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A new freedom will be given to you and you will be able to act according to your desires. You will have a conversation or a meeting with a woman on the professional level (work, business, studies, justice, healthcare, or other). This woman has her wisdom as a virtue. She will bring you to better know (or better analyse) your capabilities. You have an attraction or an interest for something very special, but you hesitate to fly with your own wings. You have great personal resources and you will discover your strengths. Evidence is emerging very clearly and you must be bolder with regards to your dreams. You need to build a greater confidence in your abilities, because you have an extraordinary potential. You can dominate your fears and have a greater influence on your future. You have a need for autonomy to fill and you can enjoy life more. Your road has been drawn long ago, but you stopped for some reason. You must get back on your way, because you still have a lot of things to accomplish. Yes, people are demanding of you, but it is you who will one day have to be more demanding towards them. You have a place to take in society, so do not let others take it in your place, because it is yours and not theirs.

A man who has a lot of relationships and influence will bring you assurance, comfort, or hope for a better or improved life. This man is honest and he never hesitates to use his social status to work to improve the lives of people who need help. His sensitivity is great and he will clearly show you that he is not indifferent to your needs, to your troubles, or to your concerns. However, despite the fact that he has a lot of influence in high places, he does not or only has very little direct decision-making power. As such, the only guarantee that he will be able to offer you with regards to your approach will be his personal and unconditional support. However, keep in mind that this support, even if it does not have any monetary or material value, is nonetheless important through its moral value, because this man has the support of the popular masses (public opinion) in everything he does. So when this man will give you his support, you will also have the support of a very large number of people (or the majority of people around you). You will thus benefit of a voice of authority to make you heard in high places and this will prove beyond a doubt that your approach is legitimate.

There has been a delay or impediment in a project, either professional or financial. You will need to get help to complete some work or a task that normally should have been accomplished quickly and effortlessly. In this project, you will also need to take into account or evaluate the ambitions of an individual of the other sex who is about your age (or a bit older) and who belongs to your close circle at work. This individual is looking for your love, but you are not in a position to give it to him/her. This has to do with someone who has little empathy for others and this makes you uncomfortable. For this individual, what counts above all is money and personal well being. As a result, his/her thoughts are based on a disconcerting level of individualism rather than sharing or solidarity with others. What’s more, if this individual has decided to be of help to you, it is difficult to be sure about it, since his/her behavior may be directed more at seducing you than at contributing concrete and constructive actions with the goal of furthering your project.
You will have to work hard to help a woman who is very close to you. This is a close friend or a family member. This woman has a wound, a disability, or a scar that is visible and permanent. She is very sensitive and she has a work or a main occupation that requires a lot of originality from her (art, crafts, arrangement, beauty work, hairdressing, music, etc.) However, she has a difficult to overcome on the financial level. She needs to be appropriately and skillfully advised in order to make an important decision or take an irreversible action. Her business knowledge is fairly limited and she needs to get out of a situation in which someone is taking advantage of her. We can say that this woman is a little bit naive in business and that she lets herself be easily manipulated by smooth talkers. She signed a paper or a contract that links her to an engagement that she will clearly be unable to respect or which is completely unreasonable. She trusted someone who is now taking advantage of her, and she needs to find the way to escape from the clutches of this person. Of course, you know that your friend is not dishonest, so you will find a solution with her in order for her to escape from this predicament. Together, you will succeed, and she will be liberated in a definitive way.

You are going through a delicate and difficult to understand phase on the sentimental level. You feel like a prisoner in a damning situation, and you have a lot of trouble to see an end to your situation. You need advice, encouragement, or support regarding somebody that you love. A man that is about your age, a distant friend, is ready to listen to you and offer you his support. This man has himself been plagued by an injury to the soul comparable to yours, and he will be able to understand you well. You will discover how clever and proud he is now in love, and this will greatly encourage you. He will respond to your concerns in a rather surprising way, and your thoughts will become much clearer in your mind. Unquestionably, appearances are deceptive, so your concerns (or fears) are not necessary valid. You must have more confidence in yourself, because your power of seduction is much bigger than you think. Even if the reactions that you are waiting for (in the person that you love) are not as obvious as you would like, whatever you do (or say) has a much greater impact than you can see. Unconsciously, you destabilize a lot, so do not make too much of it.

You show an aggressive instinct which is very productive from a professional standpoint. You like to dominate and express yourself, and your power is respected. Your internal battles at work are quickly settled or stopped since you impose your will. You know how to reign over your entourage and nobody dares to rebel against you. Even if some people believe they have more power than you, they are wrong. It’s simply that they don’t know you well or even that they haven’t ever really seen you in a critical or determining moment. Your ambition is great and any people who will dare to harm you expose themselves to great problems. It is clear that you are a person who is dominant on a professional level, and that you have destructive capabilities against your adversaries. Those who still don’t fear you are those who don’t know you.
You are going to travel across an ocean. You will go visit a sick friend in a different continent. You will take this trip with your partner or an intimate friend. This trip will bring you closer to the person you love.

A person has carried out a bizarre action (or has taken a bizarre decision). Their action has caused you harm that seems irreparable and has placed you in a really delicate situation. This person is a woman that is younger than you. She is one of your relatives (or is a very close friend). She has disappointments in love and financial difficulties, but she is tenacious and wants to get out of the situation. For the moment, you are unable to properly assess the scope of her action, but you know it will have a real impact on an important aspect of your life. You would like some clarification, but you should not expect anything rational, because no reasonable explanation could or would justify her action. Today, this woman very much regrets her action and would like you to forgive her. She wants to go back and fix everything, but it is impossible for her to do. Because of this, she would very much like to have the strength to apologise or ask for forgiveness, but she is completely unable to, given the magnitude of the unease she has created. You should accept the new reality accordingly and not seek further explanations, as you would only amplify the unease already present. In a little while you will see that, despite appearances, nothing is really catastrophic and that everything is not necessarily negative. Even if words cannot do it, forgive in your heart and someone (an incorporeal being) will hear you.

You feel challenged by basic questions regarding your life on Earth, and this has been going on for a while. These questions will manifest themselves more soon, because you will inevitably need more certainty in order to undertake a spiritual journey that you will be called to make. Some of the answers that you seek are vital and can be found in a document whose teachings come from an ancient manuscript. You carry a burden with you and, even if it is incorporeal, it is very heavy to bear. You have fallen several times becauses of this burden, but you have always gotten back up. Your quest will lead you to a beautiful place where your burden will be taken on by a being from somwhere else. What awaits you is a thousand times more beautiful than what you know on Earth. Even if your mission is far from over, you will soon get a moment of rest worthy of your efforts. You will be able to rest and recharge. You will not believe your eyes when you will see what will happen at that time. You are on the last stretch of your journey and, without you really knowing, you are about to do a great act which will earn you eternal praise in the world (the next world) that is intended for you. However, be patient, because even if you will get access to it, this world is not yet allowed for you.
You are entering a new cycle in your existence. A personal experience that has spread out over several years is ending and a new one will soon begin (if it hasn’t already). A stage of your life is coming to an end and a new path presents itself to you, and this is in a space of time counted in years. Changes and transformations are to come in both of your existential spheres, which are the one that represents the world outside of your body and the one that designates the universe that resides within your thoughts and your mind (soul). The law of “cause and effect” will now be more predominant in your life and the one of “accomplishment and merit” will take on a completely different definition from the one you are used to knowing. “Self-sacrifice and sharing” initiate a new rise in your life and, from now on, any descent will be forbidden to you as you face the ultimate path that’s traced before you.

You will make a very important trip. This trip is connected to a new job that you will accept. Significant changes will come in your life. You will have to sign papers to prove or formalize this agreement. This new work represents an advancement in your career. It will increase your happiness and it will make you benefit from more opportunities in the future. Your income will be higher and your quality of life will improve a lot. Consequently, a move is expected. If you do not currently have any job, this means that you will start to work soon, but that it will be outside of your region. If you are at home or retired, this prediction means that you will soon move in order to improve your quality of life or restart your life somewhere else.

Success is within your reach. The overall sequence of events (of your life in general) is very favorable to you. Your instinct, your intuition and your ambitions complement each other magnificently well. You make the right choices, your actions are smart and you advance incredibly well in everything you do. Don’t give up your projects, even the most daring ones, and what people may say is not important because you're (currently) heading straight towards a great achievement. It will be a great success! It will allow you to thrive in what you do (or in what you want to do) and it will make you go further towards new and even greater challenges. Yes, you can go all the way with your dreams and nothing will be able to stop you from achieving them. Be proud of yourself because you’ll soon climb an important step in the social ladder (divine ladder).

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