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Your Fortune Telling - Paradoxical draw
Cartomancy adapted from the Ancient Tarot of Marseille.

By Denis Lapierre - Sunday December 15, 2019 - Certified website

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A woman (younger than you) will soon see the end of her love problems. This woman is part of your professional circle. She is gentle and patient with people and in her private life but excessive in her professional life. Her romantic situation has become difficult because she places too much importance on her work (or her career). Even if he lives under the same roof as her, her boyfriend is now seeing someone else and she knows it. This woman is badly shaken. She believes her life is a failure and that she no longer has the right to be happy (through her own fault). She is destabilised and unhappy. What she does not know, however, is that the man will soon come back to her because he knows he has committed a serious mistake. He has realised he does not feel at home in the arms of another woman. Even if his adultery brought him (initially) a forgotten pleasure, he now feels remorse for what he has done. Despite profound and unavoidable consequences, the love life of this couple will resume once more. The explanations will not be clear but they will still be accepted.
You will have to shelter from the annoyance, anger or panic of a person whose decisions have an impact on your everyday activities. This person has a major influence in society or in your area of activity (work, business, sport, entertainment or other). Without targeting you directly, he/she can considerably harm your business’s progress or the realisation of your projects. You seem to be becoming a threat to this person (a rival or a considerable adversary), so he/she may be tempted to limit your freedom of action concerning an important project that you want to realise (or a new strategy that you want to perfect or develop in your activities). This person is intelligent and he/she knows exactly what to do to create difficulties for you or impose constraints on you. He/she has a disloyal competitive spirit, so be careful not to let him/her discredit you in front of others (damage your image, tarnish your reputation). Above all, do not enter into an open war with him/her, as he/she will have the advantage over you. Here, we are talking about somebody who has many contacts and is more experienced than you, so be cautious in your initiatives. You have the ability to protect yourself from this person, but to do so you will have to be extremely meticulous in your approach, because you will not be allowed any missteps.
A female friend of a male friend will be no friend of yours. A woman will demand some money from you. This woman is kin to a man with whom you have a close relationship. She may be recognized for her physical beauty and for the great fortune she holds. This woman is financially protective and her actions aim continually and mainly to consolidate or increase her personal wealth. She has little concern for human values and she never hesitates to demand money from others when she thinks (correctly or incorrectly) that she has been harmed. This woman will make an unpleasant purchase and she will blame you for being responsible for it. You will feel betrayed by her and you will be very disappointed by her attitude toward you. This woman is completely unable to be a part of your circle of close friends and you will discover this in a very contemptuous way.


There is a confusing situation. A man has uncertain objectives and intentions that are not entirely clear. This man is older than you and wants to convince you to borrow money (or to loan him money). It seems apparent that he has some second thoughts and is hiding something from you (a fact, a reality, some information, or such). He seems to have a guilty conscience and is trying to mislead you with respect to his real intentions. You will need to be very careful, because all of this concerns you very closely. Be careful not to let yourself be manipulated, for you could find yourself in serious trouble. In short, this man’s good faith is very debatable and he will likely have to be held accountable in relation to an irresponsible action. You will need to show yourself to be intransigent with him. Here, the number “85” has special meaning and might give you a more specific indication of what is going on.

You will have a new encounter in your workplace. An emotional or sentimental link will be created between this person and you. This person will be attracted by you. He/she will seek to know your interests and to open up to you. You will receive an invitation from him/her. You will be tempted by his/her offer, but you will hesitate to accept it. This has to do with a trip abroad. Your exchanges will lead you to take a fresh look at many aspects of your life. This person has a very good income. His/her financial capacity is clearly above average. In addition, he/she has a great ability to communicate his/her ideas and thoughts. His/her influence on others is very palpable. However, this is a person who has deep convictions and who (a long time ago) broke the law, regulations, or guidelines because of them. In fact (at that time), he/she had to be punished for actions that were determined to be too radical (prison, fine, dismissal or other).


A man of a higher social rank than yours will be compassionate towards you. This man wants your well-being and will take concrete actions in this regard. He will spend money for you and he will work less often in order to look after you.

A period of personal retreat is to come. The particular juncture where your love path is taking you will force you to carry solitary actions and to turn inwards until you can better analyze the emotions that will dictate your life. Your mind will be confused by your feelings and you’ll have to isolate yourself from your usual environment for some time. You’ll have a retreat at the personal level, as you’ll have to make a decision or a choice that shouldn’t involve anyone but you. You’ll realize how much your happiness is fragile or uncertain and you’ll have to take the time and make the decisions that will be imposed in order to reinforce it, modify it, or renew it and this will be at the expense of something you hesitate to give up. You’ll have to adapt to an undeniable reality but you refuse to admit or endorse it. An important period of reflection and isolation will thus be essential for you to consolidate the positive aspects of your love life and better shape your path in love.


A lying dishonest woman has recently settled in your area. She is looking for a new person to fool and believes she has found one. Her objective is to take advantage of someone's misfortune (or innocence, vulnerability, etc.). She has ties of friendship with a member of your family or with a close friend, a man who is not much older than you. She is trying to charm this man because she wants to get something from him. Her intentions are not good at all. This man trusts her and because of her he could soon be faced with a painful dilemma. Be on your guard because she is a woman you need to seriously distrust. If this man does not show vigilance, she could easily and rapidly achieve her aims (emotional blackmail).

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Faith, reward
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