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Denis Lapierre

You have everything you need to solve a mystery. A pretty simple ritual will help you concentrate more and it's your experience that will dictate you the right way to work or to behave to achieve your goal. There is a key number in your path and itís the ď7Ē. This number is associated to a pregnant woman or to a young mother who is presently trying to protect her offspring against obsession and/or excessive authority.

You're finding it difficult to follow someone. This person is moving far too quickly in his or her approach. You can't follow this person's rhythm. You're worried about this because you want to accompany this individual, but you continually lose sight of him (her). You're not able to predict what is going to happen next and this is frustrating for you and causes you anxiety. Don't fear anything because this person doesn't want to abandon you. He or she will wait for you.

You are going to have a positive, pleasant and very respectful relationship with a young man (friendly and warm) who has recently come into your circle. Your relationship with this young man will be harmonious, constructive and become permanent. Your personalities complement each other remarkably well, and in this sense, you will be (naturally) inclined to collaborate together to a great extent. Everything that you will do with this young man will result in (or be accompanied by) an honest, frank and very loyal camaraderie. Your have many affinities and you will discover this quite rapidly. The more you become familiar (each of you) with each other the stronger the tie that binds you will become. Here, it is clearly about the birth of a very big and very solid friendship which will last for many years (and probably your entire life).
A desire will be fulfilled. Your efforts will finally be rewarded. Something that you have wanted for a long time is about to happen. For some time, you have been working to realize a dream, and your labors will finally bear fruit. You will get what you have been hoping for. Here, it is a question of means of transport (by road). We are probably speaking about the acquisition of an automobile (car, truck, motorcycle, etc.) More precisely, you are either about to buy a car, or you will take possession of a car (purchase, lease, loan, bequeathing, or other). Otherwise, you might be about to change cars (if you have an old car or a car in bad condition), or you will soon receive your driverís license (or a new driverís license which gives you more possibilities than the one your currently have). In conclusion, no matter the case, distances will now become less burdensome for you. You will now be able to move more freely over long distances, and you will feel closer to places of interest to you (places where you need to go or those where you want to go) and to the people who are important to you.

A sensational event will occur. This event is not clear yet, therefore it could be a multitude of things such as these: a birth, a wedding, a romantic encounter, a college admission, a new job, the purchase of a home or property, etcÖ What is certain is that this event will have a long lasting impact on your life and it will make you extremely happy. It will be a special moment in your life and it will be the occasion of great rejoicing. Weíre talking about something wonderful and memorable. You will be a fulfilled person.

Your social progress has just been modified and is about to take a new direction. The way a new woman close to you is or thinks is forcing you to adopt a change in your usual behavior. Nonetheless, the respect that you have for her is reciprocal and your relation will be established as a great camaraderie. You will therefore have to work to act in another way in front of this woman, as she does not always perceive your actions in the same way you do. On many topics, this woman has a vision of things that is different from yours, and you must therefore learn to know each other well in order to complete each other in your respective tasks. Just like you, this woman is stubborn, and so at the beginning, your mutual approaches will be careful and moderate. Here, it is time which will incite you to build a friendship. You have the same goals and you will have to follow the same road to reach your goals. It is physical proximity (in your social activities) which will take you on the path of a growing friendship. On some subjects, you will probably have quite significant differences of opinions, but paradoxically, it is during these moments that you will learn to know each other and appreciate each other better. As you are both at the same time passionate and demanding of yourselves, a sincere and very effective friendship is bound to arise between you two. What will underscore your relation the most is an extremely strong mutual protection. You will support one another unconditionally and nobody will manage to hurt you individually, because you will always be together to defend and support each other.
An objective demands constant efforts and much humility of you. You do not receive what you deserve, but at least you have what is necessary. Your efforts will be rewarded, but beforehand, you must obey a logic which is not yours and which demands your patience and courage. A man which is around your age has a financial proposal for you. This man is one of your neighbors and his astrological sign is Aries. You must be wary of him because his proposal only aims to dazzle you and make you dependent on him. This offer cannot be concluded in an honest, serious and appropriate way without your two signatures, and in no way does this man have the intention to sign anything in order to guarantee his good faith. A legal paper is definitely necessary to complete an arrangement of this type and you cannot allow yourself to trust uniquely his word. Keywords: sun, ocean, hypnotic, black arts, intelligence, creativity, suspicion, Wednesday afternoon, month of March.

You have the desire to raise yourself up socially and it is your amorous relationship or amorous desire that commands this of you. You have the need to impress and this goes through your rise on the social ladder. You are not totally satisfied with the image that you project presently and you wish to show that you can do better, and especially that you can benefit from greater prestige or from greater social influence. Your search for the sun and your desire to emerge from the shadows shows that you are not taking enough advantage of your image and that you need to create ties (real or symbolic ones) with people who enjoy considerable influence within society. You will reach the fame you seek once these ties are created.

Some heartache has left you in a state of exhaustion. You must recover your strength, for you will end up no longer being able to face reality. Your soul has lost all its energy and your mind is facing extinction under the pressure of recent events. You are currently living a bad dream and you must at all costs overcome your pain. You must rest, for the exhaustion will end up affecting your thoughts and compromising your ability to reason coherently. Your situation can be resolved, but it will only happen with rest and not with your current state of disorder.
Youíll have the opportunity to knock down an adversary. Nonetheless, it wonít do you any good to finish him/her off. Youíll win the conflict or the battle, so do nothing beyond whatís necessary to win, because if not you could also find yourself among the accused. Even if this person dealt you a major blow, you canít take justice into your own hands. Be wise, balanced and accept that you canít get revenge. By doing so youíll honor the human being that you are. Only the divine can fulfill your destiny, so let justice take care of the rest.

A debt, a forgotten royalty, a benefit payment, or an unexpected reward will be paid to you. This is a considerable amount of money, and it will come from a man who is a very close relative of yours. This man has worked for many years to accumulate this sum of money, and he will be very proud to give it to you. He has strong moral values, and his respect for you is unlimited. Even though he does not always show it, he is sensitive, and he often worries about you. He knows that you have long wished to acquire a certain possession that is very important to you, and he will be extremely happy to help you finally fulfill your dream. For several years, you have been his greatest source of motivation for putting money aside, and he, too, will fulfill his dream by giving this money to you. This man has worked hard for you, and if he had to, he would not hesitate for one second to give you everything he owns. He is enormously proud of you and wants you to know it. You have had minor disagreements in the past, and he hopes with all his heart that you have forgiven him (or will forgive him someday).

A sequence of events leads you to learn to catch the money that regularly slips through your fingers. You will receive advice from someone older or more experienced than you in an area that you are having difficulty mastering because of your lack of boldness. You have an almost magical ability to make significant gains with little and you must not hesitate to use it. Following conversations you will have with a knowledgeable person, you will become aware of the extraordinary ability that you possess. You will be able to manage your income and your investments more effectively. Keep your open and agile business mind as you possess in you a key that can open many more doors than you imagine.

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