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Your Fortune Telling - Paradoxical draw
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By Denis Lapierre - Sunday May 31, 2020 - Certified website

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Trois-Rivières (Québec) Canada

A person is trying to comfort you (or reassure you), but communication is not going well. You misinterpret what he/she says to you. Your imagination is playing tricks on you. You do not decode his/her intentions well and react too quickly. Be careful not to lose the friendship (or love) of a person you love because of your stubbornness. Here, you have to give up a claim, because the other person has no control over the events that are taking place, even if appearances suggest otherwise. This person has a lot of affection for you and so you must try to free yourself from a feeling that is not your own (resentment, bitterness, discouragement or deep disappointment). If you have stopped seeing each other (or speaking to each other), one day or another you will certainly have to get back in contact with him/her, because you really need each other for all sorts of reasons that you know well. Above all, do not build your own prison. A new beginning is possible. Keywords: money, ordeal, happiness and legal documents to be revised.
Your amorous relationship will have to overcome many obstacles. In fact, this relationship will not be fully accepted by all the people around you (or around the person that you love.) It will bring people to lecture you or to criticize your behavior, your choices, or your decisions. Among other things (but not necessarily) it is possible that the jealousy or disdain of your ex (or the ex of the person that you love) will be involved. It is also possible that a rejection by your family of the person that you love (or vice versa) will be involved. However, your love is sincere and it should not be questioned. It is up to you to make your own decisions, because it is you who will live with the consequences of your choices. Nature is made in this way, and others must learn to respect you through both your strenghts and your weaknesses. If you think that you are doing the right thing (both for your happiness as well as for the one of the person that you love), then you have the right to ignore the (negative) comments of others. If you have a compromise that you have to make, it must not be regarding the happiness to which you are entitled, but rather on the way in which you will be able to have it be accepted by others (if it is possible or absolutely necessary.)
You have completed a pilgrimage. The road was long and you are far from home. It is now time for you to go back home. You must come back to your starting point and rejoin the living environment to which you belong. Your work has been accomplished and your goal was achieved. You must now move on to something else. Someone loves you and awaits your return. You must leave the world in which you find yourself now, because a new life awaits you. You are a person with a free and sound mind and you know now that you are at the end of your way and that you can not go further. Your homecoming is presently expected.


You earned your financial security. You’ll know how to recognize scammers and you will avoid financial pitfalls. You will make wise choices and make smart moves. You'll save your money and will make excellent investments. In this sense, your enrichment (monetary and material) will progress and continuously (securely) grow. It will be spread out over a long term and will obviously strengthen over the years. You’ll deserve your well-being for your actions, your honesty and your persistence. Furthermore, your incomes will be clearly more and more significant so you’ll gain experience in all aspects regarding the business field (companies, investments and others). You’ll therefore make more profits with time and this is a great highlight. Here it’s no question of luck at all, but rather a question of work, life choices and enlightened decisions. You’ll collect the fruit of your work (and of your good investments) and all that you’ll gain from your efforts will be "nobly" deserved.

You will receive a major gift from an elderly woman. As you are not in her will nor a part of her immediate family, this elderly woman will give you something during her lifetime that has great monetary value. This woman belongs to a class of wealthy people in society and before dying she wants make you a gift of a property or possession with a very high market value. She does not want to leave everything to her immediate family because she often felt forgotten or neglected by them. Her relatives do not deserve all she has bequeathed to them, this is why she will rid herself of some of her assets before dying. You were always there for this elderly woman and she is determined to reward you generously before dying.


Your subconscious is begging you to find greater stability, both material and intellectual. You have big ideas, but you always give up on putting them into practice. You have to be more organized about your future projects. You need to prioritize your thoughts and your wishes. You have an opportunity to gain access to a higher consciousness, but first you have to free yourself from unrealistic beliefs and mental concepts that keep multiplying in your mind and keep you from making very significant spiritual progress. A woman of approximately the same age as you regards you with great esteem and could lead you to develop further in this respect. She is of the astrological sign of Aquarius and she is part of your close personal circle. Key concepts: brook, park, flowers, virtue, refinement, professional stagnation, spiritual help, vitality, Saturday, sunset, the month of April.

Several discussions that you will have with someone (who you don't know yet) will open a door that will offer you great opportunities for the future (business, investments, etc.). This person is of the opposite sex and is barely older than you. He/she manages a lot of money and will only be transient in your life (for only a few weeks or a maximum of a few months). The interactions that you have with this person will allow you to embark on a large-scale business venture. You will sign a contract or a legal paper with him/her and your meetings will thus end. For you, this will be your starting point for a greater achievements in the coming years. From now on, it is a matter of volition, ambition and daring. You know what you want and you will act with great determination. You will be frank with people and they will trust you. Your initiative is associated with success and your success will be complete. You are talented and you will be able to conclude agreements that will be enormously profitable for you. You have the vocation for business and you will do great things (large-scale international investments). You will make a fortune in real estate and your possessions will be many. In addition to announcing wealth, this prediction is also the harbinger of incomparable happiness and a very high social reputation.


A woman wants you to take her with you. She is younger than you and belongs to your social circle. Astrologically, she is a Gemini. You have changed to a different group or team and she feels completely abandoned. You didn’t think you were doing anything wrong but you didn’t fully realize the depth of the attachment that she feels for you. This woman is patient and intuitive but, above all, hypersensitive. You have put forth a lot of effort for her and you thought you had freed her now. However, she has been overcome by a feeling of rejection or disapproval. This woman likes to keep you near when making decisions. In her eyes, you represent maturity and wisdom and she trusts you blindly, even if she sometimes tries to assert herself rather clumsily. This woman has legal paperwork to take care of and a small medical intervention to undergo. She will soon participate in a real estate transaction and she needs you in order to feel secure. A very important event will take place on a Monday afternoon in September. This will happen at a place with a forest and a nearby stream.

Monday June 01, 2020
Compassion, generosity
Wednesday June 03, 2020
Commitment, perseverance
Saturday June 06, 2020
Unfailing love
Sunday June 07, 2020
Energy, vitality
Wednesday June 10, 2020
Compassion, generosity
Friday June 12, 2020
Faith, reward
Sunday June 14, 2020
Passion, courage
Monday June 15, 2020
Energy, vitality

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 Denis Lapierre  Copyright © 2005-2020 (3)
Trois-Rivières (Québec) Canada

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