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Your Fortune Telling - Paradoxical draw

By Denis Lapierre - Thursday August 22, 2019 - Certified website

   Warning: Sometimes you have to read between the lines.   
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An activity, job or task is exhausting you too much. This has already lasted for several weeks (or several months). You need to take some time to rest. You need to relax more. You must not hesitate to accept the loving assistance that is offered to you. You cannot do everything yourself alone, as your burden is too heavy and your stress too great. There are people close to you who are willing to help and take care of you. One person in particular, a person you know well, has the power or ability to relieve you of your constraints. You must have more confidence in him/her. You do have, of course, responsibilities, but you are not alone. Rest a little, someone will take care of you… Do not be afraid, because nobody is going to abandon you…
An old conflict will evolve in your favour. You will discover an adversary’s weak point. A woman (a very close friend) will make you meet a new person who will lead you to see things more clearly in a litigious matter that has never been resolved. This is a question of money, of impulsiveness, and of reprehensible actions. A rival must return an asset to you which he/she acquired from you in bad faith or in an unreasonable fashion. You have made many financial offers to this antagonist but this has not yet resulted in anything concrete. A trip will lead you to make him/her a new offer that he/she will feel the obligation to accept. Be tenacious and you will gain much more than you hope. A truck and a completed work are also part of this prediction.
You will receive a teaching. This will be at the time of a conversation in your professional life, but it will not be especially (or only) about your professional life. A friend (a man) will talk to you about an unusual event. His words will be partly of a spiritual nature and will touch you deeply. This teaching is linked to an experience that he had (or that someone close to him had) in the past. You will be thrown off balance by his testimony. He will speak to you about an incredible incident that was followed by a mysterious manifestation. He will explain to you the lesson or the message that he got from it. This testimony will be very disturbing, so you may become upset. We’re talking here about a divine intervention and a good and generous man.


Someone wants to guide you to make a spiritual apprenticeship. This person thinks that you have abilities that others don’t have and he/she wants to lead you to develop them. He/she wants to be your spiritual guide or a person who is a resource. You met this person very recently. He/she also wants to introduce you to someone else who has more knowledge and greater wisdom than he/she on this subject. It is a person who draws his/her teachings from a document (manuscript, book, writing) that is very old (that has survived the Middle Ages). Keywords: monk, sage, hermit, saint… (Person who has renounced material goods to dedicate him/herself totally to spiritual life).

A young person is lingering greatly on the feelings that you feel for him/her. Your actions and your words are minutely analysed, because he/she is looking to identify the implications that they could contain. In fact, this young person is waiting for, or is hoping for a more-or-less significant declaration of love from you, no matter whether it is direct or veiled. His/her desire is so great that your actions are often clumsily interpreted. His/her youth is in case, and his/her inexperience prevents him/her from having perfectly clear thoughts about you and your situation. This young person venerates you and loves when you talk to him/her, but what you say to him/her is often taken out of proportion in his/her thoughts. Even if you have a lot of affection for this young person, you will have to be careful in your way of acting with him/her. His/her love for you is something that is truly serious, so you will have to understand that you are more than a simple friend for him/her.


You are a person committing yourself 100%. This is why you will succeed in your professional life. You climb the rungs one by one and rarely get discouraged. In order to attain your objectives, you do not count on luck but rather on discipline and perserverance. A women somewhat younger than you will retire from a prestigious position, and you will soon have a new opportunity. You are about to get a proposal which will considerably improve your financial situation. You will be able to undertake significant changes to your existence, above all from a social point of view. A new perspective for your future is opening up on the professional level, and you will have both a better mastery of the projects entrusted to you as well as a higher degree of popularity vis-a-vis your entourage. In short, your work ist about to change radically and very much to your advantage.

A woman, a friend at work, has disturbing intentions. She’s determined to take a very clear action which will have an obvious impact on her relationship with many people who are part of your professional environment. In fact, she’s getting ready to quit (resign from her position, job, etc.) due to the relentlessness of some people to treat her as if she were an inadequate person (who has no future in the company where she works). Although she is a woman who’s always cooperating and helpful to everyone, she’s psychologically devastated by the way people behave with her. The hypocrisy and doubtful ambitions of some people ended up destroying her. Even if you have nothing to reproach yourself for, you will certainly be disturbed by the action she’ll take. This woman is your friend and you will be greatly affected by her decision. Her departure is imminent and it won’t be possible for you to get her to change her plans. She seems to have other projects in her mind and they appear to be very feasible.


There will be a love story, or an existing one will be reinforced, with a young person of the opposite sex. Although your interactions will be quite superficial at the start, they will be persistent and will be definitely evolving. You will take some time to realize this, but an event will force you to take notice. This person loves you or is developing loving feelings for you and you will eventually be confronted with your own feelings for them.

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