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By Denis Lapierre - Wednesday October 21, 2020 - Certified website

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Your view of things is good and you can rely on it. You will know how to feel the feelings and the ambitions of people, and you will show great foresight in your future actions. Your sixth sense will not often fail you and your opinion will have great value with your friends. Important decisions are coming, and you will take the right course without too much difficulty. Your wisdom will be sought, and people will not be afraid to call on your good judgement to evaluate or settle disputes. You will come to anticipate events (both unfortunate and good) and many people will praise your qualities. You see beyond what is visible and this makes you a person completely apart. You will be increasingly consulted for your advice, because your gift will be recognized. People (especially young people) will be dazzled by your abilities to see everything around you (energy, vibrations, emotions, spirits, the dead, angels, divine presence, etc.) and you will have a privileged place in the heart of people grieved or tested by life. However, do not be discouraged by naysayers, because it is jealousy that is making them talk. Malicious gossip and insults have always been a part of this world, so do not stop at the offenses that people will give you (you have to ignore these people). Of course, you do not possess the absolute truth, and it is certainly not them who will help you to reach it.
A departure is expected in your immediate surroundings. A young woman that you like a lot is about to leave. Even if her goal is not to leave those she loves, her absence will be long lasting. You will certainly be sad, but you will stay in touch. The reasons for her departure are professional (studies, work, healthcare, or other) and have no connection with her social links (family, friends, community, etc.). For her, this is an opportunity to grasp, because that chance will probably not come again. She is thus leaving both happy (for this opportunity) and sad (to leave her family).

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