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By Denis Lapierre - Sunday December 15, 2019 - Certified website

   Warning: Generic reading.   
    Automatic Tarot - For entertainment only  Copyright © 2019 (5)  Denis Lapierre

Some important work will be completed and you will get the help necessary to finish it. You don’t need to worry about a task you have to fulfill, even if it seems overwhelming to you, because a person is close to you and won’t let you fall. This person supports you and will come to your aid as soon as the need is felt. But first, you must do everything you can by yourself, because you absolutely need to show your ability to overcome adversity. It is a question of your personal pride and this person knows this perfectly well.
Your amorous relationship will have to overcome many obstacles. In fact, this relationship will not be fully accepted by all the people around you (or around the person that you love.) It will bring people to lecture you or to criticize your behavior, your choices, or your decisions. Among other things (but not necessarily) it is possible that the jealousy or disdain of your ex (or the ex of the person that you love) will be involved. It is also possible that a rejection by your family of the person that you love (or vice versa) will be involved. However, your love is sincere and it should not be questioned. It is up to you to make your own decisions, because it is you who will live with the consequences of your choices. Nature is made in this way, and others must learn to respect you through both your strenghts and your weaknesses. If you think that you are doing the right thing (both for your happiness as well as for the one of the person that you love), then you have the right to ignore the (negative) comments of others. If you have a compromise that you have to make, it must not be regarding the happiness to which you are entitled, but rather on the way in which you will be able to have it be accepted by others (if it is possible or absolutely necessary.)  Copyright © 2019 (5)  Denis Lapierre

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