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Your Fortune Telling - Paradoxical draw

By Denis Lapierre - Sunday August 18, 2019 - Certified website

   Warning: Sometimes you have to read between the lines.   
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A spiritual aid or natural force is looking to guide you or to give you help with a decision or an action. You will feel the need to be accompanied or inspired by this comforting energy and this energy will answer your call. This will happen in accordance with the laws which govern the force’s capacity for intervention between its world and yours. Its presence will be beneficial to you when you need to make choices or act in emotional circumstances. This will involve a romantic relationship, someone in your family or someone very close to you. It concerns a person who you have had difficulty understanding or accommodating. This intervention will lead you towards a better relationship with yourself and to a greater independence (or a liberation) from someone close to you, who is weighing down upon your emotional well-being. All this will occur because things are about to take an increasingly distressing turn and to ensure that you avoid sinking into a world of infernal pain. This protective being will cause you to have an important revelation. It will create a bond with you to lead you down the path of freedom.
A family conflict is becoming increasingly important. This does not concern you directly, but it affects you. It is concerning a person (m/f) who is relatively young and who is spending his/her money in an unreasonable manner. This young person is returning from a trip. He/she is closely connected to a farm, agriculture, botany, horticulture or something else related to nature or to the earth's resources. This young person is hardworking and generous, but lacks maturity. It would appear that someone is abusing their generosity and their naivety. In fact, he/she is squandering all his/her savings to the profit of a dubious individual (probably a person of the opposite sex). One or more of your family members are trying to reason with him/her, but nothing works. The atmosphere is heavy and reaches you. Even if you would like to do something to improve the situation, for the moment you cannot do anything and unfortunately you will have to accept things as they are.
You are receiving messages from everywhere. The people around you have all sorts of different thoughts and ideas and they are all looking to convince you or to advise you in more or less discordant and contradictory ways regarding a milestone event that is currently taking place in your life. Be careful with gossip that may negatively influence you and lead you to making a bad decision. Only you will have to suffer the impacts of what you will do, consequently, you must act according to your personal well-being, now and in the future, instead of based on what other people think is the best thing for you. Others are not in your skin and they will never be in it. What is good for you is not necessarily good for them, and what is good for others may be bad for you. If your existence must change completely, it must be done in your way and not in that of others. There is someone close to you who is older than 40 and who is capable of advising you better than everyone else. You will not have a problem identifying this person if you keep your feet on the ground. Listen and ask questions to him/her, as his/her words are full of wisdom.


You need to seek a greater balance in your relationship with someone else. This person is of the opposite sex and is around your age. He/she is part of your professional environment (work, business, education, justice, healthcare or other) and he/she has a dominant behaviour over you. He/she is authoritarian and he/she seeks to control everything. You shouldn't accept to let yourself be dominated in this manner, since sharing is necessary. You will take a journey or a significant trip with this person and you will then have the chance to know each other better and to be frank towards each other. It is not necessary to confront this person but, rather, to inform him/her of your concerns regarding your relationship. Compromise is possible so don't be afraid of talking to him/her honestly. Don't be intransigent with him/her since he/she is capable of understanding your situation. This person loves you (or appreciates you a lot) and he/she has good intentions, but the problem is that he/she doesn't know how to behave with you. So help him/her and you will do a favour to yourself. Keywords: dialogue, commitment and sincerity.

You are anxious about a project which is in progress. An important point seems to involve a flaw. You will have to review your plans, because your anxiety is justified. This project regards the help you’d like to provide to someone. This person wants to get out of a mess but lacks the willpower to do so. You will have to have a serious discussion with him/her and reach a new understanding in your relationship with him/her. Furthermore, you’ll have to follow the developments of his/her situation and oversee some of his/her upcoming actions which will have a determining impact on the success of your project. You have great creative capacity which you will have to make use of.


A being from the afterlife is trying to communicate with you. This is someone you know well and he/she is perfectly aware of it. This being wants to advise you, help you or simply give you love (or even cure you of an illness or get you out of some trouble). He/she wants you to listen to what he/she has to tell you. You must be more attentive to the messages that reach you. This being has been observing you (and/or watching over you) for some time (or has always been doing so) but does not really succeed in getting into contact with you (concretely or directly). He/she would like to establish a more direct and intimate relationship (or channel of communication) with you, but for this it will be necessary for you to be more open to the signals he/she sends you. He/she knows that you have already received some of his/her messages, but your scepticism prevented you from properly interpreting them. This being is asking you to stop doubting, because he/she knows you are able to hear him/her or to decipher his/her messages. We are not necessarily speaking here about someone you knew on earth (someone deceased) but it is a possibility. Otherwise, and regardless of your religion, it’s certainly a divine entity, angel, saint or something other.

A period of personal retreat is to come. The particular juncture where your love path is taking you will force you to carry solitary actions and to turn inwards until you can better analyze the emotions that will dictate your life. Your mind will be confused by your feelings and you’ll have to isolate yourself from your usual environment for some time. You’ll have a retreat at the personal level, as you’ll have to make a decision or a choice that shouldn’t involve anyone but you. You’ll realize how much your happiness is fragile or uncertain and you’ll have to take the time and make the decisions that will be imposed in order to reinforce it, modify it, or renew it and this will be at the expense of something you hesitate to give up. You’ll have to adapt to an undeniable reality but you refuse to admit or endorse it. An important period of reflection and isolation will thus be essential for you to consolidate the positive aspects of your love life and better shape your path in love.


Love is for you a totally incomprehensible reality. Once day, it gives you immense happiness and the next day it grieves you. You expect a lot from your love life, yet it often requires great sacrifices from you. Even if some things frustrate you, you accept them in order to keep what you have acquired. Social (or moral) pressures are great, and more and more they are what govern your actions and your decisions. In fact, something is changing (unceasingly) against your will. Even if a situation is not desirable, you know that you have to endure it, because no other option (relevant or appropriate) is really open to you. Be careful not to fall into isolation. A decision will have to be taken (or a choice will have to be made). The impact of this decision (or of this choice) will be long lasting (irreversible). Your judgement will be particularly tested. You will have to think first about your long-term future (your personal happiness and love requirements), because when it comes to the coming years, everything will be decided in the coming months, perhaps even in the coming weeks. You want a major change in your life and your decision will have major consequences. You desire “more” from your love life (happiness, pleasure, etc.) so you will have to be logical with yourself.

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Passion, courage
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Passion, courage

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