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A supplementary monetary income or a new source of money (periodic or regular) is coming. You will be compensated generously for a job well done. If you are looking for a new job, you will find one very soon. If you are not looking for a new job and are fairly satisfied with your current job, you are about to receive a promotion (or a salary increase) which is well-deserved. Otherwise, it doesnít matter if you work or not : regardless of its origin, your income will increase. Whatever the case, you should expect to receive more money from your daily activities (or from your annuities or your investment income). You have worked hard for this money (or for this new job or promotion), and you really deserve it.

You have the unconditional support of a very close friend. This is a woman who is very important for you and who works with you in the implementation of an expensive project, of a personal endeavor, or of a major initiative. This woman is for you a great source of inspiration and without her you might be much less ambitious. Here, we are talking about somebody who is very intelligent and who has the ability to solve complex problems and crack particularly difficult puzzles. Even if she likes to play to lighten the mood, this woman does nothing randomly and she is ready to make sacrifices for you. On another level, this woman is also inhabited by a strong sexual energy. She is thus as intense in friendship as in love, and in intimacy her carnal needs sometimes become obsessive. Clearly, nature gave her a body whose needs overflow, but she nonetheless knows how to remain respectful, honorable, and faithful. You will make a trip with her and you will talk of business. This woman is as ambitious (and maybe even more) than you, so you will get along well. You will dream larger than life, but regardless, dreaming is not a sin even if sometimes we get lost in fantasy and imagination.

A man is facing an obstacle that is difficult to overcome. This man is younger than you and is a longtime friend. This is an intelligent and realistic man. He is experiencing important financial problems following the loss of his job (or of his main occupation.) He is currently asking himself questions regarding his professional life. His thoughts on this are deep and they will be decisive for his long term future. However, here it is a question of a man who has charisma and who easily gains the sympathy of others. He has great mental strength and, more than any other person, he knows how to bounce back in critical moments. You thus do not have to worry too much for him, because he will always have the support of those near to him. He has relations with influential people and he will be able to benefit from extraordinary resources to overcome his challenge. As such, his bad luck is not really bad luck. Here, it is rather about a new start for him. This man has learned a lot from his past experiences and he will be able to do great things in a new life journey. He has a promising future and he will accomplish great things in the years to come.
A man defends his position. For him, this is not a matter of competition, but rather of survival. His will is unwavering, and if he feels threatened, he will attack. His attitude more specifically arises from his inability to understand what is taking place around him. He has strong beliefs, but his actions are not always commensurate. This man with the astrological sign of Leo is a very close friend. His is unhappy with his situation and has a tendency to become isolated. His condition is primarily connected to his financial situation. He may have lost his job. He has been awaiting some money since May and his love life has also been affected. He will be in contact with a messenger from the beyond one Friday in the middle of the night. He will be summoned to return to the right path! This man needs to be reborn, because his current life is a dead end.

Your instinct is your great strength. Your intuition guides you well Ė itís a gift you have. This gift serves you well in your work and in general in your professional life, and helps you a great deal in your relations with others. You will go on a business trip or a holiday of adventure and while there you will meet a woman and you will develop a long-term relationship with her. Thanks to her, your trip will be one of rest and escape and a real holiday. You will not see this woman very often afterwards, but you will stay in constant touch by post, telephone, Internet or by other means. Your instinct will lead you to trust her and you will become great friends despite the distance between you. On special occasions you will see this woman again, and each time it will be memorable and very joyful. This person will become an eternal source of inspiration and you will like her very much.

A love will heal a wound from the past. A person of the opposite sex that you like very much has the ability to touch you, to move you, or to shake you. In fact, this ability is almost disconcerting. This is someone you know, but with whom your emotional connection is not yet mature. In fact, there seems to be 3 possibilities: (1) This is someone new in your surroundings. (2) This is someone with whom you currently have a rather superficial relationship Ė social, professional, or business. (3) Or, this is someone whom you know intimately, but with whom the best is yet to come. This person will love you sincerely and a relationship of attachment and interdependence will be created between you two. As often as possible, he/she will look to play with you (physical or intellectual game) and deliberately, he/she will create opportunities to be in your company. Following your often painful and not necessarily very distant memories, his/her actions with you will be a real therapy. This person is very clever in his/her dealings with others and he/she will bring a lot of sunshine in your life. You share a great affinity (ambition, hope in the face of life, etc.) and you will realize great projects together. Your attraction for him/her will very soon become irresistible. This person has an enchanting power over you, and this power is clearly very disturbing in its scope and effectiveness.
A young woman that you have a privileged relationship with will trust you to reveal a secret to you. She will tell you a very surprising secret that may leave you flabbergasted. Fortunately, this will not concern you. This is a question of one of your close friends (a man). He is part of your work environment. This man hides an aspect of his private life that is very different from the image he projects. He is single or, if not, he has a marginal or very open marriage or sexual life. The certain thing is that he isnít attached to any woman in particular. He has a rather unconventional manner of attachment (homosexuality, bisexuality or other). This man has a parallel (secret) life that you donít suspect. Beyond his out-of-the-norm attachment, he also defies social conventions in a way that he could easily find himself in a very embarrassing situation. In short, what he does (or what heís already done) is very unusual, maybe even unjustifiable.

You have a choice to make, but the options available to you are not very clear. Someone is deceiving you or taking advantage of you, and despite the fact that you know this, they are still able to do it easily. One thing is certain; you must assert yourself more. You need to be able to refuse some things, because they are simply not acceptable. Clearly, you are finding it hard to free yourself from an oppressive past and the choice ahead of you now is worrying you more than it is reassuring you. You really do need to face your future, even if it is uncertain. Your fears and worries may disappear much more quickly than you think. You have a fundamentally positive nature, so you need to reconnect with your true self.

You will develop a deep attachment to someone new. This is someone who is younger than you, from the opposite sex, and who has recently become part of your surroundings (or who you are about to meet) for social, pedagogical, or professional reasons. This person is kind and you will feel extremely good in his/her presence (protective and comforting energy or consciousness). We are talking here about someone who is helpful and very sociable with people (even those that he/she does not know). He/she likes to teach others and he/she is extremely skilled with children. His/her abilities and aptitudes are large and numerous, and they will impress you greatly. Given the high value that this person will have in your eyes, it will be natural for you to seek to get closer to him/her or to have a closer or more formal relationship with him/her. However, be careful not to show (publicly or too intensely) your affection for this person, because this could spark gossip. However, do not worry about loving this person, because he/she deserves it and he/she will return it to you in kind. But, you will have to be careful, because here there are rules that must be respected, or constraints to be considered (order, balance, or social hierarchy).
Someone is waiting for you. Itís a very close friend that is returning from abroad. He or she is a Pisces and has come to help sick children. The return of this person coincides with the end of the love problems that youíve had following a small accident. The return of this person also announces the birth of a child. This child will be gifted and praised but sensitive to childhood illnesses. He or she will have a connection to the countryside and his or her father will be a fan of hunting. This child will remind you of a deceased person that you loved very much. This birth will take place a Saturday afternoon in December. You will have great projects for this child.

A new opportunity will offer itself to you. This opportunity is very different or very far from your current plans for the future. It will certainly ask you to get out of your comfort zone. Itíll thus be in your best interest not to make your decision too quickly, since regrets are possible. Take the time to thoroughly study the real issues of this offer, since it contains aspects that require a certain dose of temerity from you and which could be more or less beneficial to you. If youíre not willing to leave everything behind you for a new life, itís obvious that youíll have to give up this offer. Otherwise, an incredible adventure and a fantastic life experience await you, as well as an extraordinary challenge.

Things will be difficult and support from those around you will be weak. You will have to clear out a lot of ground by yourself before others will finally realize that your ideas and your life path are reliable and that real success is waiting for you at the end of your journey. Remain confident in what youíre doing because your intuition is guiding you well. Even if some obstacles sometimes seem insurmountable, you have the true ability to overcome mountains. Itís not because your loved ones donít trust you; itís only that they donít have as much vision as you do. Itís completely normal that not everyone has your flair, so you must forgive. You manage to feel out the future much better than many people and this is why you can see rainbows where others only see rain. Stay your course and indulge your loved ones. One day, your courage will be recognized and you will then be rewarded. Your bravery will bring you esteem from those who are great in this world, but before this happens, you must think about yourself and learn to be proud of what you are.

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