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Your Fortune Telling - Paradoxical draw

By Denis Lapierre - Thursday October 24, 2019 - Certified website

   Warning: Sometimes you have to read between the lines.   
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Your activities are stressing you and prevent you from enjoying your achievements. Your professional success speaks for itself and will undoubtedly lead you to a remarkable state of financial security, yet there is a blockage. You are not able to reconcile your professional obligations with your need to relax, let yourself go and escape (a full enjoyment of life). You have everything needed for a happy life, but you do not manage to enjoy what you have gained. Your stress seems to be directly connected to your schedule and/or workload (needs and obligations). You have a good attitude but you feel overwhelmed by your obligations. You have a schedule that is too crowded and in addition you have to make up for delays. You are exposed, therefore, to an anxiety that is unhealthy for you. It is your lifestyle that is at issue here. You do not indeed enjoy your achievements enough, but worse still this has the consequence of making you suffer from a lack of intimacy in your human relationships.
Even though you’re currently in love (reciprocal love), your emotional situation seems difficult. A problem currently affecting you seems serious enough to compromise your happiness with the person you love. This problem stems from someone (m/f) from your recent past who isn’t acting right (or respectfully) with you. This person is frustrated or jealous and is keeping you from blossoming in your current love life. This has to do with someone who wants you exclusively for themselves. They are trying to remove you from the person you love in order to lead you towards them. This situation is out of your control and it’s causing real misunderstandings in your relationship. You have tried making a deal with this person so that they will get out of your life once and for all, yet they continue to compulsively set upon you. This situation is very delicate and you’ll have to show much care so that it doesn’t degenerate. In this case, nothing is easy and firmness is required. However, your inflexibility will have to be extremely restrained because your total and definitive liberation depends completely on the goodwill of others.
A promise will be kept. This is the promise of a warm, and sensitive man of good faith. This man has made (or is about to make) a commitment to you and he will keep his word. Although he is not able to act now, his intentions are honorable and he will not disappoint you. Time will pass, but he will honor his promise. He has great respect for you and he will not betray you. You can trust him, but you must be patient. This man is a perfectionist, so he needs time because he does not want to do anything halfway. A legal paper is also associated with this promise.


You will be rewarded for an effort made in the past. This recognition will bring you abundance, joy and immaterial wealth, and it will be linked in redefining the basis of your life and your goals. In this sense, your inner journey will be more intense and more focused on a spiritual quest. Your changes will be constant, progressive and remarkable, and a woman who is a bit elder to you will accompany you through this. This woman belongs to the Zodiac sign of Cancer and she will have a connection with a man who is known for his kindness and generosity. She will be a messenger for you and she will guide you to the best known way in accessing your spiritual fulfillment. Hidden concepts: land, farm, countryside, river, inexhaustible will, message, Thursday, night, month of September.

You will have a positive encounter with a man of advanced age. This is a man that you do not know yet (or that you do not know very well). This encounter will take place in a park (or near a park). This place is linked to water, or it has water as a theme. As such, either this park is next to the sea or a river, or it has a pretty obvious element that is associated to water (a fountain, a pool of water, or something like this). This man has a lot of life experience and he will speak to you about his past. He is very friendly and will seek to become your friend. He is sincere and you will be able to trust him. He will not become an intimate friend, but with time you will develop great attachment for him (especially because of his advanced age and everything he has lived through). He will predict an event and/or will warn you against something. Pay careful attention to what he will tell you, because he will not be wrong and it will concern you directly.


Someone is observing you. Someone is fixated on you. This person is being discreet and looks away every time you look at them. Your contact takes place in an area of work. There are flowers or plants in this area. These may also be artificial plants or flowers in a painting, etc. Whatever the nature of these plants or flowers, they are highly visible. It is a very tranquil place. The way to this place is less frequently used. Vehicles are forbidden or restricted. If they are permitted, trucks and heavy machinery are certainly not welcome. On the other hand, it is not far from a railway and there are many dogs and cats in the surrounding area.

Someone, a man, keeps contradicting you. He is relatively new in your entourage. He cannot help but argue with you over everything you say. He needs to make himself more attractive and this is the only way he knows how to do it. For you, an important issue needs to be resolved soon, to which end this man absolutely needs to stop talking. He is ridiculing you in front of everybody and this is both embarrassing and annoying. His words are sometimes so astounding that you have to restrain yourself in the face of his attitude. Avoid losing your temper, as he would be unscrupulous and risk hurting you more if you reacted clumsily to his remarks. Continue to keep your calm to fit the image that everyone has had of you for a long time. You are well known and loved as a patient and caring person, and you cannot accept anger into your life. Furthermore, some people around you are not aware of the seriousness of the situation, so you must behave in a manner that won’t disappoint them. Yes, you may respond intelligently to this man’s attacks, but only if you do not stoop to his level, because you are so much better than that.


There will be a significant change in your life. We are talking about a new life or an undoubtedly improved life. This change will lead you to be more creative and to make greater use of your talents. You will have the help or the unconditional support of someone who loves you very much (spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend). You will receive financial assistance to complete a project. This project has to do with a house or a property. It will occupy much of your personal time (leisure, hobbies, entertainment or other). It will make you happier, because it will increase your level of independence and autonomy at the social level. You will be more optimistic about your long-term future. The project will also bring you to meet new people (neighbours, friends, or others). Here, we are talking about a growing happiness and a great pride in connection with your achievements. Your project is solid and it will be a turning point in your life.

Saturday October 26, 2019
Passion, courage
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Battle, victory
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Commitment, perseverance
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Spiritual contact
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Unconditional love
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Unconditional love
Thursday November 07, 2019
Energy, vitality
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Unconditional love

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