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Tarot Reading
Allegorical Tarot drawn from the Ancient Tarot of Marseille.

By Denis Lapierre - Friday February 21, 2020 - Certified website

   Warning: Generic reading.   
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Indices are trends that can vary from day to day.
They are obtained according to the disposition of your cards.
Your LOVE indice :64%            Your HEALTH indice :88%
Your MONEY indice :62%            Your WORK indice :61%
Your RELATIONSHIP indice :68%            Your HOBBIES indice :70%
GLOBAL :   69%
1-20% = worrying    21-40% = unfavorable    41-60% = neutral
61-80% = favorable    81-100% = very favorable
The probability of accuracy of your reading :   83%

Somebody loves you but you do not know it. This person wishes to have the strength to confess his/her love, but he/she is constrained by embarrassment (or a lack of confidence in himself/herself). You know him/her well and you see him/her very often (practically every day or every week). This is a very good looking person who is younger than you are. To see you is often a torture for him/her because he/she would like more than anything in the world to be able to declare his/her feelings to you. His/her discomfort is so great (nervousness, embarrassment, hesitation, etc.) that he/she will soon do something that will greatly confuse you.

A person is watching you or is particularly interested in you. This is a person of the opposite sex who is older than you are. He/she has projects (favourable) regarding you. This relates to his/her or to your professional activities. This person is ambitious and has concrete and very specific intentions. You are undeniably a part of the scenario he/she has in mind. He/she needs you to advance his/her project. This person has a great desire to have you at his/her side to make his/her move. You will shortly know much more because he/she will soon share with you (privately) his/her ambitions and the role that you are to play in his/her project.

You will have to place a small ad (in a newspaper, on the Internet, etc.) to receive some kind of service or assistance. A woman will respond to your ad. The context will be strange, but not especially troubling. Nature and an animal will be at issue. It concerns the place where you live. You will observe a very curious phenomenon. In fact, you are subject to a situation over which you have no real control, therefore you will need the assistance of someone else (a specialist, a professional…) to settle your problem (or your complication).
A person is trying to influence you or to enter your life, but you do not know who it is. You have certainly met this person somewhere, but you did not notice him/her or else you did not suspect him/her of acting in this way. Really, you feel that someone is not behaving normally with you, but you have no idea who it is. This person is seeking to impose himself/herself by indirect means and this annoys you. You do not see him/her and do not hear him/her, but you know that he/she is there somewhere. This person worries you more and more and you absolutely have to unmask him/her in order to clarify the situation. Do not be afraid, because you are not in danger. A person is in love with you, but he/she simply does not dare to admit it to you or let you know openly.

An exasperating person is spreading false rumours about you. This is a woman who is a part of your "forced" surroundings. In other words, you are forced periodically (because of the context) to have contacts or talks with her. This woman continuously berates others. She spends a lot of time talking disparagingly about others, and, most often, it is about people whom she barely knows. She spreads preposterous rumours with the sole purpose of attracting attention. You have to watch out for her and avoid talking to her too much, because she manipulates information. She distorts the truth in a very clever and extremely disconcerting way. The more you will speak to her, the easier it will be for her to make up offensive stories about you.

A question is of paramount importance. The hereafter opens up to you and its mystery fascinates you more and more. You aspire to greater wisdom and now you understand that you have all the tools needed to be who you really want to be (and/or understand who you really are). You need to write down your destiny, because you are the image of what you create of yourself. This image is unique and it is this that you project everywhere you go. Even if your heart is veiled because you do not want to display your inner suffering, a being (in particular) from the hereafter knows that you have lived through difficult ordeals and that you are entitled (legitimately) to knowledge. You have built your sense of discernment with your psychic strength, but also using the experiences in your life. Your consciousness is the greatest testimony to this. Today, then, you need allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the love of this being (entity, spirit, angel, etc.), because he/she has some wonderful things to reveal to you (regarding the universe, but also about yourself).
You will be come before a ceremonial altar. You will be caught in the imagery of your thoughts and reality will be emanating from your thoughts. Everything that exists in your mind will find its full equivalent in the material world. You will fulfill a great dream and you will obtain what you most desire. But be careful, for such power will come along with many responsibilities. Every day, you will need to think about the consequences of your smallest gesture. You will be the raw material of achievement, but your thoughts might become dissociated from your real intentions. You will have great mastery over your own life and the lives of others, but you will also have to learn to make good use of your power. Your messenger will be a person older than you who will have the astrological sign of Aquarius. Your meeting is scheduled for a Tuesday evening in October. Key words: crowning, throne, power, vision of the future, end of insecurity, Garden of Eden.

Soon there will be conflict with another person. Don't let yourself be intimidated by this person. This person will be a woman from a foreign country. She will seem nice but will be dishonest on the emotional front. Even if she has a comforting attitude towards others, she treats most people with contempt. You need to focus - Don't lose patience unnecessarily in regards to her sly ways. You must certainly not stoop down to her level. She will bring forward stupid accusations against you and she will try and infuriate you so you look bad in front of the others. On the other hand, if you show perseverance and intelligence in your vexations with her, the truth will come out and everyone will notice her pathetic actions. Remain respectful and in the end she will be accused for her permanent and oppressive attacks towards you.

You will have to accept a compromise with a man. An agreement is coming with this man, but you will not get all the gains that you are hoping for. A particular issue (litigation) will not be completely resolved at this time and will remain to be resolved despite the agreement that will come. Here, the context is clearly not in your favour and, unfortunately, you will have to submit to it. Nonetheless, the situation is still acceptable and you will be able to live with it until you later conclude a better agreement with this man. There will indeed be a more global and more suitable agreement with this man, but it will only come in a more distant future. Be patient, and you will get what you want. Time is in your favour, so do not precipitate anything. For now, you are lacking legal papers or clear evidence to demonstrate your points or to prove beyond a doubt the facts that you are advancing. You will have to give more proof or elements demonstrating what you said, and this is why this dispute will remain unresolved this time.
You need peace and tranquility. Integrity and honesty are of utmost importance in your life, but someone is currently trying to force you into an error to embarrass you. Nevertheless, as you are someone who pays close attention to detail, you will not fall for their trap. Little by little, you learned to act in a strategic and methodical manner in each and every situation, and this advantage will do you good one more time. You have the capacity to see bad things coming ahead, and unfortunately for them, this person will quickly realize it in a frustrating way. You care often unusual situations, and this is to your advantage because it is this characteristic of yours that makes you aware and always on top of the changes that happen around you. You understand your environment well, and one never should seek to face you on your own ground at the risk of falling to a quick and humiliating defeat. You are a patient and efficient person, and you will prove it once again.

Someone will seek, with great perseverance, to profit from you on the financial level. This is somebody of the same sex as you. This person is manipulative, and will present him/herself to you with the goal of extorting money from you in a fraudulent transaction. This is someone whose main activity is deceiving others and who, in addition, gets from this a rather worrisome pleasure. He/she spends his/her money without moderation and he/she regularly finds him/herself in a position of financial dependence; which brings him/her to look constantly for new people to exploit with the goal of filling up his/her pockets once more. This person is self-centered and does not care at all for the well-being of others. The way in which he/she leads his/her life is rather obscure, because he/she has probably a lot of bad acts on his/her mind, which he/she is trying to keep secret. Respect the limits of your budget and do not let yourself be seduced by a material good of some supposed great value which you are being handed. Your wallet represents your future security, so you will have to refrain from blind expenses. This person knows how to manipulate people, and he/she could easily make you act impulsively. Your future projects, even if they are humble, are legitimate and do you credit, so be proud of yourself despite what you are told. Your savings, no matter their importance, have much more than a monetary value; they also have a psychological value. Do not let yourself be robbed, because this person wants your money, and not your well-being.

An event has deeply hurt you at the emotional level. The sincerity of a person must be seriously questioned. This person is of the opposite sex and is slightly older than you. This is someone who is part of your indirect family. He/she has used his/her charm (or false feelings towards you) to abuse your kindness or generosity (or your naivety). His/her friendship (or love) for you was not true and he/she has demonstrated a despising hypocrisy towards you. You have to offer yourself some new projects (life goals) in order to cure your wound and forget the evil that this person made you suffer. If this person took some money from you, forget everything because unfortunately he/she will not pay you back and these funds are lost forever. If he/she has had intimate relations with you, you have to be strong because unfortunately it was only for sex (adventure, selfish pleasure, desire for novelty, personal challenge, adultery or other) and you have fallen in the trap. In short, this person has abused you and you must now focus on something more constructive to stop suffering without purpose. You will get only scorn from this person, therefore you must stop thinking that at the time he/she was honest with you (or even that he/she will eventually change). From now on you will have to stop looking back at the past all the time, because this only oppresses you more. Only by changing your ideas, your wound will eventually heal. Forget this person, because the more you try to reconcile with him/her, the more you will open the door for him/her for further abuse.

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