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Your Fortune Telling - Paradoxical draw
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By Denis Lapierre - Wednesday October 21, 2020 - Certified website

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A small trip will be necessary at the professional or work level. You'll take this trip in the company of someone of the opposite sex who's barely older than you. This person is a loyal, devoted friend whose main feature is his/her great kindness. He/she has a very high sense of civics but he/she is a bit superstitious in some circumstances. This is a question of someone who's very attached to his/her religious values and who cares a lot about others (the poor, the elderly, vulnerable people, the sick, etc.). Even if he/she has (perhaps) never verbally (or explicitly) told you, this person loves you (with a deep love) and for him/her this trip will be a privileged moment to spend quality time with you. For him/her, this trip will be loaded with emotions as it'll be of a priceless sentimental value. You'll have the opportunity to give him great pleasure so the slightest word or gesture from you may be of great significance regarding what you feel for him/her.
Someone (m/f) is looking to either get closer to you or seduce you. You will be the victim of excessive kindness which you will find embarrassing. Here, we are talking about a friend close to you. On a social level, this person has a lot of power over others. He/she has a job and a stable income which brings him/her a financial security that is the envy of many people. This person will offer you a financial agreement tinged with an ulterior motive (either romantic or sexual.) This is a transaction for a loan, a mortgage, a trip, or a contract that has real financial benefit to you. This person knows that you want to fulfill a dream and he/she will offer you his/her financial support in order to allow you to do it. The offer will be tempting, but you will need to seriously consider the reasons before this proposal before making a decision. This person really has the means to help you, but he/she also hopes to use this opportunity to increase his/her chances to have a more intimate relationship with you. Although this will not (or hardly) be an issue during your talks, you will have to know how to read between the lines. In fact, the very protective behavior that this person constantly exhibits towards you is no longer a surprise for you, and speaks volumes to the effect that you have on him/her. In any case, you know enough about this person to know what he/she thinks about you. Because of this, when the time comes, everything should be pretty obvious to you.
You will run into a longtime friend during an outing or a journey you will make. This friend is a woman who is appealing in her beauty and the great attraction she causes with men. She also attracts attention by her open-mindedness and her great generosity at the civic or humanitarian level. At this meeting, she will tell you a surprising secret about a man you think you know well, but who in reality is hiding a disturbing, even threatening personality. Her words will try to convince you to distrust him. Following this, many things will change in your thoughts. You will even go so far as to question your relationship with this man. It is very likely that you are being fooled about this man’s honesty or integrity, a man you trust greatly. It is clear that you will change how you are and act around this person, because you will learn that this man is showing great hypocrisy despite the benevolent appearance of his actions and his words.


You find inspiration in new ideas and in self-discovery. A spiritual renewal is currently taking place in your mind and you are probably not even aware of it. Your soul is animated with a new energy that is happening in you and which will provide you with abundant nourishment in the near future. As a result, your dreams are assuming a predominant place in your mind and they will chart a new road for you that will lead you to fulfill them more spontaneously, and this will happen in a future time that is closer at hand. Hidden concepts: a very close friend, the astrological sign of Libra, sincere friendship, responsibility, total harmony, tenderness, love relationship, overcoming, liberation, Monday, morning, the month of March.

A young person of foreign origin, of the opposite sex, will be a great source of joy for you. This young person has the virtue of intelligence. He/she is mentally bright and exercises great cleverness in surprising and stirring you emotionally. Even if your relationship is not romantic in nature, this young person nonetheless has great admiration for you. He/she likes to attract your attention, and he/she takes advantage of every possible opportunity to tease and joke with you (emotionally) for fun. Your relationship is genuine and will last. Beware however not to be unduly seduced by so much tenderness and affection. In fact, even if your relationship is not intended to lead to romance, it opens the door to a growing attachment for each other. As a romantic relationship with this young person is unreasonable in the circumstances, it would be better to be prudent. This young person is possibly unconscious of his/her real feelings towards you, so you will have to handle the situation with a lot of tact and with great sensitivity.


There will be the birth of a girl. However, this birth is filled with rumors. The circumstances are unusual or nonstandard and that causes gossip. This even creates uneasiness for certain immediate family members of the future mother. In spite of everything, this child is desired and expected with great excitement. The preparations are exciting, joyful and inspiring. It is also disclosed here that, the months following this birth, the mother will receive an unexpected love proposition.

You must wait for the right moment before confiding a secret to a friend. This friend is of foreign origin, but not necessarily from very far away (other town, surrounding region, etc.). You have something to reveal to him/her (or personal information to transmit to him/her), but you cannot do it now, as he/she is not ready to listen to what you have to tell him/her. So you must wait a while. A more favourable situation will come later and you will be able to speak to him/her and reveal your secret. When the moment is right, you will feel it.


You will have the support of an old friend with regards to a romantic approach. This friend is a man who is about your age. He knows you very well and he can, on occasion, have a great influence on you. You have some thinking to do and you hesitate to reveal a secret. This is a sincere friend and he can help you. You will have an outing with him and he will spend money for you. Even if he is a reserved type of person, he is sensitive to your situation and he will know what to say. He has wise words to convey to you and you can trust him. Your commitment to the person that you love is at stake, and as such, you cannot take anything lightly. Although you have to be honest with your old friend, you will first have to be honest with yourself. If you still worry about a fundamental question, an escapade in nature (a hike, a walk, or a trip to the countryside or the forest) will set your mind straight. You are someone who is closely linked to nature, so listen to it, because it can reveal a lot to you. Certainly, it is filled with puzzles, but it feeds wandering souls and allows them to find their way.

Thursday October 22, 2020
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Spiritual contact
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Battle, victory
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Challenge, perseverance
Saturday October 31, 2020
Compassion, generosity
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Unfailing love
Thursday November 05, 2020
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