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Your Fortune Telling - Paradoxical draw
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By Denis Lapierre - Monday March 01, 2021 - Certified website

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You have a need to move, travel, explore and take a breath of fresh air. Your desire is to travel the world and discover new horizons. You cannot travel over-seas, but still you will take a short trip that is not too far away, that will bring about a pleasant change of scenery. During this trip you will meet a man who is younger than yourself. The places that you discover through his advice will pleasantly surprise you. This man whose astrology sign is Sagittarius lives near a lake. He has the gift of healing. He will give you enormous energy (positive) and you will be touched by the smell of his environment. Key concepts: harbour, boat, train, influence, scent, healer, harmony, social power, positive change, respect, Saturday morning, month of June.
An important meeting is coming up with a woman about your age. This meeting will be of a financial nature. This woman is a stranger to you (or is new in your surroundings.) She has artistic skills (or an exceptional talent for manual work.) This is a passionate and intelligent woman, who is always looking for good relations with others, and who knows how to make herself liked by everybody. She likes talking (both about serious things and about banalities) and conversations with her are often lengthy. Unfortunately, your meeting with this woman will not really bring you what you are looking for. On the contrary, this woman will bring you to reconsider an act that you are about to perform. In fact, you are facing a great challenge on the financial level, and your meeting with this woman will clearly show you this. Your project can therefore not be realized now, but you must in no case abandon it. Here, it is not your project that is the problem, but rather the context in which you are. It is essential that you adjust your plans if you want them to work. Yes, you have to improve your financial situation, but you will manage it, there is no doubt. Take the time to analyze the situation from all angles, and you will be surprised by the other (interesting) alternatives that are available for you to achieve your ends.
You are in love. You are romantic and you dream of a future which is filled with love. Your emotions are strong and powerful. The presence of the loved one dazzles you. Your encounters with him/her are planned like a theatre production where everything must absolutely end well. However, you know that the person that you love has his/her little caprices. Quite often, he/she draws a little too much of your energy and this is exhausting for you. In fact, it’s only a question of adaptation, as much for you as for your loved one. You also have little faults and everything must not be called into question following banalities. A trip is to come (without children) in the month of May. The distance is the basis of your connection. You will travel on a pleasure boat. Keywords: charm, eccentricity, emotion, port, Sunday afternoon.


You have a constant reflex to protect yourself from people. You have developed distrust of strangers and you don’t begin to trust people until they have really demonstrated that they deserve it. You acquired this distrust after a painful misadventure that you experienced in the past. You were humiliated during an event by someone you trusted completely. This person betrayed and ridiculed you and you were deeply wounded by this event. You now have the desire to change or improve your life but you are constantly fearful that people are hiding things from you. You need to understand that, even if this fear is often paralyzing, it isn’t unhealthy for you. Your mind has developed it purely for self-defense and you need to maintain this fear for your own good in the future. Therefore, you mustn’t try to fight it. Rather, you need to try to control it. You have acquired a prestigious weapon for your defense and your duty now is to learn to master it. You now have the gift of foreseeing dangers and you should be proud of it.

You will be contacted with devastating news. This news will come from far away (not from your personal entourage). We are talking here about a serious event (accident, illness, death or other) affecting a person you admire (public figure, artist, idol or other). Even if this event has very little to do with you (in your daily life), the news will shake you. It will destabilise you so much that it may lead you to question the very meaning of your own life. You will have to get your breath back and recover your spirits. Your daily life will be temporarily disrupted. This person is not part of your family or close entourage, but you admire them as if that were the case. This is a very well know person who is adored by a people or by a generation.


A knowledgeable person will inspire you. You will receive this inspiration in written form (letter, book, document or other). This piece of writing will be a poem, a saying or some thought. It will put light and dark in contrast, or the happy moments (wisdom) and dark moments (ignorance or naivety) of human life. It will concern the incessant and unconscious struggle that this duality causes in society. You will further understand your role in the universe, and you will also discover more deeply what nature can bring you (serenity and true happiness). Your life and your destiny are closely linked to nature, and this will be much clearer for you.

There will be a sudden unexpected event which will affect a person who is very close to you. This unexpected event is linked to modern technology. This will not necessarily be catastrophic, but it will still be quite annoying. This person will need to postpone an activity or a meeting with you. The events will require a great effort of understanding on your part. This is about marginality and subtlety, so you will need to be very open-minded about the situation. Nothing will be like anything you experienced in the past and you’ll need to use your intuition in every action you’ll take. In order to win this challenge, you will have to show your selflessness and your ability to be a great friend.


You have some difficulty getting taken seriously regarding a project that is close to you heart. You would like to convince people but they just discourage you with subjective reasoning and preconceived ideas. So you will have to charge ahead by yourself and forget what you do not need to hear. There is a great adventure awaiting you ahead. Your determination will be the source of unforgettable pleasures and intense happiness. Do not allow the others to cloud your skies because your energy is well channelled and your plans are more than achievable. Be yourself and impose yourself. You have your own needs and you can enjoy life (socially as well as intimately) even if you are different from the others. You will realise your dream and confound the sceptics. You are a creative and passionate person, and you can enrich your existence with many small pleasures that most people will never know (because they do not have the audacity you have). You are a fascinating person and you have exceptional abilities, so nobody must prevent you from daring to do what most dare not do.

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