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Denis Lapierre

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Your actions and decisions are sensible, and as a consequence, your work and your investments will pay off for you. Your life will be a success and your determination will bear fruit. You will achieve this prosperity in part thanks to a man who is older than you who is part of your circle. This man carries a physical injury, handicap or permanent scar. His confidence in you is very great. This man is frank and very direct. So you should take care not to disappoint him as he is counting on you. Never forget him, for he will have a major impact on your life. You will be indebted to him for a gesture that will transform you profoundly (internally, psychologically, spiritually or otherwise).

You will win a great victory. This victory will be closely linked to your love life and to your enjoyment of life in general. You will have to be intuitive and make a quick decision. You will prepare yourself for some bad news, but events will take a completely opposite course. It will have something to do with beauty and love, but also with money and art. In space-time, these events will take place shortly after a funeral you will attend. From that moment on, you will clearly enter into a period of abundance in your life. This abundance is primarily on an emotional level. Gentleness, tenderness and joy await you and will permanently take hold in your everyday life. You will reap what you sow, i.e. the instinct of happiness and satisfaction of a finished piece of work.

A fundamental element indicates that you arenít taking sufficient care of your health or else that something in your life or in your environment is harmful to your health. If the problem is coming from you, then maybe itís because you are asking more of your body than it can give you. If itís something in your life or your environment, you need to take the situation more seriously. Whatever it may be, you are exhausting yourself more than you are resting (you are wearing down). Your body is asking you to listen and you should pay attention, because if you donít, you risk becoming ill or becoming overtired (burnout, depression or the like). You need to take more time to relax or exercise (cardio, recreation or such) and to take care of yourself. You also need to understand that you have to pay as much attention to your psychological health as your physical health, since the two go hand in hand. Thus, it seems that you need to change something in your daily routines, since things are out of kilter in some way. So you should think more than ever of adopting a healthy lifestyle (or improving your living conditions), since the harbinger signs are pointing that way.
A rivalry will confront you and you will have to show firmness and self-confidence in your interactions with a woman. This woman is known for her unfaithfulness and lack of concern about her sexual mores. Regarding her personality, she is perpetually dissatisfied with her relationships with others. She often uses her talents as an actress to trick even her closest friends. You must avoid allowing yourself to get offended by her words and her nasty comments because she has a forked tongue and she is malicious and has a sick egoism toward those who she envies. Despite her attacks against you, you will have no reason for reproach because it is only her arrogance and covetousness toward others which will be called into question. Donít let yourself be intimidated by her accusing propositions. Her lies will be numerous but they will not upset people of good faith and good judgment. Donít be afraid to be reckless in confronting this woman, because few people will doubt your honesty. Your integrity will not be called into question, because she will be recognized by all.

Someone has an offer to make you. It is a very tempting offer. This person is looking to get closer to you. He/she wants to establish a romantic relationship with you. What he/she has to offer you can bring you a lot in the short term (financially). Here, it is about someone that you do not know very well (vague or indirect acquaintance). This is someone who is ambitious and impulsive. For some time, luck has been smiling on everything (or almost everything) he/she does. However, despite his/her great knowledge of business, this person takes big risks. His/her investments are made with excessive speculation, and his/her financial situation is becoming increasingly precarious. Therefore, be careful. You will have to avoid too much engagement with this person, because he/she only plans his/her future in the short term and he/she does not protect him/herself sufficiently in the long term. His/her bad investments (because there are always some with excessive speculation) will eventually catch up to him/her. Do not let yourself be captivated by his/her promises, because in his/her case, the present is really not a guarantee of the future. His/her greed is harmful to him/her and it will cause his/her decline.

Youíre in a remarkable period of evolution. Many things are progressing in your life. The developments are numerous and more and more favourable. The transformations that youíre currently living are so important that youíll have to take the time to take root on solid bases so as to not let yourself be surprised by the events. Youíre strong enough to withstand everything that is imposed on you but, to really benefit from your new opportunities, youíll need to create new links. Many things have always had an observable influence on you but, from now on, youíll need to get rid of the superfluous and keep only what will have real importance in your future existence. A new cycle begins in your life but, before going too far, make sure to realize that there are lessons to be learnt from your recent past.
An episode from your past still haunts your mind. You will have to show an increased sense of realism in order to cope with the new reality in which you live. Your life changed, and you have to free your conscience from a thought which no longer has a place in your mind. This is about a person with whom you had an amorous (or carnal) relationship. This relationship was probably short-lived. It was likely a temporary adventure that stopped very quickly, but that you would have liked to have been able to prolong. This could be explained by the fact that you currently feel abandoned in your love life. To regain its mental balance, your mind seems to be trying to bring you back to times in your life that were rich in emotions and which gave you intense nourishment on an emotional level. Your youth (or the early beginnings of your adult life) is probably the central point from which these thoughts originate. This time was for you the time of great loves, and of the discovery of your needs. In a short time, somebody surely managed to fill your needs completely. However, this person has not been a part of your life for a long time. As such, you must not live in regrets. Major changes are still to come, and your future has still much to bring you. The message that is sent to you here is to leave nostalgia behind. It must not run your life. You need to turn towards your dreams. Yes, you will attain abundance on an emotional level, but only if you understand that everything is in front of you, and not behind you. The best part of your life is still to come. Be careful then not to confuse a "great love" with "true love." Your great love has probably passed, but true love is still to come. Search for it and you will find it. Look in the right direction, and you will see that it is not so far away.

A young man (possibly a child or a teen) will let you know about strange news. Youíll have to make a decision about this unusual fact and youíll be very surprised that this situation forces you to take action. This event doesnít concern you directly, but you wonít have the choice but to take action because something important will be at stake. It has to do with a woman in your circle of friends who is experiencing suffering because of her excessive stubbornness in always looking for perfection in everything she does and in everything she expects from others. Since she cannot reach certain, very specific and unreasonable goals she has set for herself, this woman has come to underestimate herself and has a great lack of confidence in herself and in the future in store for her. As a result, she feels defeated and disheartened. She therefore will need special help to regain control and to start off fresh. Also, be careful of this womanís stress level because it may be very high and it may lead her to have extremely worrying thoughts. The young man who will tell you about this news is closely linked to this woman and it is advisable that you listen to him well so that you can react in the best way possible to this situation. Donít take initiatives lightly without consulting this young man because he is the key person in the action youíll have to make.

A person is unworthy to be part of a group or community. This person will be disowned, rejected, dismissed, banished, or imprisoned. This event is also linked to a letter which was sent by the post (or email). Something abnormal happened with this letter. Either the person that received it was not able to respond, or that the letter has fallen into the hands of a person other than the real addressee. It is here probably a question of ordinary fraud or a disgraceful or pernicious act toward a person.
You lived through a stressful event and its unhealthy events are slow to dissapear for you. You will have the support of a young man who will be very concerned by your situation. Even if his actions will not be very relevant, you will appreciate them enormously. This young man has a lot of importance for you, and it is mainly this which will enable you to find the energy that you will require to overcome your trial. This is a young man who is always very honest with you and who often comes to you with incredibly original ideas in the hopes of convincing you to embark on all kinds of projects or adventures with him. He really wants to help you, but he cannot find the right word or the right act for you. However, he is persistent, and despite repeated failures, you will be quite surprised with his determination and hiss dedication to your trial. Here it is a question of a turnaround of situation. This young man will make so many wasted efforts for you that you will be the one who will end up consoling him. This change will bring a great life lesson to you. You will come out of it greater, and your bitterness regarding the recent events will fade to make room to a great heroism for those that you love and the values to which you adhere. Psychologically, you are much stronger than you think and, all throughout your life, it is thanks to moments like this that you will discover it.

Your love life is directly linked to your financial situation. A change on the financial level will be favourable to your love life. You will soon benefit from some extra income which will allow you to optimise or reorient your approach to love. You will have more confidence in your capabilities and you will no longer fear failure. The more you will improve your financial situation, the more you will be able to strengthen your relationship with the person that you love. Currently, your financial situation brings you to take risks that are not compatible with your love life. It brings uncertainty and it forces you to show too much temerity with regards to your future plans. You have to reassure your loved one, because he/she needs to know that you have a greater financial stability in order to feel good with you. Your financial health will soon improve and you will have to take this into account. Take this opportunity to show that you are really serious with regards to your future plans and you will allow the other to discover (or rediscover) the real person that you are.

You need to restore the balance of power that there should normally be between you and a person (m/f) close to you (at the social or professional level). You are in a weak position in relation to this person and this could prove to be more and more frustrating over time. Ideally, itís advisable to solve this situation, otherwise it could continue indefinitely. Even if there is no apparent emergency, a heavy discomfort (especially for you) is about to settle in between the two of you. The context is both unfavorable and annoying for you, therefore itís better to solve the situation as soon as possible before a hierarchy of power settles in durably and formally between you two and you actually and against your will find yourself in a position of permanent subordination to this person. Logically (and officially), you donít have to subject yourself to the orders of this person (or his/her demands), so it would be advisable that you assert yourself more in relation to him/her.

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Denis Lapierre (2) Copyright © 2014

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