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By Denis Lapierre - Personal website

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You are drawn by an extraordinary achievement. Your ideas seem to be contradictory, yet they connect in a way that is difficult to put into words. Their apparent opposition is fascinating and makes them even more remarkable. Even if others do not understand your goals, you should not doubt their feasibility. Your dreams may be grand but they can be achieved. You have a great will and you should not let yourself be discouraged by people who do not believe in your potential. You are stronger than them and you should ignore them. Your place is above them, far above in a place of prodigious creation that they are not aware of but that you have the ability to reach. Do not be afraid of your power, for it was given to you by a very great supernatural entity, capable of annihilating all of your enemies with its will alone. You are protected by forces beyond this world and you are a beloved creature. Key concepts: park, flowers, traffic, walkers, kindness, sincerity, perfection, supernatural woman, feeling, forthcoming change, bravery, emotional shock, anxiety, purity, astrological sign of Aquarius, great achievement, divinity, Friday, night, month of May.

You'll be invited to a womanís place. She is younger than you and it will be the first time you meet her. This is a talented and insightful woman. You would have loved to have met her before, but the situation never favored such meeting. In fact, you were too busy and this woman was not available either. This woman is warm, but a little wary with strangers. You will see her for a service or advice. This woman can infer many true things about you, all in a very short time with minimal information and great precision. She has an ability to infer and reason that is beyond comprehension. This ability is very similar to clairvoyance or a paranormal ability. This womanís sensory acuity is so great that she can often serve as a messenger or conduit for entities from the afterlife without even realizing it.

A project will be delayed or canceled. It will be a ground-based trip (car, bus, train etc.) This is due to a new encounter that you will have or a new request that will be submitted to you. The person involved is young and is coming from (or originally comes from) far away. Youíll have to satisfy this young person before leaving. In this case, weíre really talking about art, creation and inspiration. There is harmony between the two of you but this person is suffering from a recent and persistent sorrow. They must rediscover their family ties and re-establish their self-confidence. There has surely been a birth of a child and this person has been confused by these events. Youíll have to be upstanding, but youíll still have to avoid taking on a commitment for them because the situation is too uncertain and you might make yourself a prisoner to their problems. Yes, youíll be able to help this young person, but donít promise anything and donít get stuck too much in your relationship with them, because your own wellbeing may be compromised. Be patient and confident, and time will solve many things. Your devotion is not the most appropriate answer to this situation. Rather, you should use your reasoning. Donít wrongly spend your energy because you may get lost as well. This person needs more to be oriented that to be helped. So be professional in everything you do and this person will remain loyal and will get out it wonderfully well.
Staying in good physical shape has top priority. You need to eat well and carefully maintain your health. A woman is worried about you. This person is a friend who is part of your circle of acquaintances but is not closely connected with you. This woman has a special relationship with ships, rivers and boating. By nature she is a gentle and very trustworthy individual. She is someone with an independent mind and she is especially drawn to the occult sciences (as a hobby). She would really love to see you, because she has a premonition that things are not going altogether well with your health. This woman is hypersensitive and you would do well to agree to meet with her. She wants to speak with you Ė she has some fears in connection with you.

A friend, a woman about your age, will make herself enormously helpful or will give you a very precious service. This woman wants to help you through a difficulty in your love life. (A present or future event.) More concretely, a person who believes that he/she can dominate you on the amorous level brings you more anxiety and fear than actual love. Be careful not to argue with him/her, because this would only make things worse. This person is scrupulous, impatient, infuriating, and he/she does not accept any wrongdoing on your part with respect to the relationship that he/she wants to have with you. This is someone who is comfortable financially and who thinks that he/she can have anything he/she wants with his/her money. This person has against him/her his/her indifference and nonchalance towards the suffering of others, and he/she can be verbally or psychologically (or sometimes physically) violent when frustration becomes too great in his/her mind. Thankfully, this person is only passing through your life, because he/she will not be able to take control over you. Your female friend will help you overcome your ordeal and her support throughout this whole affair will be unwavering. She will help you make enlightened decisions regarding this person's abuses and her friendship will clearly be invaluable.

An emotional connection that you have with someone close to you is evolving in an embarrassing or inappropriate way and this is not your wish. An individual wants more (of you) than you are inclined to offer him/her (or give him/her). This situation is making you uncomfortable and you seriously wish that the whole thing would stop as quickly as possible. Your relations with this individual are becoming more and more intense, and you would really like to simplify them. You will need to speak sincerely with him/her but with great delicacy, for despite everything, this is an individual (generally speaking) that you appreciate a lot. Yes, you are going to have to let him/her know the limits of your feelings (or your comfort zone), but this is not going to be an easy thing to do. You donít want to injure this individual or cause him/her distress, but you are going to have to be realistic, as this is doubtless going to have some consequences. You will need to be coherent with yourself and not allow any ambiguity to come between the two of you. You will gain nothing by pleasing the other person if this encumbers you or goes against your deepest wishes. So itís going to be up to you to choose the right words, the right way and the best moment to talk to him/her. Above all, despite all the regard you have for this individual, donít do anything or consent to anything with him/her that you donít want to do or that you could end up regretting in the long run.
You are alarmed by something; something is scaring you. Nevertheless, it's only the end of a cycle that's being presented to you, and not a dead end. You're in a transitional period of your life and the unknown frightens you. More specifically, during this transformation no unfavourable outcomes are anticipated. You must let yourself be carried by the wave; don't try to struggle against the current. This wave will carry you to a new world which will bring you new challenges but also a new prosperity. Of course, some people are going to have to put up with the change taking place in your life, but you must continue on your own path and not that of others. Don't be afraid for your future, as fate still holds a breath of fresh air and some exoticism for you, which you need to continue to be happy. Your life must be renewed, and it will be.

Your past (your youth) left heavy traces in your subconscious and you act according to experiences that have hurt you. You tend to continually re-live the same emotions and they haunt you for a really long time. You sometimes try to take on new challenges, but the challenges always seem very large to you. All this is caused by very deep wounds that you carry within you. Many people support you and want whatís best for you, but you do not realize how much you are loved. If you have not already done this, you will have to grow a bit more within your community and entrust yourself more to the people you love. You have an extraordinarily radiant future, but you do not see it, because you still have not learned to "really" take yourself by the hand (from the spiritual point of view). Here, you're not a flower that is tended to with much trouble by its gardener, but a fruit tree that will give all its life. Did you know that? In addition, you are growing in the middle of a field that owes all its splendor to Mother Nature (or to the Supreme Being). Your destiny is to develop yourself in the largest and most beautiful gardens of the world, then it should not take too long to open up to all the splendor. It is revealed to you that you have to plan your life due to of eternal life. You're a fruit tree and you will produce splendid fruit. You will not keep these fruits, you will give them, because that is the nature of the fruit tree. You have won (and you will win) the love of many people and you will be revered both on Earth and in the Hereafter. You may well continue to doubt if your heart tells you to, but in the afterlife everything is certain and that is where your true destiny lies.

You will receive a gift. It will be a resource and you will have to put it to good use. Careful not to undervalue or waste this gift, because it is closely linked to entertainment and games. It has great value, but it can be squandered, worn or exhausted easily (or quickly) if you donít learn to use it intelligently. This gift comes from a man about your age. Your connection with him is of a commercial nature. This man is associated with a factory or a manufacture. He is down to earth, has a very balanced spirit and he has a great mastery of common things in life. You have already worked with him and your relationship was harmonious.
An accidental event without much importance brought you some problems (or complications) at the professional level (work, business, studies, justice, health care or other). In fact, itís a very common event that is without real consequences. However, a person of your entourage has given a very quick judgment on you (very questionable judgment or undeserved). This is a person who dramatizes everything (amplifies the problems). This is a young man whoís trying to demean you (ruin your image). Heís not your friend and actually he never will be. He obviously has some personal or professional reasons (probably unjustified) for wanting to degrade you in the eyes of people, and when he can take advantage, he doesnít hesitate to speak against you (behind your back). Therefore, you must be wary of him. You have something in your personality that brings you success and that bothers him. In fact, he is jealous of you (of your personal qualities). More precisely, he doesnít criticize you because you do something wrong but because you succeed better than he does in everything (or almost, but especially at the professional level). Therefore you have to be careful of what you do (or say) in his presence, as he seeks (and will be seeking) every opportunity to catch you at fault (especially in front of other people). You need to ignore him as much as possible, because you have nothing to gain by confronting him. This young man has a vicious tongue and he doesnít deserve you lingering on what he says, even if it can sometimes be hurtful (or quite unpleasant). In short, be yourself and do not change anything in your way of being and doing because people love you this way. You're somebody very appreciated in your environment and there is no doubt that by remaining yourself youíll earn (or will keep) the esteem of people who have a (much) more important place (than his) in your life.

A thing was forgotten or lost several years ago. This thing is still accessible, but you donít know where it is or how to find it. It is in a secret location near a plant or a factory. Thereís a river not far away. Youíve worked in this industry before. Itís a very well-kept place with a flower garden. The thing weíre discussing here is a gift you received a long time ago. You will find it soon. But be careful, because this gift is not necessarily a material object, or its value is probably not material. Think hard, because you are the only one who knows what this thing is.

You will receive money. You will be rewarded for your efforts. It will be a surprising amount of money and you will be able to free yourself from a debt. This money will come from a man who is around your age whose astrological sign is Sagittarius. Hidden concepts: stream, pedestrianized circulation, wisdom, courtesy, profitable trust, honest sentiments, trip, judge, divorce, Saturday, night, month of January.

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