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Your Fortune Telling - Paradoxical draw
Tarot Reading
Allegorical Tarot drawn from the Ancient Tarot of Marseille.

By Denis Lapierre - Friday February 21, 2020 - Certified website

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A friend (who is currently going through romantic difficulties) is trying to get closer to you. He/she is part of your professional circle. This is someone who is very welcoming with everyone but who does so in a very special way with you. You see him/her practically every day (or every week). He/she is in a situation involving a future separation and he/she feels vulnerable. It has a significant effect on him/her psychologically. This person has feelings for you but he/she has never made them clear to you. Now that he/she knows that his/her future will be very different to what he/she has always believed it would be, he/she has some things to say to you. He/she realises that his/her relationship as a couple is about to end and it is towards you that he/she would like to turn in order to get the comforting he/she needs. This person loves you and he/she wants to have a sincere talk with you to find out how attached you are to him/her.
A financial opportunity is announced and it’ll be an important one. However, you’ll have to be careful with a young woman that will seek, on this occasion, to gain money through you. This young woman is very envious and she’ll demonstrate true jealousy towards what will present itself to you instead of her. You’ll have to be careful with her, as her thirst for money is very real and her excessive opportunism, always wanting to benefit from others, will intentionally lead her to act against you. Your financial success may frustrate her immensely and, because of this fact, she’ll surely try to give you advice that goes against your own interests. It’s clear that you’ll have an excellent business opportunity but this young woman will deliberately try to detour this opportunity towards her. You will thus have to distrust her kind words because this woman has a forked tongue. Losses in your gains can be expected if you allow yourself to become bewitched by her misleading words that will have the only objective of extracting money from you. You’ll especially have to show great prudence related to a possible pact with her as this woman is crafty and clever and she could eventually cause you important harm in a completely legal fashion.
A person can not do anything without you and continually wants to know what you are doing. He/she is always trying to be with you and he/she wants to participate in all your activities. In short, this person leaves you almost no respite. You try to encourage him/her to be more independent (autonomous), but it is often to no avail. This person is coriaceous and follows you everywhere. At first, you probably found him/her charming (or flattering), but the more time passes, the more you feel your private life is invaded. This person no longer respects your privacy and this becomes more and more unpleasant (or embarrassing). Watch out for this obsession with you because it may become unhealthy. If it has not happened already, he/she may become possessive and try to dominate you (control everything in your life). Now it's no longer any fun at all. The game is over.


You will stay in an old establishment. This will be during a trip, so it is probably a hotel, an inn, or something of the sort. This building has very old stones (or is based on very old foundations) (archaeological, historical...?). There is a garden nearby. The night will be filled with stars, and no clouds. You will have a brief conversation with a young woman. This young woman is intriguing, mysterious, and incredibly attractive. She is very beautiful and is reminiscent of an angel. You will be disturbed by what emanates from her. She will fill you with a caring and very pleasant energy. She will communicate a message or a teaching to you, and you will keep a very emotional memory of this meeting. Is it a real angel, or only a dream? There is no need to ask this question, because you already know the answer.

A proposal from someone long forgotten will surprise you. This is a woman who feels remorse. This woman’s initiative will be completely unexpected for you (almost incomprehensible). With time, she realized that she was wrong in a dispute that concerns you and she will look to be forgiven. Her conscience is not at peace and she will change her attitude towards you. She wants to correct her mistake and she will offer you a compensation (not necessarily monetary or material). She hopes to make you (if it is possible) overturn a decision that was taken in the past by some authority (or a third party). This decision has caused you harm and has had important consequences in your life.


A young man wants to protect you. He wants to remove from your path people whom he considers harmful. Just say the word and he will quickly come to your aid. But be careful, his actions could be a little more radical than you might wish them to be. You will have to moderate and reason with him. You will have to ensure that you are always honest and direct with him, because he is (and will always be) overprotective of you. If he really wants to help you, he will have to get used to acting according to your wishes and not his own. This young man is very favorable towards you, but you must teach him to be less radical in his actions (and thoughts). Yes, he is full of good intentions, but he still has a lot of learning to do. You are more experienced than him in life, so do not hesitate to act as a guide (mentor) for him. The better the framework you provide him during his youth, the stronger and more durable your bond of friendship will be in the future.

You are trying to overcome a fear. It is a phobia of some sort. It is like a fear of heights, claustrophobia, trauma or something else like that. You dare yourself to overcome this obsessive fear by yourself, for you long to live more freely. This is ambitious, but possible. You are greatly obsessed with this irrational fear and it deprives you of many pleasures. You desire to experience great things, live your life intensely, but you must first overcome this fear.


A young person who you have a deep love for (or one that you are very close to in your daily life) will show you unexpected and very comforting attention in the face of the sometimes vulnerable feelings you have for them. This person's virtue is their kindness and their charm. This person is easy to identify by their frequent eccentricity and by the usual indulgence that invariably marks their personality. It is with a certain surprise that you become aware of their thoughts for you. A token of affection is, then, to be expected, feasible or possible of their desire to get close to you. In any case, this demonstration of love will only be possible to the extent circumstances allow. With a certain reserve, this young person will express or make evident their feelings for you, but this gesture will be however very significant.

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Energy, vitality
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Intervention, Spiritual entity
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Commitment, perseverance
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Unfailing love
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Strength, freeing
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Commitment, perseverance
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Strength, freeing
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Intervention, Spiritual entity

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