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Denis Lapierre

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You will have the protection of a powerful man. You will have to defend yourself against a malevolent attack, but you will be defended and protected by a man who holds a high hierarchical position in your community, and who has great confidence in himself and in his means of intervention. He will face the people who oppose you and he will protect you. This man has a great political influence and he has the capacity to resist the greatest affronts. His past exploits are remarkable and he will give you back your self-confidence.

An achievement is taking long to become a reality. You are facing delays that are out of your control and nothing truly moves forward (or the way youíd like it to). In fact, in the present state of things, your project is only in its draft form, because the costs related to it are too exorbitant. You thought about financing it, but (deep down) you know that itís not reasonable. However, your project is viable and therefore you should think of reconsidering it from a new angle. For now, itís useless to do everything at the same time, therefore if you proceed by stages, you might be surprised of what you can achieve with the limited resources you have. Show yourself to be combative and you will move forward. Here, it doesnít matter how fast you make progresses because the important thing is to make progresses. If you try to do too much at the same time, the pressure will be too much on you, youíll lack the funds and youíll get discouraged. You can succeed and you will succeed, so take your time and you will be more effective in what you do. Here, making progresses by successive stages is your guarantee to surely progress. So, donít cut corners and you will realize your dream. Be methodical and consistent and this way youíll save a lot of money. Moreover, this revelation is closely associated with a bank. You'll save money, youíll accumulate it and youíll make your money grow. Youíll make frequent deposits (small and large) and very wise investments. Youíll enormously increase your wealth in the course of time and you will be a highly respected person (renowned) in your environment.

You are concerned by your appearance and it leads you to make purchases. However, you have doubts and you hesitate a lot about what you should buy or do to improve your appearance. All this is connected to your current emotional relationship (or going to become). You have often thought of everything in the long run, but it made you neglect your daily and current needs. So you have to catch up in terms of love and it costs you money. Your budget should be reviewed and planned carefully if you want to acquire everything you wish, because you cannot just pay for yourself now. A mature and an aged person of a foreign origin, is going to try to meet your needs at the best he/she can. This person belongs to the Zodiac sign of Scorpio. He/she will take you to make up some of the gaps with efficiency and economy. He/she is brilliant, intuitive and honest. He/she knows how to do things and you'll be able to trust him/her. Keywords: factory, manufacturing, water, commitment, boldness, comfort, efficiency, separation, break, new start, on Thursday night, month of April.
A person (m/f) has the intention of doing justice for you. An event has evolved rapidly and this person is not really aware of what he/she has done. He/she has pain but he/she ignores concretely why. You will have to talk to him/her or go help him/her, since he/she needs immediate psychological support. His/her pain is the reflection of what you recently lived. This person seems to suffer for you, therefore, you need to reassure him/her. He/she wants to protect you or to avenge you, but his/her thoughts are irrational. This person is really vulnerable to the suffering you live through and his/her desire to come to your help is truly incoherent.

An intense period at the love level is to come but not necessarily for the better. You will soon enter a relationship with a person who has your "carnal complements". (This means a person with the physical appearance you like best in the opposite sex and that can most stimulate your lovemaking). You will feel instantly attracted to each other. However, this relationship will only be temporary and will extinguish quickly (probably within a few weeks or a few months). This is a question of someone with an unstable and unpredictable mood. Moreover, this person's distinct feature is his/her hypersensitivity. This hypersensitivity borders irritability and this drives him/her to be impatient with everyone. But, most of all, this person's major defect is his/her great frivolity at the sexual level. This makes him/her someone open to all curiosities to satisfy his/her sexual impulses and, thus, he/she is unfaithful in love. Therefore, be careful not be vulnerable to the physical attractiveness of this person as you could quickly be driven into an extremely tumultuous situation at the emotional level. In short, starting a romantic relationship with this person is an approach that is clearly doomed to failure, even if the passion is there and even if you feel ready for all possible and imaginable compromises to make your relationship with him/her enduring.

A project is under threat because of someoneís idiocy. This is someone from your surroundings who is of the same sex as you. He/she thinks that you have ridiculous ideas and he/she is seeking to derail your project with derogatory comments. This person feels (intellectually) superior to you and he/she simply does not accept the possibility that you might have great ideas (or better ideas than him/her). He/she considers you as someone who is weak and he/she believes that you have no future. In fact, he/she gives no importance to what you do or what you plan to do, because he/she has absolutely no idea who you really are and what you can really do. As such, do not be afraid of him/her because he/she does not know how to see the difference between an absurd and a brilliant idea. He/she does not also know how to see the difference between a person who is "dreaming in Technicolor" and someone who has an extraordinary potential for creation. In truth, you are a person who is both a pioneer and a visionary and it is obvious that you can develop and implement extremely revolutionary projects without anybodyís help. In short, you have a much stronger personality than his/hers, so ignore him/her, because he/she is wasting your time. His/her jealousy is so great that it blinds him/her.
You will have a meeting or make a felicitous connection with a young woman who leads an active life. She will be a very active person (energetic, bold, athletic...). This young person will become somebody you can rely on and with whom you will find a new friendship and establish close personal ties. This will not be an intimate relationship, but she will nevertheless be an important person in your day-to-day life. You will be able to cultivate a solid friendship with her, especially in areas where your tasks or goals will require assistance or teamwork. This young woman will always be there when you need a trusted friend to support you or to assist you in your projects.

A canal will open in your subconscious. Your subconscious is trying to call out to you. Words emerge in your mind and you must listen to them carefully. This is linked to one of your fears that you are not able to manage well. You must use your intuition more. Remain careful and a truth will be brought to light. You will enter into interaction with a woman who is older than you. This womanís astrological sign is Scorpio and she belongs to your close entourage. It will be a question of negotiation and compensation. Your future happiness will be closely linked to your intuition. Key words: Spiritual accomplishment, favorable legal aspect, love at home, Sunday morning, month of October.

An enjoyable story or a pleasant moment with someone of the opposite sex will end, only to resume later. You will have an interesting or fun relationship with someone endowed with manual dexterity and artistic talent (handicraft and odd jobs). This relationship will be brief, but it will resume later. At this point it will become more intimate and more enduring. This person is energetic and has a lifestyle that accommodates all sorts of whims. He/she is proud, mature, and his/her life principles are largely based on saving (money in the bank). His/her perseverance in saving money over long periods will allow him/her to fulfill many of his/her dreams. This person is exceptionally considerate (and tactful) around others, and this is what will most endear you to his/her personality. You will resume contact by chance in a public location, and this will be a magical moment for you. More specifically, this person will have a job with a direct link to the general public.
You will recover a new (emotional and financial) balance following a ruling that will be given (court, tribunal, government, judge, etc.) A person who is hostile to you will be removed from you path and he/she will no longer represent an obstacle or a threat to you. This person will stop causing you trouble and suffering. This judgement is associated to a compromise on your part. It concerns an arbitration and discussions regarding a sum of money (a rather significant amount), and a formal agreement (legal papers) with a man linked to justice (lawyer, legal counsel, or other). This is a proud and determined man. He has already helped you in the past and you know him rather well (not intimately). He has a physical injury, a handicap, or a visible scar. He participates to social activities which have as their goal to help poor people (or he is part of a social support club or center). His activities lead him to help people who have particular needs and who could not solve their problems without the assistance of a professional to help them or guide them.

You have a gift of clairvoyance. This gift is at a superior level, but it is not sufficiently developed. If you want to use it, you must discipline your mind to make yourself more alert to the vibrations around you. To get there, you must particularly train yourself more in not letting your emotions or your own desires confuse you. Furthermore, your power allows you above all to see for others and little for yourself. In other words, you can sense a great deal about others, but very little about yourself. On the other hand, this may also indicate that you are currently having trouble completing a job, but that negative elements are being transformed into positive elements. Therefore, you are at the end of a bad period, either professionally or with your family. You will have a rest, leave or vacation.

A person of the opposite sex, who is over 60 years, loves you. This person would like to address you, but he/she is totally incapable of it. You impress him/her so much that it disturbs him/her. Here, it is about an intelligent person who is helpful and clever in business. He/she is financially comfortable but unstable in love. This person has a complicated or a mysterious personality. He/she can fall madly in love with someone overnight without having any specific reason. It is difficult to explain, but something about it is that, this person lacks confidence in him/her when it comes to sharing his/her romantic feelings. In fact, he/she is totally incapable of taking the first steps to show his/her interest to the other. Even if he/she is sincere, he/she cannot control his/her feelings and cannot bring himself/herself to accomplish his/her romantic approaches. In your particular case, there is something more than that in your personal situation which confuses the cards and which gives him/her more obstacles. This is a major problem and that slows him/her down even more when taking steps to becoming closer. Following an upcoming event that will happen without your knowledge, his/her attitude will speak volumes about his/her true feelings for you. It is a friend who you will tell you some surprising things about him/her during a confession.

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