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By Denis Lapierre - Personal website

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Your love (or your great affection) for someone is legitimate and your attachment to him/her deserves to be respected. You have the right to love who you want and nobody should deprive you of this right. Here, you do not have full sentimental freedom, because somebody is putting obstacles in your ways. Be careful in your relations with the person that you love (or for whom you are affectionate), because somebody is looking to cause the failure of your relationship with him/her. The one who is looking to cause the failure of your relationship is somebody who is relatively close to you. This is somebody who is a part of your professional environment (work, business, studies, justice, healthcare, or other). This is someone who has a bad reputation and who obviously has no dignity, given his/her (contemptuous, arrogant, or rude) way of behaving and acting with the opposite sex.

You will receive news from a person who lives abroad, or in a faraway region. You will be informed about a bizarre, unusual or inexplicable phenomenon which is happening in his or her life. This concerns a man who is younger than you who was born under the sign of Libra. The last time you were in contact with him was on a Thursday evening in the month of May. At first glance, everything seems to indicate that this man needs to introduce order to his ideas, but it is not all that simple. This man is familiar to you, and you have now been overtaken by events. He lives in the country, or next to a body of water, and has recently made a purchase or a considerable item of expenditure, or acquired something of great value. The transaction was a fairly contentious one. This man's life objectives are not clear; rather, they are worrying. The man is about to give you an unexpected gift which will have a great deal of significance for you. It will be a work of art.

A decisive action must be taken at the professional (or business) level to separate yourself from a juncture that paralyzes you. You have spokes in your wheels and youíll have to act to remove them before your adversaries take too much advantage of your bad situation. Youíll have to show discipline and determination to get back on your feet as quickly as possible before others abuse your situation to take away or deprive you even further. A weak point in your affairs needs to be reinforced or rebuilt, since your rivals seem to take advantage of this. Youíll have to act so as to not become an easy prey, as the predators are many in your surroundings. Your chances of success are excellent but on the condition that you donít act lightly to prevent the blows that may be directed against you. A brilliant move and sharp decisions on your part will probably be necessary to further impose yourself above your adversaries. Be careful not to let yourself be intimidated, as this is a question of survival in your professional environment.
The sincerity of a person (m/f) who says they love you is doubtful. This person seems to appreciate you more for practical (or financial) reasons than a real emotional attachment. Moreover, many clues indicate that this person cares very little for you and that you know it. In this case, your sensitivity is your weak point. This person knows how to use you in order to manipulate you. You are possibly too tolerant of these doings, which are frankly selfish. Also, there is the issue of a transfer of money from one person to another. Is it yours? To avoid problems, it would probably be better if you lead this person to show their consideration for you more concretely. You must be aware that promises are no longer enough. You need to demand real and immediate actions. Although this person tends to always postpone commitments they have made, youíll obviously need to ask yourself the question of whether they really intend to respect their oath. Promises can sometimes hide a terrible lieÖ So, donít be taken in if you donít want to prolong an uneasiness that is growing every day and which likely has no chance of being beneficial, no matter the (emotional or monetary) investment you will place in it. In the present context, this person represents fire, whereas you are the city. As a result, be careful and donít let this person light the city on fire, because fire is devastating. City = resources, solidarity, cooperation and security. Fire = indifference, waste and destruction without pity. In sum = desolation and obliteration of dreams.

Cutting discussions are to come. Be careful not to trust othersí opinions or ideas because your own perception of things is often best. A person will try to convince you to act like they do, and will do so very aggressively. Donít let yourself be intimidated because this person doesnít have the analytical ability you have. It doesnít matter what the arguments will be, you will be right and you mustnít give in to their threats. It is very probable that youíll have to act out a role in order for this discussion not to escalate. If this is the case, donít hesitate to do so and you will avoid great problems.

Circumstances (or an environment) will be conducive to an exchange of trust, yet you will have to wait a little while before confiding a secret that you hold within you. You will be in the presence of a loved one who will want you to open up to him/her, but in spite of what they tell you, they will not be ready to hear what you will have to say. Your feelings are honorable and the person concerned is the right one, but you will clearly have to wait a while longer before speaking to him/her safely because certain events taking place at the same time may ruin everything.
A woman who is a very close friend has done something disappointing and incomprehensible. This woman is part of your close circle of friends. She is known for her beauty and extreme attractiveness. She is in the middle of a difficult period in her love life and her actions are more impulsive than rational. She has a set idea and stubbornly persists along a path that leads nowhere. Even if she has said some insensitive things to you, you should keep your emotions in check and provide an example of the right attitude to adopt (wisdom and serenity of spirit) in a situation of this kind. This woman has no ill will toward you Ė itís just that her words have run ahead of her thoughts. Here, confrontation and provocation would be inappropriate responses and completely useless. The issue involves a misunderstanding between her and you that has no real basis in fact at all, and thus it would be wiser for you to work at reducing tensions rather than trying to justify behaviors. It is clear that the discussion you are have gotten into has no purpose, so it would make more sense to get things back into perspective as quickly as possible.

A friend, a young woman, is going to be in distress or despair, and will need your friendship, your reassurance and your good words of advice. You will need to help her surmount an obstacle that you yourself have overcome in the past. Her suffering will be great and you will need to pacify her. You will need to prevent this young woman from sinking into a state of depression that could become very damaging both for her physical and her mental health. She will be required to take a decision or to do something, and you will need to urge her to act as quickly as possible to avoid her slipping into a state of emotional inertia that could severely disrupt her ability to function on a social or even a psychological level. You will need to be strong and persuasive, because this mission will not be easy at all. Her despair, if mishandled, could also weaken you and make you vulnerable to the tension that she will propagate around her. Your skill at mastering this situation will match the challenge you face, but to succeed in helping this young woman, you must take care not to let yourself to be dragged down, too, by her wretchedness. Stay alert and apply yourself to remaining rational, because her despair will be overwhelming, and almost as much so for you as it is for her.

Love is for you a totally incomprehensible reality. Once day, it gives you immense happiness and the next day it grieves you. You expect a lot from your love life, yet it often requires great sacrifices from you. Even if some things frustrate you, you accept them in order to keep what you have acquired. Social (or moral) pressures are great, and more and more they are what govern your actions and your decisions. In fact, something is changing (unceasingly) against your will. Even if a situation is not desirable, you know that you have to endure it, because no other option (relevant or appropriate) is really open to you. Be careful not to fall into isolation. A decision will have to be taken (or a choice will have to be made). The impact of this decision (or of this choice) will be long lasting (irreversible). Your judgement will be particularly tested. You will have to think first about your long-term future (your personal happiness and love requirements), because when it comes to the coming years, everything will be decided in the coming months, perhaps even in the coming weeks. You want a major change in your life and your decision will have major consequences. You desire ďmoreĒ from your love life (happiness, pleasure, etc.) so you will have to be logical with yourself.
You must prepare yourself to take up a new challenge. However, before embarking on this new enterprise, you must increase your knowledge and learn new things. Even if you would prefer to go into action immediately, you must first make sure that you are capable of succeeding in this accomplishment at the first try, as you will not have a second chance. In the present context, it is clear that uncertainty is not acceptable, therefore you need to become aware that no risk is possible. If you donít precipitate, youíll be rewarded, but if you rush things, youíll fail.

An unexpected development in a situation that has carried on for a long time will come about very soon. You will get a huge surprise! What will happen soon is nothing you could imagine at the moment. It will be an extremely happy event and you will experience great emotion. Here, the extraordinary is associated with wonderfulness, meaning that your life will possibly change radically and your future will undoubtedly be directed onto a new path that will clearly be more favorable to you.

Indescribable happiness is reserved for you. You will have the ability to overcome great obstacles with your determination and your faith in your destiny. Your tenacity in accomplishing your tasks and taking on the challenges that life brings make you a person with a great future. You respect others regardless of their position in society or their physical or intellectual abilities and this will win you praise. Because of your remarkable inner force (full of goodness and good will), you will defend justice, truth and integrity with extraordinary courage and great loyalty. Yes, you will keep your energy and drive, because you will act with sincerity and fairness. But, furthermore, you will be loved and admired and people will stay with you, because you are an exceptional person in the eyes of all who are able to recognise good, both on earth and in the afterlife. Eternal love awaits you, so you need no longer fear pain or tests, because that love is infinitely greater than all of the loves (combined) that exist on earth. You are loved as much as you are able to love, so above all do not lose faith, because it is your key to open the last door.

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