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By Denis Lapierre - Thursday August 22, 2019 - Certified website

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Indices are trends that can vary from day to day.
They are obtained according to the disposition of your cards.
Your LOVE indice :71%            Your HEALTH indice :80%
Your MONEY indice :80%            Your WORK indice :67%
Your RELATIONSHIP indice :96%            Your HOBBIES indice :97%
GLOBAL :   82%
1-20% = worrying    21-40% = unfavorable    41-60% = neutral
61-80% = favorable    81-100% = very favorable
The probability of accuracy of your reading :   74%

You are concerned about a person in your circle. This person is a woman who is very close to you (a good friend). She is an elderly person. She has no blood tie with you but she is (or you consider her to be) like a member of your family. Her connection with you is possibly an indirect resulting from a marriage, but it could also be something else. She is going through an ordeal that is causing her health problems. Either she is going through a bereavement or else someone (who is very close to her) is very ill. She is trying to show herself to be strong (psychologically, morally) in front of the others, but inwardly her suffering is great. She has lost her bearings and her thoughts are sometimes inconsistent. She is increasingly withdrawing into herself. She needs the support of her relatives otherwise sooner or later she will be hospitalised. She will soon have to face a dilemma and will have need of you.

You will have a meeting or a private conversation with a person of the opposite sex that you regularly rub shoulders with but with whom you are not related in a serious or formal way. We are talking here about a person whose talent is their sense of communication (innate) and who has a lot of influence on the people around them. Even if you are not necessarily very close to each other, this person is someone who you consider to be a friend (a reciprocal and growing friendship). This meeting will inevitably have a great effect on you and will be decisive at the emotional (or sentimental) level. It will open the door for more privacy between you two, even though it might only be just a game (for now?).

You feel a special attraction (or a great affection) for somebody new (m/f) whom you hardly know and who you recently met. This is somebody young who comes from the surrounding of a very close friend (female). This young person is currently in a period of great insecurity at the emotional level. He/she is very preoccupied by everything that is happening around him/her and he/she is looking for comfort. While this is an intuitive and astute person, he/she is feeling so devastated that he/she has difficulty to function normally on the professional level (work, business, studies, justice, healthcare, or other). Here, it is question of a young person who is feeling annihilated by what he/she has lived with somebody of the opposite sex. A degrading action aiming to wound him/her was conducted publicly by the other person (or an intimate secret was made public by the other person with the aim of humiliating him/her) and this completely destroyed him/her psychologically. Note: In an extreme case (but not necessarily) this revelation could also indicate that this young person suffered an assault of a sexual nature (trauma) and that his/her situation requires that he/she finds him/herself as much in a safe environment as with comforting people.
You will benefit from some extra money coming in. This income is the result of an audacious (but intelligent) action you took a long time ago. This is corporate income, or income from a real estate investment, financial investment or interest. You will have right to a return on investment (capital gains, dividends, profits, etc.). It is also possible that you are preparing to cash in on the entirety of this investment for yourself or to invest in another way, but this is not certain. If this is not what you planned to do, then it is an idea that has gone through your mind and which you have seriously considered. Whatever the situation, you have already planned how you are going to dispose of this money. Moreover, you know that it will relieve you of a commitment you have recently taken. You will have new financial power and it will give you greater freedom of action. Besides, you will make contact with a woman in order to give her the mandate to administer (or use) this money. You have specific requirements and you will give her precise instructions (contract). Are you an artist? Your numerical references regarding this event: 9, 276, 78, 78.

You are going to have a positive, pleasant and very respectful relationship with a young man (friendly and warm) who has recently come into your circle. Your relationship with this young man will be harmonious, constructive and become permanent. Your personalities complement each other remarkably well, and in this sense, you will be (naturally) inclined to collaborate together to a great extent. Everything that you will do with this young man will result in (or be accompanied by) an honest, frank and very loyal camaraderie. Your have many affinities and you will discover this quite rapidly. The more you become familiar (each of you) with each other the stronger the tie that binds you will become. Here, it is clearly about the birth of a very big and very solid friendship which will last for many years (and probably your entire life).

You need to familiarize yourself with a work method. This method is fairly easy, once you master it well, but learning it is rather difficult and requires good observation skills. If you are looking for employment, this can indicate that you will land a good job and that you will finally be able to take advantage of your expertise. From a legal point of view it can also mean that due to a painstaking procedure, legal papers will favour you and will allow you to freely demonstrate your know-how in view of your professional aspirations. However, in every case and regardless of the situation, it is certain that you will need to negotiate before reaching an agreement on the professional level. A difficulty will be smoothed over, but only after a compromise on your part.
Your courage and foresight are your strengths. You are a highly respected person in your environment. An event has recently put you in contact with a young woman who has rather surprising affinities with you. This young woman is attracted to you and she wants to learn from you. Your great maturity impressed her enormously. She was able to see the extent to which you have the ability to create paths for yourself through chaos, and the ways in which you can be efficient in critical situations. This young woman has as her particularity her great beauty (both physical and inner), but this particularity is also her greatest weakness. In fact, she is so sought after by men (both young and old) that she cannot make enlightened choices and take sensible decisions in love. Her age and her innocence make her so vulnerable with men that she is constantly manipulated by malicious suitors. A short time ago, this young woman lived an extremely confusing intimate experience with a man. This man promised her the moon and a short time later abandoned her. He abused her candour to better enjoy her physical attractiveness. This man seduced her with lies and he returned to his wife. This was a married man who was fully conscious of his acts. This young woman suffered terribly from this temporary liaison and she now has a great need to feel herself to be in good hands. She trusts you and knows that you give her the comfort that she is looking for. Take care of her, because she is an angel. She must be accompanied through her learning and later she will become an exceptional woman.

You must stand up for your convictions. Others will try to get you to think differently and will ridicule your way of seeing things. People will question you and try to find contradictions in your answers. Somebody will try to get you to change your beliefs (religious or otherwise). This person is a man of about your age whose star sign is Gemini. He is a new member of your entourage, and he is talkative and irresponsible. You must stay true to yourself and don’t let yourself be intimidated by his arrogance or his cruelty (in terms of what he says or does). You have a strong basis for your beliefs and you shouldn’t abandon your convictions for him. There is no room for fear and you must stay strong and determined in the face of his arguments which aim to instil both terror and panic in you. You have a strong personality and you have to show it to him. Key concepts: butterfly, bee, flight, an ill-intentioned person, insensitivity, financial problems, prudence, loyalty, power, Friday, afternoon, the month of December.

You will get to know someone new in your workplace. This is a young man with whom you will spend a lot of time. A sincere friendship will grow between you two. In fact, you will discover that he lives close to your place. This young man is ambitious and is very attentive to all the opportunities that could present themselves to him. You will also discover that he is very open-minded. It is especially this open-mindedness that will make him someone in whom you will be able to confide and to have long, very constructive discussions on almost every topic. This young man loves to learn and his thirst for discovery makes him captivating in many aspects. You will have to work with him and you will particularly appreciate his maturity and his perseverance in the face of hard work. The scope of his expertise will provide you with, or consolidate, the stability that you are looking for on a professional level. In short, this young man has all of the necessary qualities to become a real work asset. You will appreciate his attitude enormously and his strength with respect to his responsibilities, and a very strong fraternal bond is destined to be created between you two.
Romantically speaking, a matter will become clear regarding a rival. A person covets the one you love. This rival has even succeeded bringing about a reconciliation with him/her. You must worry about it, but you need to avoid a misstep because you could possibly become less in the eyes of your beloved. Take the time to meditate on the question in order not to react awkwardly. It is your own reaction that will have the greatest impact on the outcome of this situation. In other words, everything rests on you. Nothing is lost in advance, so act wisely and the consequences will be minimal. Here, you have above all to demonstrate a great deal of maturity, because an intelligent solution could solve everything. You do not, in fact, control everything, but you do have advantages (strengths) that this person does not have. You therefore have to maintain the climate of trust between you and the person you love, because this is where your success will be. The greater will be the chemistry between you two, the less likely will be the blunders. If you do the right things, this rival will eventually leave, but for that to happen you will need to be patient and rational.

You will have a positive encounter with a woman who is barely older than you. This encounter will take place in a private location (probably in your home or her home). You will have the support of this woman in the implementation of a personal project, of a major initiative, or of a social project that is very close to your heart. The conversation that you will have with her will be essential to achieve your objective, because this woman has professional abilities or qualification (skills, knowledge, etc.) that you do not yet have (but that you will have later). Your conversation will mostly be about technical and financial questions. This meeting will be the turning point of your project, because afterwards everything will go very fast. Your project will be realized in the months (1-3 months) following this encounter, and it will be in large part thanks to this woman’s intervention. In addition, in your project, there is also the question of several trips by car and of an agreement which will be ratified with a company or a government agency.

A transaction was completed in favour of a competitor. This is a person who is aggressive in business, and who makes no compromises, but who is not infallible. This transaction concerns a house, a property or some sort of asset that brings in money or increases in value over the years. This infuriates you just to think about it, because an excellent opportunity slipped through your fingers. This thought haunts you and you have no way of responding. Unfortunately, this transaction was done correctly and everything is legal. You must therefore accept it and live with it. On the good side, if you believe in providence, there is a good reason for everything. Most likely, something better is reserved for you, this seems to be obvious.

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