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By Denis Lapierre - Monday March 01, 2021 - Certified website

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You have given your trust to a person who claims to be in love with you or who claims to have sincere feelings for you. This person is without scruples and he/she is putting on an act for you. His/her thoughts are unhealthy and his/her intentions are reprehensible. He/she deliberately lies to you. You have no future to build with this person. You have to move away from him/her because he/she will only bring you torment and suffering. Warning: This is about a forced real estate transaction (or one that you do not want). This person is determined to make you act against your will. What he/she is offering you is not at all realistic (for you). This person is gifted and persuasive, so you should make no hasty decision (especially not over the phone).
A need leads you to take pleasure in your imagination. You want to leave your repetitive tasks, and create the world rather than suffer by it. You have a taste for adventure, and as long as you stay put you'll be unhappy. Hence you need the support of your close friends, because you're afraid they feel abandoned. Whatever you do, the others will accept your decision and you don't have to worry. Those closest to you love you and they know you well. Do what you want and don't fear criticism, because your family will support you in all that you do. You have a pioneer's personality and they've always known it. As far as they're concerned, not doing what you want would be very unlike you. So you know what you have to do and liberate yourself.
Your memories contain traces of a difficult past (suffering?). A bad period in your life (constricting or unhappy) still regularly haunts and distresses you. Because of this, finding yourself alone with yourself is an ordeal that constantly needs to be overcome. More specifically, you are always searching for an inner peace that has difficultly gaining a foothold in your thoughts (also in your sleep and in your dreams). Your life's journey, however, is now leading you where you want to go and you will undoubtedly reach your goals (especially on the emotional level) (this is only a matter of time). Fellowship is very present in your life and you have the support of people who are dear to you and have all your trust. Do not worry, though, because these famous memories will cease to trouble your thoughts, for your existence now takes you elsewhere. Where you are going, the sky is blue, nature is green and the sun is shining. (Fulfilled love, shared happiness and long-lasting engagement).

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