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Your Fortune Telling - Paradoxical draw
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Allegorical Tarot drawn from the Ancient Tarot of Marseille.

By Denis Lapierre - Sunday March 29, 2020 - Certified website

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Someone around you is unreasonable. His/her actions are not consistent with what they should normally (or morally) be. He/she probably needs help or counsel, but he/she categorically refuses it. You may have to do more to make your presence felt in order to bring him/her to trust you. You will have to be convincing, but you will have to be very subtle all the while. This person is getting bogged down in a dead-end, and you will have to help him/her to think (or reason) in another way. However, because he/she is stubborn, you will have to make him/her discover new ways of doing things rather than try to dictate old life principles. Do not expect to solve everything quickly (or on the first try) with him/her, because you will be very disappointed. This person needs to take his/her own decisions, so you will have to be extremely patient with him/her.
There is someone you need to confide in. You hesitate, however, about doing it. You are in a period of emotional uncertainty and it is paralysing you. You are afraid of making a mistake and fear rejection. Moreover, you feel that you do not have much time in which to act, because what you have to say must be said now. Before going any further, however, make sure this person is serious. Yes, he/she seems to really love you, but his/her behaviour is leading to confusion. Nothing is clear and no explanation holds water. One thing is certain here and it is that appearances are much more deceptive than you think. Be cautious before confiding anything, because the situation is much more complicated than it appears to be. Is this person lying or hiding something from you? Yes, it is good that he/she is in love with you (if this is the case), but first he/she must show some honesty with you. Lying is not and never will be the solution to a problem (difficulty or obstacle), especially if the problem is insurmountable.
An old friend you have not seen for a long time is going to contact you with an invitation. The situation is complicated, so he/she will have to convince you. In the end, you will accept. You will return to a place you know well, but which is now part of your past. It is a place where you have lived or have spent a lot of time (several years). Something unexpected will happen during this meeting, but nothing serious. A person will come to see you. You will be surprised by this meeting. It will be a pleasant surprise. This is a person for whom you have a lot of affection (reciprocal affection). Life has distanced you from each other, but this was never really your wish (nor his/hers). Something important is going to change for you. You have matured greatly (maturity, wisdom) since that time and no longer see things in exactly the same way. This person is important for you, so this meeting will not be banal.


A transaction was completed in favour of a competitor. This is a person who is aggressive in business, and who makes no compromises, but who is not infallible. This transaction concerns a house, a property or some sort of asset that brings in money or increases in value over the years. This infuriates you just to think about it, because an excellent opportunity slipped through your fingers. This thought haunts you and you have no way of responding. Unfortunately, this transaction was done correctly and everything is legal. You must therefore accept it and live with it. On the good side, if you believe in providence, there is a good reason for everything. Most likely, something better is reserved for you, this seems to be obvious.

You will make an important transaction with a man older than you are. This man is honest, but formidable in business. As such, you will learn a lot from him regarding the right way to behave in business. This transaction will be beneficial for you and it will allow you to generate a very significant gain or profit in a more than reasonable time. However, it will also force you to adapt to a new reality in your long term financial planning. In this, you must not be afraid to demonstrate novelty and inspiration in everything that you will undertake. You have good ideas and you know how to anticipate the future better than many people. You should not hesitate to innovate and to take new initiatives if you suspect that you have the possibility to stand out. Of course, you cannot always win, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. Yes, you will learn from your mistakes, as this is one of the elementary laws of life. However, you are the type of person who can transform his/her mistakes into learning opportunities, not defeats. As such, be persistent in business, and you will have many more successes than failures. It is up to you to determine what your true ambitions are for the future, as you have great abilities, and you are by far the main person who is actually capable to stop you in your future plans.


You have a need to move, travel, explore and take a breath of fresh air. Your desire is to travel the world and discover new horizons. You cannot travel over-seas, but still you will take a short trip that is not too far away, that will bring about a pleasant change of scenery. During this trip you will meet a man who is younger than yourself. The places that you discover through his advice will pleasantly surprise you. This man whose astrology sign is Sagittarius lives near a lake. He has the gift of healing. He will give you enormous energy (positive) and you will be touched by the smell of his environment. Key concepts: harbour, boat, train, influence, scent, healer, harmony, social power, positive change, respect, Saturday morning, month of June.

You’ll have the opportunity to knock down an adversary. Nonetheless, it won’t do you any good to finish him/her off. You’ll win the conflict or the battle, so do nothing beyond what’s necessary to win, because if not you could also find yourself among the accused. Even if this person dealt you a major blow, you can’t take justice into your own hands. Be wise, balanced and accept that you can’t get revenge. By doing so you’ll honor the human being that you are. Only the divine can fulfill your destiny, so let justice take care of the rest.


There will be movements, changes or rotations of individuals, materials or works, and these will be large and remarkable. This upheaval will be very positive for you as it will improve your environment and will give you much greater ease regarding the things or people that gravitate around you. This important development to come will lead you, or force you, to enjoy much greater freedom of action in many domains, and even new ones, and will let you take advantage of better opportunities for personal fulfillment in your present activities. This turn of events will be very beneficial to you. It will bring you magnificent opportunities on the professional, financial or material level, and will result in much greater enjoyment of all aspects of your life path in general. This situation represents, then, the coming of progress or of a process that will bring you a lot of good and hope for the future.

Tuesday March 31, 2020
Unconditional love
Thursday April 02, 2020
Strength, freeing
Saturday April 04, 2020
Challenge, perseverance
Sunday April 05, 2020
Energy, vitality
Wednesday April 08, 2020
Faith, reward
Thursday April 09, 2020
Work, patience
Sunday April 12, 2020
Spiritual contact
Tuesday April 14, 2020
Commitment, perseverance

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