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Denis Lapierre

You need to devote your energy to better organising your activities. You are very keen, but your planning is deficient. Your spirit of enterprise and your good ideas can take you far, but you must associate with the right people for each of your plans. Everyone has qualifications and limits and you must avoid referring to the same people for all your needs. You must judge the strengths and weaknesses of each. You must be more practical and improvise less. Your sense of curiosity will help you, provided that you remain pragmatic in your judgements and your decisions. A man who is older than you is capable of setting an example and of teaching you this way of doing things. His astrological sign is Leo. In April, you will have a meeting with him about this. This will be on a Monday afternoon. This man is part of your entourage, but you do not yet have a close relationship with him. He has a visible physical wound, handicap or scar. He has advanced qualifications in law and he knows better than anyone how to recover money which is overdue for repayment. He is a very autonomous man where work is concerned and he has a lot to teach you.

A new friendship with a young man is coming or will deepen. This is a young man you frequently see when you go out shopping or to periodically make other, more specific purchases. Or this also might be someone you see regularly in an office, a workshop, a store branch or any other place that runs as a commercial facility. This young man likes teasing, is endearing and always has lots of original ideas running through his head. He is sensitive and is always concerned about you and your well-being when you two meet. He has recently moved and lives near a hospital or a medical clinic (or a business that offers medical service like a pharmacy, laboratory, etc.) You have always impressed this young man and he has much respect for you. An event, a transaction or something else will lead to meet with him outside the usual routine. This will be an unplanned yet interesting and very pleasant encounter. You will get to know each other better and you will discover very specific similarities with each other that will lead to a greater familiarity between the two of you in the future.

A conflict that has been building up for many years is on the verge of ending. This conflict will be resolved following a new event (or a new situation) that will have a determining impact on the issue that is in contention. But be careful, as a definitive understanding with your adversary will not be possible unless you truly wish to put in a major dose of good will. If you want this conflict to be resolved, you will have to accept that the other individual (or entity of whatever kind) will also derive some benefits from your agreement. Be respectful of the equilibrium of forces (natural or supernatural) and you will understand that everything is riding on the “scale” (the Law) of “giving” and “receiving” (last judgment). In other words: good harvests come only from good seeds. Briefly put: you have the right to a well-earned respite, so if you respect this equilibrium, the benefits of your decisions will not be slow to be felt, and this, in a lasting and definitive way.
A young woman is playing a double game with you. She’s very sneaky in her way of acting and she’s not really sincere with you. She advises you so she can take advantage of you and not with the purpose of trying to help you. She says she’s your friend, but in reality, everything is showing she acts as a parasite rather than as a true friend. This young woman is using you for her own advantage. She shows herself to be (falsely) welcoming with you only because you do her favors or because you're generous with her. You need to know that she doesn’t feel anything for you (neither friendship nor love) and that the day you’ll no longer be useful (enough) or profitable (monetarily and/or physically) for her, she will completely let you go without any other explanation. You already had blind faith in her but this must stop. This young woman is making a fool of you and this is becoming more and more obvious.

You will have to intervene or to take a quick (or hurried) decision in reaction to a woman's amorous conduct. This woman is somewhat younger than you and she is of foreign origin (or new in your surroundings.) This event is directly associated to an activity, a hobby or a sport that you do. This woman has her manual dexterity and her talents in sports as her virtues. She has an athletic body (or a body brimming with health.) However, she is proud and stubborn, and she loves disproportionately when she is attracted by someone (not necessarily of the opposite sex.) What she will do (or say) regarding you will be very problematic for you and will create unease. You will have to react in an appropriate manner in order to reestablish the facts, because her acts will rather obviously cause belief in things that are contrary to reality (or which excessively warp reality.)

You will once again find a place, a building, or an object that you have not seen for several years. This is something that has great emotional and personal value for you. This thing concerns someone who passed through your life and that marked you deeply (great mutual love). You have not had any contact with this person for a long time, and you might never see him/her again (on Earth). This person has left your life, leaving you with an emotional injury that is very hard to bear. You took a lot of time to heal from this separation. This departure was very heartbreaking for you, but at least you know that this person did not leave you for someone else. On the contrary, he/she needed to isolate him/herself to do some self-analysis. This is someone who lives in a rather solitary way (internally) and who shares his/her feelings (his/her sorrows and anxieties) only very little. His/her professional life (person who helps others) predominates over his love life, and it will remain so forever. This person has a philosophy of life in which collective happiness prevails over individual happiness, so that his/her personal happiness is not his/her goal in life, and never will be. This person might have passed away (or might be a celestial creature), but not necessarily, and nothing indicates this with certitude. Despite his/her departure, you must know that he/she has never forgotten you and that he/she will never forget you (no matter whether he/she is here on Earth or in the afterlife). This person still loves you (intensely) and still often thinks of you, but he/she must continue his/her journey, because the divine has willed it so.
A person close to you is (or is becoming) prey to overwork. This is a woman who is younger than you. You have a lot of affection for her. She is a part of your inner circle. She works too much and she is living with great anxiety. People ask her to, or recommend her to work less and to slow down her life’s pace, but she doesn’t want to hear anything. This woman is faced with important financial problems, and this is why she insists on wearing herself out (physically and mentally) in order to avoid a meltdown. For the moment, her determination to her task is ensuring financial balance for her, but this balance is extremely precarious and it is only temporary. This woman is on the verge of exhaustion and her health is decaying. She will not be able to maintain this pace indefinitely, because it is too much for her. Her psychological balance is seriously compromised as well. This woman must absolutely rest, because she is going straight towards hospitalization or a (long) forced absence from work.

You regret a decision, but now it's too late to go back. You’d rather withdraw from a project than continue. However, this project still interests you, even if you're currently pessimistic about your chances of success. You have chosen to abandon it, but your decision upsets you. Still, someone will try to convince you to continue your journey. This person is a friend (male) that you do not know very well. He has information that could help you. He feels your sadness and believes you can achieve your dream. He is someone for whom you have already provided a service or helped in the past. He has the means to help you and is sincere. Listen well, because his arguments are strong enough to make you change your mind.

You will receive a positive response to a professional, administrative or legal request. Your earnestness has been noted and a person with decision-making authority wants to help you. This person will even guide you to assure that you achieve the goals of your project. Your enthusiasm will pay off. You will take advantage of a business opportunity and your good judgement will lead you to financial gain.
You will have a disappointing encounter or discussion with a man. You don’t know this man right now, or you don’t know him very well. He is someone you will never be able to count on and with whom you’ll have a hard time maintaining a loyal friendship. This man will edge into your close environment and will become a member of your regular acquaintances. You’ll then have to be perceptive about what he does and clairvoyant about his thoughts and plans. This man has the potential for creating problems for you and it is obvious that he will be the source of great aggravation for you. What’s more, he never says what he really thinks and he shows no shame in denying his mistakes and lying whenever he needs to save face. Be careful not to trust his word because you may be greatly disappointed. Above all, don’t expect anything from him as far as tasks or goals required as part of group work or a need for mutual help within your circle of acquaintances, and you will get along must better. Furthermore, this man has great sexual urges to satisfy and because of this, he spreads suffering all around him. His sense of morality is virtually non-existent, so that those he has intimate relations with are condemned upfront to endure torment and unending sorrow.

A new financial opportunity, acquisition or investment will come to you. You will be given a bold offer or a very good deal is possible if you keep a sharp mind and if you exercise great caution with one or certain people. A sweet deal is within reach but will involve an ambush or deception to get you to roll out or hustle money or goods. However, if you’re cautious and intelligent, you will see that you'll be able to beat the trap set for you and benefit anyway, against everyone, the situation or circumstances facing you. Careful, because even if the person behind this trickery makes an error in your favour, it will not take risks lightly, and will be very careful and clever. Someone will try to get rich on your account or take advantage of you, but if you look closely at all aspects of the proposal made to you and if you properly handle the situation and/or persons involved, you will realize that it's you who will be able to have the most benefit over the others.

You have made enormous efforts to improve the situation, but unfortunately, nothing has changed. It’s better that you order your life because you are about to make great changes. These changes are inevitable, so it would be better to plan your actions in a coherent manner that makes sense to others. In fact, if those close to you don’t understand you, they simply won’t support you. Nothing can prevent you from reaching your goal, but you have to avoid hurting those who love you best. A woman in your work environment will interact with you about this. This woman was born under the astrological sign Cancer and she wants to listen to what you have to say. She is ready and waiting and you can confide in her. Key words : be frank, divorce, paper bills, love, rebellion, deception, balance, release, Sunday, night, March.

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