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Denis Lapierre

Someone seeks to get rid of his or her goods. He/she has a multitude of things that he/she would like to sell or give away. He/she is preparing to depart for a faraway place and he/she cannot take it all with him/her. Some of the objects are worth a great deal and he/she is looking to give them to a trustworthy person whom they know will take care of them. More specifically, he/she has a book of inestimable value and he/she intends to offer it to you as a gift. This book may reveal to you great truths about certain secrets of the past.

Your life is followed closely by a person (m/f) from your close associations. This person secretly envies you and would like to live in your place or become more intimate with you. He/she envies your situation and would willingly exchange his/her social or professional position for yours. Even if everything is not perfect, you seem to possess what this person is looking for. Your decisions and actions please him/her and greatly foster his/her daily direction. This is a proud person, but when he/she compares himself/herself with you, he/she forgets his/her pride to better hold you in esteem. He/she recognizes in you his/her psychological strength and builds his/her life within your shadow. His/her habits are related to yours and most of his/her initiatives are inspired by what you bring to him/her day after day. His/her maturity depends, therefore, on your state of consciousness and you can even lead him/her to surpass your knowledge.

A situation is taking long to get settled at the professional level. This is an issue of a financial nature. Things are rather complex and you'll have to parley or argue with several people at the same time to be able to reach an agreement that satisfies you. You will gain the support of someone (1) that you don't know but you'll also be confronted to a person (2) with bad faith. This person (2) is cold, opportunistic and throws wrenches in your works. You'll therefore have to demonstrate your honesty, your solvency or your loyalty to a third person (3) who has a greater power of decision and who is able to impose his/her decisions on the first two people. You'll have to take several trips to reach your goals The places where you'll have to go are in completely different places and very far from one another within the same city (or cities that are more or less near one another).
You must react to a situation if you want to reach a positive and satisfactory solution, when faced with the situation you've plunged into and which you cannot get yourself out of. Detaching yourself is not an option here, because you're a prisoner of the situation. An improvement is only possible if you react. You cannot be indifferent or unstirred. You must take things in hand. If you don't you'll get yourself even more bogged down, and you risk dragging someone you love down with you. If you don't delay too much you'll receive something. Hidden concepts: animal, mountain, money, ambition, authority, impatience, balance, independence, embarrassment, hesitation, woman (friend) whose star sign is Pisces, Friday, morning, month of September.

You will receive a gift. It will be a resource and you will have to put it to good use. Careful not to undervalue or waste this gift, because it is closely linked to entertainment and games. It has great value, but it can be squandered, worn or exhausted easily (or quickly) if you donít learn to use it intelligently. This gift comes from a man about your age. Your connection with him is of a commercial nature. This man is associated with a factory or a manufacture. He is down to earth, has a very balanced spirit and he has a great mastery of common things in life. You have already worked with him and your relationship was harmonious.

You will receive a positive response to a professional, administrative or legal request. Your earnestness has been noted and a person with decision-making authority wants to help you. This person will even guide you to assure that you achieve the goals of your project. Your enthusiasm will pay off. You will take advantage of a business opportunity and your good judgement will lead you to financial gain.
You must beware of two different people who may lead you into the same sequence of detrimental events by their respective ways of interacting with you. The first one determinedly seeks to impose their own views onto you, and the second one pretends to listen to and understand you, when in reality they have no idea of what you expect from them.

You have an invitation to make. You do not yet know how to do it, but you will have to do it. This person (m/f) bothers or intimidates you because of his/her great charisma and above all, you do not want to disappoint him/her. It may also be that you have not yet been introduced to this person, which would complicate things. Be careful not to surprise him/her, because this might make him/her uncomfortable and quickly lead to a refusal on his/her part. It is useless to try to impress him/her, because he/she does not let him/herself be impressed. Take your time, but go straight for the target. This person is very organized in everyday life, therefore nothing should be rushed. Prepare him/her for your request and a positive reply will be much more likely than if you take him/her by surprise.

Someone is going to make you a proposition or suggestion with the aim of getting you to take a more active part in an activity that does not come altogether naturally to you, but that could additionally benefit your adjustment (social, recreational, sports or volunteer) in your current milieu. A series of successive changes are expectable in the things you do for relaxation and your routine intending to distract or amuse you and this will call upon you to take a direction that could turn out to be quite different. Evidently, a person who has influence on you will succeed in leading you to territories that are unfamiliar to you. As a result of his/her intervention, the desire that you have had more and more frequently to venture beyond your comfort zone will reach its culmination. It is clear that a project will have to become totally realized in order for you to really feel good about yourself. Moreover, it is quite striking to learn to what extent you are determined to experience such moments that will leave an imprint on you for a long time. As a result, this proposition or suggestion that someone is going to make to you will become a starting point for you. Very clearly, it indicates that it will set off a series of events and that these events will lead you to go beyond yourself. Hence, you should soon expect to be experiencing some of the most (positively) memorable moments of your life.

A problem stands before you and could impede the achievement of one of your projects that you take very much to heart. This problem is linked to a person in your inner circle (family or circle of friends.) This is a person who is about your age and whom you have known for a long time. This is someone with whom you get along well for leisure, but when it comes to serious questions, you had better not confide in him. This person has his athlletic skills and his great sense of competition as particularities. However, he/she is independent and vindictive. In addition, many of his/her actions are based on pure and simple jealousy. You will have a financial disagreement with him/her. This person will impose a payment or an advance on you for a service which, ultimately, will not take place. Nonetheless, if this service were to take place, it would either only take place partially, or this person would ask you for a lot of money. You should make an agreement with someone else to get what you seek. Another person (more professional and experienced) is able to come to your aid and he/she will be able to do so in a way that will correspond much more to your expectations. In short, the agreement that you are able to conclude with a member of your family (or circle of friends) will not satisfy you. Even if it is someone that you like, you need to avoid any dealings with him/her. In this case, friendship and business do not mix.

You ask why this injustice happened. Yet, the way you behave allowed this injustice to become part of your life. You have to understand that everything related to your happiness is determined more by your actions than by those of other people. Your past plays a big part, and you must take responsibility for your actions and for your life. Youíve always known what you had to do, but you often behaved otherwise. Not all events are decisive, but you must learn to act appropriately when you are confronted with important situations. Your future depends on it. You will soon come into contact with a younger man. This man is known to you through your business circles and his star sign is Aries. He is influential but dishonest. Youíll be warned against being reckless. You must be cautious in business. Key words: camp, stream, haemorrhage, escape, selfishness, poor use of funds, taking stock, Saturday morning, the month of June.
The knowledge that you have acquired will be profitable for you. There will be balance and harmony between your decisions and your actions. You are entering an era of splendor, and everything will go well for you. Your knowledge will allow you to understand the inner workings of things and the results that will be necessary for you to realize a dream. You will be able to make your assets turn a profit for you. There will be relationships and exchanges. Dialogue will be essential, and it will enrich or consolidate your existing links. You will be able to find similarities between things that are fundamentally different and you will mange to prove that you are very creative in your initiatives that are aimed at establishing your dominance over your rivals. It is certain that you have had to work for a long time to get there, and you will be greatly rewarded. Whether you are isolated in a hidden corner or at the head of a group in the midst of chaos, you will find a way to exercise your power, and do it very intelligently.

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