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By Denis Lapierre - Personal website

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A new opportunity will offer itself to you. This opportunity is very different or very far from your current plans for the future. It will certainly ask you to get out of your comfort zone. Itíll thus be in your best interest not to make your decision too quickly, since regrets are possible. Take the time to thoroughly study the real issues of this offer, since it contains aspects that require a certain dose of temerity from you and which could be more or less beneficial to you. If youíre not willing to leave everything behind you for a new life, itís obvious that youíll have to give up this offer. Otherwise, an incredible adventure and a fantastic life experience await you, as well as an extraordinary challenge.

You are facing a betrayal. Hypocrisy is present in a person of your close entourage (or in a person with whom you do business fairly closely or with whom you have fairly frequent contacts). This person is a man who is slightly younger than you. This man is getting ready to betray you (if he hasnít done it already). However this doesnít necessarily mean that he will succeed to harm you or be significantly detrimental to you. Since you know him well and because of his unusual behavior (incoherent or inappropriate) very soon you will be able to discover what this is about and see that something is not right in your relationship with him. More specifically, this man leads a rather comfortable lifestyle (financially), but the money he has hasnít always been acquired in a very honest way. Heís a skilled negotiator but he feels very little responsibility for the problems he causes to other people. In general, he doesnít feel any remorse to rob his friends (or business partners) so watch out!

The strength of a desire or need within you is incredible. You carry a desire which is incoherent, which you canít control and which doesnít align with social conventions or your primary personality. You absolutely must overcome and control this need while you still can, otherwise it will take you down a path which entails really serious perversion or social decline.
You are subjected to an anxious atmosphere in terms of love. You need a greater affection than what you currently receive. You no longer feel cherished as before and you doubt everything. Given that you are a fragile person, you definitely need to be protected from the torments of love. The one who can help you do not belong to our world (a deity, an angel or another). Even if you cannot see or talk to him/her directly, he/she is very much present in your life and he/she sends you the message that he/she can help you. He/she implores you to talk to him/her and to confide in him/her.

For you, the coming weeks will be decisive. In fact, you are in a period of renewal, of adjustments, and of important changes in your life. Your challenges are becoming increasingly clear and you better understand the obstacles that you will face in the coming years. Everything is clear in your mind and, more than ever before, you know that you will be able to achieve your dreams. As such, you are currently in a very positive (constructive) period of your life and, thanks to the experience that you have gained over time, it is now time for you to rethink your long-term goals and develop more ingenious (or more efficient) plans to achieve them. You have probably decided to take a bold road, so do not be afraid of new initiatives, because they will surely make you progress (or evolve).

You are getting ready to leave. You took this decision in all certainty and you know now that you have to make it happen. Your decision will have a major impact on the ways things will work out in the future. You must pay attention to the smallest details because there is no turning back. Someone is preoccupied and sad to see you go even if he/she has known for a while now that your departure is inevitable. Someone will offer you an opportunity that is too good to refuse and you are aware that it really is a gift of life. However, this move is not really a separation for you but a step in the right direction. You must forge ahead because it is a matter of ambition and personal development.
You will have to ask for the assistance (or get the advice) of experienced people in order to solve a very serious problem. A problem seems insurmountable, but with help it can be defeated. This is a constraint to which you are (or will soon be) subjected or which you will face. This is something that you have never lived through personally, but that you have already seen with someone else. However, you always worked hard for it never to happen to you. You really believed yourself immune to this kind of situation. Here, your good will is not sufficient to overcome this obstacle. You will need precious help, and you will get it. A remarkable and loving person will come to your help and he/she will support you. He/she will assist you and he/she will not leave until you have overcome your obstacle. It is said that you will overcome this obstacle in your life, but that you will learn a lot on the personal level. Many things will change inside of you, and the first will be your way of thinking. Following this mishap, you will become somebody new. You will be someone wiser, because the impossible will from then on cease to exist in your thoughts.

A task (work, achievement, etc.) has to be done, but it is not very interesting, and possibly even demoralizing (or thankless). It seems non-urgent and easy to neglect (or put off until later), yet it is crucially important. What you think about, or what you will do, are of little importance. This task is fundamentally essential to your progress in life, so it will be better to complete it willingly, and not bitterly. You should not (insofar as possible) put it off until later, because you will be obsessed with it indefinitely. No situation is more favorable than any other to the completion of this task, so you will have to show resignation and determination if you want to get to a new stage in your life. Here, you will have to have great strength of character. You must show maturity and discernment, because the attitude you take when facing this task will determine its extent. This task ďmustĒ be accomplished, so the faster you complete it, the faster youíll free yourself from it. Since you have other, more interesting, challenges waiting for you in the future (near as well as distant), the faster you free yourself from this task, the better youíll be focused, and the more clearly passionate youíll be as you face your next challenges.

Someone will seek, with great perseverance, to profit from you on the financial level. This is somebody of the same sex as you. This person is manipulative, and will present him/herself to you with the goal of extorting money from you in a fraudulent transaction. This is someone whose main activity is deceiving others and who, in addition, gets from this a rather worrisome pleasure. He/she spends his/her money without moderation and he/she regularly finds him/herself in a position of financial dependence; which brings him/her to look constantly for new people to exploit with the goal of filling up his/her pockets once more. This person is self-centered and does not care at all for the well-being of others. The way in which he/she leads his/her life is rather obscure, because he/she has probably a lot of bad acts on his/her mind, which he/she is trying to keep secret. Respect the limits of your budget and do not let yourself be seduced by a material good of some supposed great value which you are being handed. Your wallet represents your future security, so you will have to refrain from blind expenses. This person knows how to manipulate people, and he/she could easily make you act impulsively. Your future projects, even if they are humble, are legitimate and do you credit, so be proud of yourself despite what you are told. Your savings, no matter their importance, have much more than a monetary value; they also have a psychological value. Do not let yourself be robbed, because this person wants your money, and not your well-being.
You have the possibility of forming a new couple. You must not fear what shall come, because nothing can stop you from finding true love through this new relationship. The intentions of both are sincere and you are allowed to get involved. Your self-sufficiency and your independence will be protected and you will be able to blossom freely.

A woman of a mature age wants to do something (favorable) for you, but she hesitates. She is working (or has worked) for a manufacturing company (industry, factory, or other). This is a woman who is sweet and generous with people. She feels great affection for you and she always wants to hear from you. She does not have a direct family relationship with you, but her feelings for you are the same as if she had one. She is protective, and always wants what is best for you. She regularly gives you little gifts (food, treats, crafts, etc.) and she feels very proud that you accept them. You once helped her in a task that was very important for her, and this was very good for you mentally. What stands out here is that this woman would like to give you more than what she can really give you. She is ready to sacrifice for you, so you need to reason with her. You know that she does not have to deny herself for you, and as such you will have to speak to her (again?) This womanís health is fragile, so it is important that she understand that she has to think about herself first of all. Of course, it is clearly obvious that you will do what is best for her, but you will need to nonetheless make sure that she does not hide important things from you about her situation.

You need to take a boat as part of your work. At that moment, you will have to undertake an investigation or in-depth research and you must go and meet a man whose astrological sign is Pisces. It will be a Monday in the month of May. It will be dark and there will be a truck nearby. This person will hold information that can make you move forward in your investigation. This man will be much more useful than you imagined initially. The information that he will give you will be precious. This man will have a wound, handicap or a visible scar. He will talk to you about an accident and a funeral that followed. He will share with you his discouragement following the death of an elderly person. This man will need to reconcile with himself and your intervention will not be necessary.

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