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Your Fortune Telling - Paradoxical draw
Tarot Reading
Allegorical Tarot drawn from the Ancient Tarot of Marseille.

By Denis Lapierre - Saturday January 18, 2020 - Certified website

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A deplorable event or a very serious accident will strike a person in your vicinity. A shockwave will spread around you and it will quickly disseminate in your neighbourhood. Affliction will be heavy and generalized. This is about a violent event that will have serious consequences on the person targeted and his/her close ones. This is a question of circumstances due to a conflict between two men. Jealousy in love and aggressiveness are the issue here. Alcohol and drugs may also be involved. A man will go to prison. Very serious accusations will be made against him.
A transition has not been completely finished between your past and your present. An event in your past took place and was fully realized, but your mind has not yet succeeded in taking it in, and accepting it in all of its reality. It is clear that the people around you have tried to help you with this issue, but this has always ended in failure. Still, you have gotten some lessons these last few years that could allow you to get through this grief once and for all. It’s up to you to take charge of yourself, since all attempts to get outside assistance have been exhausted. Many people have tried to help you, but most of them finally gave up on account of having lost hope. So it is now essential that you make use of the energy that truly belongs to you and which has great power over your mental forces. Only you have the capacities and the aptitudes to understand the mechanisms of your own subconscious and the subtleties that are unique to your soul. Remember a friend who is very close to you and is of the astrological sign of Capricorn. This man is always by your side and he still wants to and is still determined to support you in all aspects of your life. He is a guardian angel for you and the light that you need. Key ideas: park, flowers, marriage or engagement, malediction, the end of something, guardian, decency, respect, love, courage, decision, infinite love, Monday, night, the month of February.
Your subconscious is begging you to find greater stability, both material and intellectual. You have big ideas, but you always give up on putting them into practice. You have to be more organized about your future projects. You need to prioritize your thoughts and your wishes. You have an opportunity to gain access to a higher consciousness, but first you have to free yourself from unrealistic beliefs and mental concepts that keep multiplying in your mind and keep you from making very significant spiritual progress. A woman of approximately the same age as you regards you with great esteem and could lead you to develop further in this respect. She is of the astrological sign of Aquarius and she is part of your close personal circle. Key concepts: brook, park, flowers, virtue, refinement, professional stagnation, spiritual help, vitality, Saturday, sunset, the month of April.


You amass crystalline energy. This energy comes from your environment (nature, the cosmos and your entourage) and more specifically from one person whose love for you is infinite. This energy is healthy and it will protect you from illnesses and bad influences (negative forces from other people or unidentified entities). It has the ability to regenerate, so you can maintain it and make it grow within you. It will bring you health and will keep you away from the chaos of evil thoughts (depression or other). You quest for new knowledge will be facilitated and you will learn a lot from your life experiences. You will discover things as they really are and it will be extremely difficult to hide from these certainties. You’ll have a masterful ability to evolve and that will make you a wiser being throughout the course of your life. You will be someone who is very well-respected and the love you have for your loved ones will know no boundaries.

A man is manipulating you by pure ignorance. Even if he is not doing it deliberately in order to cause you harm, he is robbing you of your creativity. This man is a very close friend. He is financially comfortable and he spends a lot of money for his leisure activities (or for his entertainment.) This is a man that you see every day (or almost.) He has a lot of affection for you, but he speaks a little too quickly. In addition to being impulsive and touchy, he speaks more than he thinks. In his way of being, he is controlling and he has a too great hold on you and what you have to do. You have personal objectives and ambitions, but he is constantly turning you away from them. You will have to learn (as much as is reasonable) to avoid letting yourself be overly governed by him. Even if he is an intimate friend, you need to understand that you are dominated in most aspects of your relationship with this man. You will have to apply yourself to take more initiative with him (or without him), because you have life goals that are legitimate (in addition to being interesting) and you must absolutely not abandon them because of him. Certainly, this man is often right, but it is not clear that your way of seeing things is not as valuable as his (if not better). Be more autonomous with this man and he will end up realizing that to be different from him does not necessarily mean being wrong. One thing is certain, you are more creative than him, so you have everything to gain in achieving greater independence towards him.


(Travel) You will go abroad. You will be worried and/or hesitant about this journey, but despite this you will have an irresistible desire to make it (powerful desire). More specifically, you will make it on invitation from a person you love. Your worries and/or hesitation will be mainly due to the fact that you know you will be away for a long time, but this person will insist that you go join him/her (or visit him/her) and you will do so. The person you will go to see is somebody older than you. He/she is financially well off and he/she is very persuasive. Despite your worries before leaving, this journey will be a success and you will keep an undying memory of it. However, at the end of your stay, you will have an important decision to take, that is, choosing whether you want to stay there or come back home. Many things keep you at home, but you will be filled with a great desire to stay there. This decision will be highly determinant for your future, so you will have to take it mainly by considering your state of health (physical and/or psychological). One of the two places offers more (long-term) advantages than the other for you to truly and lastingly feel well in yourself. You know that you must make your dreams come true and fulfil yourself, so your decision will (inevitably) have a major impact on all levels.

A major turning point or a significant financial step is predicted in your life and this will allow you to contemplate some challenges of great scope. You will attain solid financial stability and a level of comfort of which one can only dream. These investments (important or strategic) which you will make will be the source of it. You will climb some impressive steps and your level in the social hierarchy will clearly be superior to that where you are presently. But be careful, wisdom must govern your life. Your expenses and investments must be sensible and reasonable, because you will not have the right to extravagances or eccentricities in order to succeed in this manner. These are the conditions posed for you by destiny and you must respect them; if not, you will quickly experience great losses of your gains. Negligence will not be acceptable, because it can lead to the definitive cancellation of your ascent. Prestige will offered to you, but you will have to deserve it and maintain it. Some very great opportunities will rise before you, but you will have to be able to account for your actions at every moment. Your maturity will be rewarded though it will have to be the master of your life at all times. You must never cheat, or ruin will await you.


A project will be delayed or canceled. It will be a ground-based trip (car, bus, train etc.) This is due to a new encounter that you will have or a new request that will be submitted to you. The person involved is young and is coming from (or originally comes from) far away. You’ll have to satisfy this young person before leaving. In this case, we’re really talking about art, creation and inspiration. There is harmony between the two of you but this person is suffering from a recent and persistent sorrow. They must rediscover their family ties and re-establish their self-confidence. There has surely been a birth of a child and this person has been confused by these events. You’ll have to be upstanding, but you’ll still have to avoid taking on a commitment for them because the situation is too uncertain and you might make yourself a prisoner to their problems. Yes, you’ll be able to help this young person, but don’t promise anything and don’t get stuck too much in your relationship with them, because your own wellbeing may be compromised. Be patient and confident, and time will solve many things. Your devotion is not the most appropriate answer to this situation. Rather, you should use your reasoning. Don’t wrongly spend your energy because you may get lost as well. This person needs more to be oriented that to be helped. So be professional in everything you do and this person will remain loyal and will get out it wonderfully well.

Sunday January 19, 2020
Faith, reward
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Battle, victory
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Commitment, perseverance
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Strength, freeing
Tuesday January 28, 2020
Passion, courage
Wednesday January 29, 2020
Strength, freeing
Saturday February 01, 2020
Energy, vitality
Sunday February 02, 2020
Strength, freeing

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- Relaunch your three paradoxes -

- Relaunch your three paradoxes -