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Denis Lapierre

You will have to make an important decision regarding an aged man who is one of your close relatives. This man currently lives with a lady, but this lady does not, or no longer has, either the health or the means to take care of him or help him. Here, it is a question of two seniors who have been together for many years. The man is now facing health complications of all sorts, and the woman has difficulty containing her emotions with regards to her inability to take things in hand. You are very attached to this old couple (great affection) and obviously you are not insensible to their difficulties. What is certain is that you have always been there for them, and you will continue to be. You love these people deeply and everything that they are living is for you also a trial for you to go through. Certainly, the right decisions are becoming increasingly difficult to make, but there comes a time when they have to be taken. Do not doubt yourself, because you are doing your best, and everybody knows it.

A favorable financial turn of events is coming in the next few months. It has to do with a man who is younger than you with whom youíll reach a real estate agreement. It will be a building you do not live in. Itís clearly a business, a commercial building or an investment in a business. A large sum of money is at stake and very technical discussion will take place. Your caution in business will make you further appreciate this project being carried out. This process will entail very little risk and youíll be able to make an enlightened decision quickly. This investment has sentimental value for you because itís tightly linked to a childhood dream that you have held for a long time. A legal document will be signed and great pride will take hold of you. Water has special significance here. A river, stream, a lake or something else having to do symbolically with water is closely associated to this event. Water is abundant and decisive.

An audacious business opportunity will be given to you. Important monetary income will be promised to you if you involve yourself financially in a project. The sum that you will have to invest will be considerable and a bank loan will probably be necessary. Be careful, because this process is clearly (and from the start) destined to fail. Benefits will not be forthcoming and nobody will be there to return your money or to give you intelligent explanations regarding what did not work. This business is suspicious and everything rests on unrealistic expectations (fictional or fanciful). No credible market study was conducted and no real competent person was consulted or is associated with it. If you invest in this enterprise, you will certainly lose a large amount of money. In short, this opportunity has all the characteristics of a scam rather than a real business transaction. Yes, if you fall in this trap, you will quickly impoverish yourself, and in an irreversible manner. This offer will come from a man who is approximately your age. He will be introduced to you by someone in your surroundings. He has against him his hypocrisy and dishonest thoughts. Watch out, because he perseveres and is convincing. Once he has fleeced you, he will disappear.
Someone is seeking to get closer to you. This person is very attracted by you. It is someone intelligent and very cultured. This person is part of your professional circle (work or other). His/her mind is often turned towards spirituality. He/she is good company. This person is seduced both by your physical beauty and by your personality. The notion of physical beauty here is relative to what this person likes, and not to what society judges. You are exactly what he/she is looking for in the area of love and you please him/her enormously. For him/her, you have a fascinating and irresistible charm. You are older than him/her, but this is of no importance in his/her eyes.

You are going to travel across an ocean. You will go visit a sick friend in a different continent. You will take this trip with your partner or an intimate friend. This trip will bring you closer to the person you love.

A rumour is spreading through your entourage. A situation is confusing and too complex to be quickly analysed (or assessed). Even if, for the moment, nothing seems alarming, you will eventually have to get to the bottom of things if you wish to continue making progress in your personal path and avoid being held down by a context seeking to establish itself and over which you practically have no control. Information you will soon get (from a reliable source) will be very useful to you and help you to better understand what is happening. It has a direct connection with the current situation and it will allow you to unravel the truth from the lies. In this case, people talk a lot and many hypothesis have been put forward but no one really seems to know what it is really all about. Look for the truth in every detail as it will be essential for you to understand the issues well and to be able to make informed decisions (if necessary). Do not rely too much on chatter as it is plentiful and is based more on perceptions (or illusions) than on actual facts.
You need more comfort and you will have to spend money to fill this need. A need is arising and you must stop depriving yourself. Your requirements are proportionate with your means and you must not be afraid buy yourself a small luxury. You will have no peace of mind as long as you do not address this need. You have always worked hard to maintain your standard of living, so do not deprive yourself of what you deserve.

The stubbornness, lack of understanding or harebrained ideas from someone close to you will cause you to take a break from your friendship with him/her. This will create a rift between the two of you for a while. This person, with whom you share a great camaraderie, will indulge in immature thoughts or actions which you really cannot condone. You will limit your contact with him/her until he/she comes back down to earth. You both have opposing points of view or opinions regarding a specific topic and you must keep the situation from worsening by pulling back for some time.

Major winds of change are to be expected in how you perceive the things that are most important to you. You are going through a period of great internal upheaval. Your ideas, your thoughts and your aspirations are changing, and this goes right down to the very foundation of your ideology about the meaning of human life and the reasons that have led you to find yourself in the place where you are today. This means that major changes will be happening as a result of the soul-searching that you will undertake, and that the force of circumstance has forced upon you. You will be revaluating your priorities and you will be rethinking most elements of your current life. Seen from the current perspective, your future does not appear to ensure what you are really seeking in the future and this is why you are exploring and analyzing the reasons behind your aspirations, your actions and your relationships with others. The synthesis you are going to make must be serious and well executed, because it will carry enormous weight as you have to determine the value of the beings who surround you and whom you love.
You need an explanation. You have been pushed away from a project or activity and donít know why. Someone seems to want to get rid of you. You are either in the way of someone or represent a threat to that person. Youíre not okay with it, but thereís nothing you can do about it. You have spent a lot of money and are about to lose everything. You have taken a lot of risks by getting involved in this and now you are paying the price. Unfortunately you cannot do anything else but demand explanations. Moreover, the explanations will not be satisfactory, and it doesnít seem like you will be told the truth. Better not place too much hope in your requests because there is definitely no intent to be honest with you.

Your situation is gradually becoming clearer day by day with an individual of the opposite sex who is about the same age as you. This individual comes from the close circle of a friend and he/she has the downside (in a more or less concealed way) of his/her meanness and ruthless (sometimes even cruel) acts. In love, he/she is excessively disdainful and during conversations with friends, he/she often shows a very disturbing degree of cynicism. You should think of a new way to be with this individual, since he/she has succeeded in having an unhealthy hold on you. Your way of acting in his/her presence makes you vulnerable to his/her power of seduction and personal ambitions such that this individual hasnít the slightest hesitation about using his/her assets, both physical and psychological (beauty, sex-appeal, emotional blackmail) to dominate and manipulate you. He/she knows exactly how to charm you with small gestures or little subtle words and he/she abuses his/her power over you to an outrageous degree. This individual is far from sincere; so donít let yourself be lulled by his/her false tenderness toward you. Yes, he/she certainly wants to get something from you (you have to find out what), but this has nothing to do with love or affection, even if his/her actions seem to shamelessly suggest otherwise.

You are eagerly hoping to take part in a large project that will take place in your community. You are prepared to do just about anything so much so that you are not left to do any task that will isolate you from other people. You like finding yourself in the midst of the action and you hope that you will be appreciated as you deserve to be. You have the necessary energy and talent and you really want to be involved in this mass movement. You are awaiting a response and it will come from a woman with the star sign Virgo. This woman is slightly reserved but she loves children. She is currently working in order to accept you as a participant in this event. She must complete some documents and think about your safety. She will soon invite you to an interview. Keywords: port, boat, residence, fertility, respect, efficiency, kindness, professionalism, Thursday morning, March.

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