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Your Fortune Telling - Paradoxical draw
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By Denis Lapierre - Saturday August 15, 2020 - Certified website

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You're short of the tools to complete a project. It's a project that you haven't started yet, but you're dreaming of accomplishing. It will take a long time and require lots of effort (or patience) from you. To get to work, you'll need to learn new things (you will need to obtain new knowledge or new skills). In addition, this project will also require detailed and rigorous planning. Your intuition is good, but first you need to turn towards science before putting yourself to work. Yes, time counts for a lot, so the sooner you can start your project, the more chance you will have to attain your goals within a reasonable amount of time. Since science must be your starting point, you absolutely have to do things in the right order. (Here, the word science could equally be replaced by high technology.)
You are getting ready to take up a project that will be decisive for your future. Yes, this project is daring, but it will have a (very positive) major impact on your life. Since so many ideas are jostling each other in your head, your first attempts will be astounding. You will surprise many people and your influence on others will grow. You desire to guarantee your long-term financial security, and it is with willpower and originality that you will get there (total success). You will commit to carry out this project to its end, and you will earn the respect of the people of your circle. The next few years will be special for you, for you will greatly increase in reputation.
You’ll have to play it safe in order to finish up a transaction. Complications will come along with a major transaction. A man you know especially by his reputation would be better off not seeing you finishing up an agreement that is important to you. In fact, he’s trying to make you make abusive compromises in a commitment or obligation you have with him. This man has his hypocrisy and avidity working against him. You’ll need to be careful because his words don’t always reflect his own thoughts. He is hard-headed and he quickly gets angry with you if you show too much frankness with him. In these circumstances, your success will come by acting like he does. You must make him fall into his own trap. Don’t reveal anything to him about your intentions and projects unless it’s truly necessary. You’ll have to show that you’re docile toward him and let him believe that he’s stronger and more clever than you are. The more he feels in control over you, the less wary he’ll be. So if you play it right, you’ll foil him.


Be careful not to react too rapidly to a situation without reflecting first. An event will trouble you enormously and will lead you to fear the worst. Take time to evaluate things correctly and you will realize that nothing is inevitable or irreversible. Someone will make an error which will have important consequences and you will have to ensure that you limit the damages. It’s absolutely important that you not react rashly. You must not give in to your impulses because they will not be appropriate for the situation. You must step back before intervening, otherwise you risk creating a new problem -- maybe even worse than the first. The seriousness of the situation is not important: you must keep your cool, and it is in this manner that solutions will come. The situation will quickly return to normal as long as you don’t give in to the panic of the moment.

You will have to work hard to help a woman who is very close to you. This is a close friend or a family member. This woman has a wound, a disability, or a scar that is visible and permanent. She is very sensitive and she has a work or a main occupation that requires a lot of originality from her (art, crafts, arrangement, beauty work, hairdressing, music, etc.) However, she has a difficult to overcome on the financial level. She needs to be appropriately and skillfully advised in order to make an important decision or take an irreversible action. Her business knowledge is fairly limited and she needs to get out of a situation in which someone is taking advantage of her. We can say that this woman is a little bit naive in business and that she lets herself be easily manipulated by smooth talkers. She signed a paper or a contract that links her to an engagement that she will clearly be unable to respect or which is completely unreasonable. She trusted someone who is now taking advantage of her, and she needs to find the way to escape from the clutches of this person. Of course, you know that your friend is not dishonest, so you will find a solution with her in order for her to escape from this predicament. Together, you will succeed, and she will be liberated in a definitive way.


You need peace and tranquility. Integrity and honesty are of utmost importance in your life, but someone is currently trying to force you into an error to embarrass you. Nevertheless, as you are someone who pays close attention to detail, you will not fall for their trap. Little by little, you learned to act in a strategic and methodical manner in each and every situation, and this advantage will do you good one more time. You have the capacity to see bad things coming ahead, and unfortunately for them, this person will quickly realize it in a frustrating way. You care often unusual situations, and this is to your advantage because it is this characteristic of yours that makes you aware and always on top of the changes that happen around you. You understand your environment well, and one never should seek to face you on your own ground at the risk of falling to a quick and humiliating defeat. You are a patient and efficient person, and you will prove it once again.

Very serious consideration will be required from you about the acquisition of a new, long-term property with great value (given your budget). This has to do with a property (house, residence, plot, building, shop, etc.) and a procedure that will require great judgment from you. This property is near a lake or a body of water (pool, fountain, etc.). You will make several comings and goings to meet with a woman who will be directly connected with this event. This woman will be a key person in this affair. Your procedure will be legitimate, but you’ll have to avoid improvising too much if you feel disoriented faced with the magnitude of the procedure to come. You will manage to carry everything out on the condition that you are as yielding as you are persistent. But be careful not to let yourself become discouraged by those who don’t believe in your ability to complete this transaction. These people are especially those who have superior financial abilities to yours. Your initiative may be perceived as a threat or a source of jealousy for some, while others will try to further protect their own interests rather than advise you honestly.


It is a question of a woman and an agreement (written or verbal contract). In order to conclude an agreement with a woman, you must set your conditions. This woman is foreign to you and around the same age as you. She is intelligent, but scatty in her approach (perhaps just her appearance). Despite everything, your relationship is amiable and benevolent. If you act prudently and professionally (very conscientiously) (if you do not hesitate to ask questions), you will gain great satisfaction from this agreement and you will avoid problems later (forgotten or underestimated details). In this contract, you must thus impose your own conditions, because they are legitimate and fundamental. This agreement will be favorable for you (or at least fair).

Sunday August 16, 2020
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By Denis Lapierre - Saturday August 15, 2020

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