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By Denis Lapierre - Friday September 20, 2019 - Certified website

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Indices are trends that can vary from day to day.
They are obtained according to the disposition of your cards.
Your LOVE indice :98%            Your HEALTH indice :70%
Your MONEY indice :72%            Your WORK indice :94%
Your RELATIONSHIP indice :94%            Your HOBBIES indice :88%
GLOBAL :   86%
1-20% = worrying    21-40% = unfavorable    41-60% = neutral
61-80% = favorable    81-100% = very favorable
The probability of accuracy of your reading :   75%

You will take part in a very interesting business transaction. You will have an associate (a woman). She has a great artistic sense. She is from a culture that is different from yours. You will therefore have to agree together about some basic principles that you do not have in common. Happily, you both have courage and an open mind. This will be your strength. This agreement concerns a commercial activity. You will be business partners and your cooperation will be honest, caring and warm. We are talking here about a successful business whose future prospects are excellent. On the other hand, your beginnings will be somewhat laborious, so you should pay attention not to mess things up. During the first months, disorder will be present in your financial planning. Perseverance and creativity will therefore be your strongest assets. Once this stage has been passed, you will definitely make good profits. Moreover, significant property acquisitions are to follow in the coming years.

A young man will herald surprising news. At first glance, this news seems quite serious, but in reality there is nothing dramatic about it. Here, appearances are deceiving. The information communicated to you will relate to a member of your close circle who belongs to a younger generation than you. This young person is the victim of a controversy or misunderstanding. He/she has perhaps acted in an unauthorized (reprehensible) manner (justice, legal person, judge, police officer or other), and this put him/her in a situation where he/she had to explain his/her actions or take responsibility for them (possible punishment or reprimand). Although the fault is reparable, an obstacle must be overcome. Even if the event which occurred does not directly concern you, you must still get involved personally in order to facilitate an adjustment or correction of the situation.

You are conscientious and responsible. Whenever you know that a problem may arise, you do not fear it. You are ready to confront anyone, in any situation, because you trust in yourself and in the legitimacy of your actions. Even if you sometimes need to take the most difficult path to achieve your purpose, you are not afraid to take it. Still, you are a person who has a great zest for life and you will accept everything good life has to offer to you. You have a long term vision and this will lead you inevitably to success and prosperity in every aspect of your life. If at times, people tell you that you do not take enough advantage of life, it is because they live in an ephemeral world and that their happiness will be fleeting. On the day that misfortune knocks, you will be the best equipped to face it, and you will survive and they will perish. Do not change anything about who you are, for you act to consolidate your future, and this is the best gift you can give you.
You are motivated by a desire to depart in search of adventure. Do you perhaps seek a new love in your life? Novelty and the discovery of the unknown seem to be the response to the majority of your preoccupations. You feel the need to leave your current comfort zone to go toward the unpredictable. You dream of marvels and surprises. You want to free yourself from your current concerns to head toward other places where everything can be remade. Your urges are totally legitimate, but be careful to remain a realist. You can accomplish great things, but you must remain prudent. Don’t hesitate to realize your dreams, because if you don’t find happiness in one place, it’s inevitably elsewhere.

There is confusion about the identity of a person. You suffer the consequences of the actions of another person because you are held responsible for his/her actions (wrongly). Here, it is a question of an aberration (absurdity or mistake). This is indeed a case of mistaken identity. You are treated unkindly because you are unjustly accused (or suspected) of an act you did not commit. You need to defend yourself energetically. Unfortunately, the real culprit does nothing to exonerate you because he/she does not want denounce himself/herself. He/she want to save his/her skin at any price, even if he/she fully understands that you are accused in his/her place. He/she is using you as a scapegoat, so he/she will do nothing to help you.

A young woman (friend) feels distress (crying woman?). She is of foreign origin and she needs you (your attentive ear and your good advice). She has great concerns about a mistake (personal) that she believes she has made. She feels guilty and wants to fix her mistake. In her eyes, you represent maturity (experience and wisdom), this is why she wants to confide in you (not in someone else). She needs free herself from her sensation of guilt, so you must agree to meet her (listen and talk with her). You know this young woman well and you know in advance that she certainly acted out of inexperience (naivety, spontaneity, innocence …). You have her total trust and you can relieve her of her remorse. Even if she is distraught, you can reassure her, as what she has done is not as catastrophic as she believes (unfortunate, but repairable, act).
A memory that is still etched in your mind will help you to avoid a mistake. A young person of the opposite sex is trying to lead you into a game of seduction, but he/she does not have any real feelings for you, even if he/she believes that he/she has some (immaturity). Your life experience (or a pain from the past) will bring you to protect yourself from a potential misunderstanding towards which this young person is leading you. Your instinct will advise caution and you will show great foresight. This young person is perceptive and he/she knows exactly what you can bring him/her (money, financial security, material comfort, etc.) But, in fact, he/she has an attitude that is fundamentally selfish and ungrateful, and he/she has no real idea of what could really be a long term relationship with you. You will think a lot and it will be wisdom that will guide you. A misadventure of this kind has already profoundly hurt you in the past, so you will have to make sure not to let yourself be led again into a relationship in which there is no sincerity (or is only temporary). This young person is particularly convincing in his/her manner of acting, so you will have to show great lucidity in the face of his/her intelligent maneuvers of seduction.

Your daily activities (work, hobby, or other) bring you into contact with a person who bothers or upsets you with his/her doings (or particular words) in circumstances that you don’t control. However, even though this person often makes you uncomfortable, your relationship with him/her will end up being incredibly favorable to you in the long run. In fact, it’s a matter that you don't know that person well enough to foresee (or understand) his/her thoughts and actions. This is a person of the opposite sex, who is about your age. He/she lives in your neighborhood, but you don’t have any intimate (or personal) ties with him/her. This is a person who likes to speak with others and appears to be very sensitive to the problems experienced by the people in his circle. He/she is often impulsive and eccentric, but this is an aspect of his/her personality that suits him/her well. On the financial side of things, this is a person who enjoys a rather considerable personal fortune. The more time passes, the more you’ll understand that you can develop a very good friendship with this person. Even though he/she seems to have a fairly capricious temperament, this person knows very well what is right and what is wrong, and his/her thoughts (and words) are often of great wisdom. You should not be afraid to trust him/her, as in the near future, he/she will be part of your circle of intimate friends who are dear to you. This person will be able to protect and defend you from people who are too grasping or who harm your personal growth (social and professional levels). He/she has the means to do it (authority and money), and he/she will do it.

You have great inner strength. This is a strength that you make use of each day both socially as well as professionally. At this level, you are a privileged person compared to the others. You are courageous and you have an absolute confidence in yourself. You take your decisions by yourself and you hate it when others dictate to you what to do. Your energy is real and this will no doubt lead you to realising your dreams. But be careful to control your strength, as you can be harmful as much as useful, and this applies as much to the others as it does to yourself. You have, in fact, an uncommon strength but this strength is also a double-edged sword. You can be destructive as much as constructive. You will always have to think, therefore, before acting. Your impulsiveness is both your strength and your weakness, so if you master it well, you will do great things in your life. If not, watch out for yourself because you will be your own enemy.
A personality conflict exists between two people in your professional circle (work or otherwise). You know them well, but there is no (for the moment) causal relation between their behavior and your personal situation. The first person (m/f) is an opportunist, and he/she is using his/her charm to increase his/her influence with others. He/she is a manipulative type of person, and manages to impose his/her ideas relatively easily, even if they are not necessarily the best or the most sensible. The other person (m/f) is stubborn and intuitive, and has a great sense of judgement and objectivity. Both seek to maintain their image with others, but this is always at the expense of one or the other. This conflict is increasingly unhealthy, because constructive actions are not undertaken because of their incessant disputes. Jealousy is involved on both sides, and this conflict is leading nowhere. As their disagreements become more frequent and more pervasive, it is clear that you will soon have no other choice than to develop a plan in order to not let them get you involved in their incessant quarrels. Above all, try to keep both feet on the ground, because it is obvious that these two people have not for a long time already.

You are under the protection of an influential person. This person tries not to show it too much but others perceive it and this fuels the conversations. You make people jealous and they imagine things about your relationship. A rumour is circulating and what people say (or believe) about you does not correspond to reality. You will have to show prudence because you need to limit the gossip that could harm you. You have plans for the future and everything depends on the image people have of you. Yes, you have a good reputation, but you will still need to show yourself to be more than irreproachable. You benefit from certain advantages which do not please everyone, so you need to appear whiter than white. As you have managed to gain the trust of an influential person, you should also be capable of gaining the respect of those who are suspicious of you. You deserve their esteem and you can get it. It is up to you not to make any mistakes...

A young woman of foreign origin causes disruption. Against her are her indecency and frivolous sexuality. She is very beautiful and she has the power to charm and to bring temptation that leads to carnal pleasures. She is not faithful to any man, and she destroys existing love affairs. Be careful, because she can cause devastating effects. Here is a message for you: take great care of the person you love because an illusory love could overshadow a real love.

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Copyright © 2019 (5)  Denis Lapierre