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By Denis Lapierre - Personal website

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An act on the part of a rival will force you to react quickly. You will be confronted with an unexpected event and you will have to show great resourcefulness to quickly put everything back in order and limit the damage. This person will attempt to to do something with the express purpose of destabilising you so as to get you out of their way or to enjoy what you have gained. Although your goals are fundamentally different, they are not compatible. In this situation, it is not possible to balance forces, so one of you two will have to show dominance. You must, then, expect that this person tries to fool you with regard to what they intend to do in the coming weeks. Their long-term objective is clear, but what is happening now is certainly not. This person is sneaky and works in the shadows. So far, they have had a lot of luck with all their actions, but this luck will not last. You will have to be opportunistic in order to take advantage of their weaknesses. This person has spent a lot of money to get where they are, but the money will soon run out. You have more resources than them for getting ahead or continuing to make steady progress, so do not be fooled and do not be intimidated. Show yourself to be dominant and you will defeat them much more easily than you think.

You will achieve an extraordinary victory over yourself. Your internal harmony will be greater and your new way of cohabitating on Earth with other human beings will make you access an unparalleled beauty. Your social and spiritual life will achieve a balance never achieved before. You will meet a person with a very high rank on the human scale. This will be someone (m/f) that will be very closely related to the field of the arts and personal accomplishment. Your relationship will be very significant. It will accentuate your acceptance of responsibilities on the planetary level and it will lead you to considerably ascend in relation to the phenomenon of universal consciousness. Great promises will be kept and important frontiers will fall before you.

Your emotional path will progress greatly in little time. Youíll rediscover your sentimental desires and your real emotional needs. Freshness and joy of living are knocking at your door. Reflection and questioning are coming to an end and youíll be able to turn your thoughts into actions. The things that have been appealing to you for a long time will now be within your reach. Youíll be able to dare to do what you didnít dare to do before. Youíll have complete power to take new initiatives in your love life. Youíll be able to share your maturity with the being you love and benefit him or her from your way of allowing yourself to be charmed by the beautiful moments in life. Youíll be able to share your fantasies and theyíll be received superbly well. The fruit of love has ripened and youíll be able to reap it.
Be wary of a woman who is new in your circle of acquaintances. She likes to joke around, but itís really just to hide her real intentions. Be careful of her unbridled friendliness because some of her actions are not sincere. This woman is destructive and she particularly likes to exploit others, and even more so when love and sexuality are involved. This is a question of money and unfaithfulness. This woman has the ability to cause you great financial problems. You must be sure to limit her leeway against you, or else she will cause you real trouble.

A fundamental element indicates that you arenít taking sufficient care of your health or else that something in your life or in your environment is harmful to your health. If the problem is coming from you, then maybe itís because you are asking more of your body than it can give you. If itís something in your life or your environment, you need to take the situation more seriously. Whatever it may be, you are exhausting yourself more than you are resting (you are wearing down). Your body is asking you to listen and you should pay attention, because if you donít, you risk becoming ill or becoming overtired (burnout, depression or the like). You need to take more time to relax or exercise (cardio, recreation or such) and to take care of yourself. You also need to understand that you have to pay as much attention to your psychological health as your physical health, since the two go hand in hand. Thus, it seems that you need to change something in your daily routines, since things are out of kilter in some way. So you should think more than ever of adopting a healthy lifestyle (or improving your living conditions), since the harbinger signs are pointing that way.

Be careful not to allow a too impulsive man to hurt you. You have made a mistake of little importance but the reproaches were quick and severe. This man doesnít seem to take into consideration your goodwill. He sees only the bad side of things and forgets your good intentions. This event is purely accidental and your good judgment shouldn't be put in question in any way. You did what you could and what you thought was right and according to the circumstances or the information that you had at that time. In the same context, this man wouldnít have probably been able to do any better than you but he could have done even worse. However, you must remain humble towards all this because this event isnít of much interest and it doesnít deserve much attention (common event). This man is in a period of his life where he has many concerns and where anxiety is especially present so there is no doubt he will eventually excuse himself or forget it all (depending on his level of personal pride).
You will receive a gift from a person of the opposite sex. This person is older than you. He/she is a part of your surroundings (of your everyday comings and goings). It is someone who is currently struggling with communicating their feelings towards you. He/she is oversensitive (or psychologically or sentimentally uncomfortable) and he/she loves you. This gift has a great symbolic value. It reflects the strong admiration this person has for you. It will be a very emotional gesture on his/her part. The objective of this gift is also to put an end (if possible) to a misunderstanding or an uncertainty that was created between you two. It is meant to establish (create) a relationship (new, improved or different) with you or to rebuild a relationship that has recently deteriorated or ended between you. It is someone with whom you make transactions or trades on a regular basis (hand to hand money circulating). He/she has already lied to you about important (or fundamental) information regarding him or her and he/she wishes to clarify the situation (or set the record straight). He/she knows that he/she has made a mistake and is seeking your forgiveness (remorse, regret, sense of guilt) or is looking to be accepted by you (despite everything).

You will sell (or will leave) a property. You will bring about big changes in your life. Many of your dreams will come true and therefore your needs will evolve in a different way. You will consult many documents (books, magazines, newspapers, leaflets, the Internet, or others) and you will sign new papers. Your personal fulfilment will take a new path. Your desires and your plans for the future will change, and you will move away.

You are worried by the health of a person of the opposite sex and who is a little younger than you. Your words and actions betray your feelings. This is someone of foreign origin (or who is new in your environment.) However, this person seems to be playing you. Either he/she is opportunistic, or she is downright dishonest (in a relative context.) You must be careful to not let yourself be manipulated. This person is looking for your friendship (or pity) in order to better take advantage of your feelings. His/her actions are aimed at extracting money from you or to get financial support from you. You must keep a cool head, because apart from small negligible problems regarding his/her health, if there really is somebody sick, this person is not being entirely honest with you. Be careful not to fall into too much empathy, because this person is probably not as sick as he/she pretends to be (or tries to have you believe.) It may be possible that he/she is not lying to you, and if this is the case, it is that his/her remarks suggest a deformation (or exaggeration) of the truth which could be interpreted in several ways. It is also possible that this person needs money and that he/she is using a minor health problem to get help from you. If that is the case, it isn't not recommended to help him/her, but only under the condition that this person is telling you the truth, and nothing else which could lead to any confusion on his/her real state of health. You are not likely insensitive to this person's problems, regardless of their nature, but this does not give him/her any right to lie to you or to abuse your kindness. (Important : If this is someone who contacted you via Internet and whom you have never met, the possibility of a fraud or scam is extremely high and should be considered before anything else!)
A concern exists in your environment because of the amorous behavior of someone close to you. Some people think that you are linked to his/her behavior, and this could affect you adversely in a significant way in your workplace. The situation leads to gossip and you will have to walk on eggshells for a while in order to avoid as much as possible that people misinterpret your presence in the company of this person. As such, pay attention to what people think of you, because you do not deserve all that is said about you. Thankfully, here we are talking about a transitional or temporary period. You should not change your future projects because of others, but you should nonetheless look to maintain the good image that people have always had of you. Even if someone is now trying to get you out of your comfort zone, you have the ability and the duty to remain worthy of what you really are as a person. Things will somehow resolve themselves fairly quickly, so do not change anything and stay yourself. You can keep control of your life, so it is imperative that you do not let yourself be manipulated by others, as some people can harm you more than it might seem. You have the right to see who you want, so act according to your conscience, and not according to that of others.

A situation will force you to show great courage. You'll need to give proof of a great inner strength. You will have to judge and act according to your deepest consciousness. Your thoughts and beliefs will have to be strong and youíll have to avoid letting yourself be influenced by others. This situation concerns a man who is about the same age as you. Heís intelligent and charming (or a smooth talker). However, heís experiencing some financial difficulties and he doesnít hesitate to admit to you that heís rather pessimistic about his future. This man enjoys the pleasures of life in an excessive way and he constantly spends recklessly. He doesnít have the means to match his ambitions and he continuously gets into debt. Heís impulsive and irresponsible. He doesnít demonstrate enough good will, therefore itís not up to you to solve his problems.

You have a lot of imagination and it will serve you. You constantly have new ideas in mind and you will learn to put them to use yourself. If others do not always trust you currently, this will change. You are a fundamentally optimistic and courageous person, and you will know how to use your inner strengths (imagination, creation, intelligence, sense of analysis and deduction, etc.) to make your way and to triumph over the greatest obstacles. Your supremacy (compared to others) is in you (psychological and mental qualities) and, no matter your challenges, you will always be someone who gives him/herself completely and excels. Since you have the ability to create and the capacity to persevere, you will do great things all throughout your life. For you, giving up is not and will never be an option and, because of this, you will manage to realize very bold projects. On the professional level (especially in business) you therefore have no reason not to be successful. You still have great challenges before you and, undeniably, you will know how to face them with determination and competence. You are the type of person that is generally referred to as a hero, an idol, or a role model, and there is no doubt that you will distinguish yourself in a "very extraordinary" way during your life. You are someone who always recovers with greater strength from a setback and, as such, you will impress people enormously and you will get a lot from life (in terms of learning, experience, and wisdom).

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