your weaknesses. If you think that you are doing the right thing (both for your happiness as well as for the one of the person that you love), then you have the right to ignore the (negative) comments of others. If you have a compromise that you have to make, it must not be regarding the happiness to which you are entitled, but rather on the way in which you will be able to have it be accepted by others (if it is possible or absolutely necessary.)

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