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By Denis Lapierre

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A woman behaves extremely disagreeably. She takes pleasure in complicating your life and toying with your emotions. She doesnít want to be reasonable and is deliberately impatient with you. This is a woman who has suffered psychological wounds in the past and who uses that to try to justify her actions and her little everyday caprices. She is fully conscious of what she is doing, but she insists on trying to prove the opposite. She is not honest with you and she takes pleasure in acting foolishly. She likes attracting attention to herself, but it would be better to ignore her than to try to steer her in the right direction. She is irresponsible and she carries discord with her. She spends without limit, especially when itís other peopleís money. Be careful not to get duped, as she is very skilled in psychological manipulation. In short, she is very detrimental to you and you have absolutely nothing to hope for from her. Time will arrange things, but it will not be with you. Consequently you must avoid all attachment to this woman, because she acts insidiously in order to maximally exploit your sensibility and your compassion. Her feelings for you, though not necessarily negative, are nevertheless null and devoid of any goodwill. There is therefore nothing to hope for from any relationship with this woman and it would be better to distance yourself.

An event or a situation will lead you to meet an incredibly unpleasant individual. You do not know this person and you have never met him/her before. This is about somebody who does not belong in your surroundings (in your personal life, in your neighbourhood, at work or anywhere else) and who will attempt to impose himself/herself and dominate everybody around you (which includes you just as much as your close friends or work colleagues). His/her behaviour will include oppression and discord. This person looks down on honest people who are satisfied with little or who live modestly and it will take a lot of strength from you to protect yourself from his/her abusive demands. You will quickly discover that this person is incapable (or that it is against his will) to listen to reason since his thinking is solely and entirely based on domination and making others subservient to him/her (selfishness and slavery). Your entourage and you will have to exhibit true determination to make him/her leave, but fortunately you will reach this goal. It is useless to try to analyze his/her behaviour because there is nothing there to understand (his/her behaviour is evil and completely irrational). Don't look to psychoanalyze him/her either, because this person is morally twisted with a corrupted soul and you will quickly be disappointed. This person is associated with evil (and everything that comes with it), and so the greater the distance there is between you and this person, the better you will feel. Push him/her away or get as far away as possible from him/her because these are the only two options you will have.

You lived through a stressful event and its unhealthy events are slow to dissapear for you. You will have the support of a young man who will be very concerned by your situation. Even if his actions will not be very relevant, you will appreciate them enormously. This young man has a lot of importance for you, and it is mainly this which will enable you to find the energy that you will require to overcome your trial. This is a young man who is always very honest with you and who often comes to you with incredibly original ideas in the hopes of convincing you to embark on all kinds of projects or adventures with him. He really wants to help you, but he cannot find the right word or the right act for you. However, he is persistent, and despite repeated failures, you will be quite surprised with his determination and hiss dedication to your trial. Here it is a question of a turnaround of situation. This young man will make so many wasted efforts for you that you will be the one who will end up consoling him. This change will bring a great life lesson to you. You will come out of it greater, and your bitterness regarding the recent events will fade to make room to a great heroism for those that you love and the values to which you adhere. Psychologically, you are much stronger than you think and, all throughout your life, it is thanks to moments like this that you will discover it.
The love that a person has for you is faithful and undeniable. This love can go over oceans and mountains. This is a person who is quite young and that lives in your neighbourhood. He/she talks a lot and he/she often embarrasses him/herself by telling you anything with the goal of impressing you. This person is both fiery and courteous at the same time. He/she would very much want you to pay him/her more attention but your aspirations in love are elsewhere. This often makes him/her jealous and impatient. He/she would like to reprimand you for loving the bad person but he/she knows that there are limits that cannot be crossed with you. This person is going to try a new approach with the goal of attracting your attention once again. This will be an audacious initiative and, seeing the vastness of his/her emotional investment, it risks making him/her suffer excessively if your reaction is negative. This person is persevering and you will be very surprised by his/her gesture. Therefore, you will have to choose between intransigence and compromise. This is a delicate context and the role of each one is not well defined. Harmony and hurt are mixed so the whole truth will not be told.

Someone has a dominant attitude towards you. This is a man who is older than you. He is impatient and totally insensitive to your needs. He is vindictive and reacts disproportionately to everything that upsets him. When he suffers setbacks, he takes it out on those around him. He is unable to control his temper, so he constantly attacks people who are incapable of defending themselves. However, even if he is continually trying to scare others, he does not impress anyone. Do not worry too much, because despite all of the nastiness coming out of his mouth, he does not have the ability to attack you physically. Your strength of character (mental strength) is much greater than his own and he knows it (even if he refuses to admit it). If he tries to intimidate you, it is because he fears you and knows that you might have the advantage over him in many situations. Yes, if you wanted it, you would have the power to bully and humiliate this man as much (and even more) than he deserves, but you do not do it because you are someone who is infinitely rich in wisdom. It is obvious that this man is pathetic and that you could do him great harm if you wished, but you do not do it because you know that you are worth more than that. Yes, kindness is in you and a day will come when you will discover just how much of a transcendent (remarkable) being you are in this universe in which chaos makes most souls wander.

A woman-friend of a woman-friend will be no friend of yours. A woman older than you who has a special relationship with a woman-friend of yours (work colleague) will cause you great aggravation. This woman will deliberately try to discredit you in your friendís eyes during a transaction involving a large sum of money. Her meanness toward you will be eloquent and you will be completely powerless against what she will say against you. It is advisable that you watch out for her and that you donít try to confront her because she is clearly more hardened than you in the art of destroying a reputation. It will be better to ignore her as much as possible in order to limit her actions. This woman is conceited, so donít even try to convince her that youíre right because youíll only give her more ammunition to take you down in your friendís eyes.
You are going to have a very important interview or meeting in a public space. You should come dressed in your most beautiful clothes and show yourself in as distinguished a way as possible, since etiquette and protocol will take on considerable importance at this event. You will be meeting a person who has the custom or habit of demonstrating great diplomacy during such occasions, and so you are going to have to show yourself worthy of the same level of respect that will be shown to you. This involves a meeting with a very influential businesswoman on the national level or a woman with a very important position in national government. If not, it appears that this is involves a celebrity from your country who is the object of great admiration from leaders and the general public alike. This woman is very well organized in all that she does and she will make a very specific request of you. At the time of this meeting, there will also be a very lucrative contract in play. This woman will be on the verge of leaving to go abroad (overseas) and you will be among the last individuals that she will see before leaving. She will ask your advice about something that you understand well. She will demonstrate very sincere affection toward you, but despite everything, you are going to have a hard time controlling your nervousness in her presence.

You need to look inside yourself. You must become aware of certain truths that hide within you. An elderly (or deceased) person, born under the sign of Aquarius, has some knowledge to give you. You have a point in common and this person knows exactly what you are experiencing. You must face your own image and redefine your conscious mind in relation to your subconscious. Mind and soul are not the same thing. Only the soul can heal the mind and not the other way around. Your quest for love must lead to attachment and not to separation. Harmony is possible but you need to be worthy of it. You will have a decisive realization about the person you love. Your discussion will deal with an amount of money and a debt. This will take place on a Monday evening in the month of July. Key words: love, money, delay, recovery, balance, consequence, farm, countryside.

Your success with a person (1) of the opposite sex displeases someone (2). This is on the professional or social level. Someone (2) is jealous. For him/her (2), you do too much (or you make inappropriate gestures.) Even if you do not know this person (2) well, in his/her eyes your actions are really not going unnoticed. Obviously, this person (2) is spying on you, or is watching you. Be careful, because he/she (2) is shifty, and he/she can go after you in a very insidious way. This person (2) is in love with the person (1) with whom you have success. He/she (2) will seek to take this person out of your path. Be on your guard, because he/she (2) is as patient as a cat that attacks its prey by surprise. This person (2) wants to discredit you in the eyes of the first person (1) and, because he/she is tough, he/she (2) will eventually destabilize you. You will therefore have to keep your composure at all times. Do not let yourself be affected or intimidated. Most of all, do not respond to his/her attacks, no matter how insignificant, because these will be provocations to better catch you out. Remain unperturbed, and all of his/her attempts against you will be in vain. In this matter, it is your mental strength that will be your greatest ally. Remain impassive, and this person (2) will end up having acted completely uselessly.
Something unimportant in your relationship with a person (M/F) of the other sex will soon have unforeseen consequences. You are currently seeing a young person, more or less daily, for social, professional, work or other reasons. You recently discussed a trip. However, this young person increasingly sees your relationship as an opportunity for a love affair with you. This person is in the process of falling in love with you-- if this has not already happened. You will soon receive a gift from that person. It will be an object made of wood. This object has a spiritual, mystical or esoteric meaning. For him/her, giving this ďspecificĒ object as a gift has great significance in relation to the bond which you currently have. He/she is distinctly younger than you and his/her young age clearly represents a difficulty or a concern for you.

You have a very nice approach to your interactions with others. This approach is so healthy for you that it leads a person (man/woman) to compete with you. This person is so annoyed by your success with others that he or she systematically opposes all your initiatives. In this case, it is more specifically related to a project that you want to realize for a group of young people (young adults, adolescents or children). You have in mind something which could be extremely interesting to them, but it will be hard for you to move forward without certain resources (financial, material, human or other) which will be blocked by that person. In fact, this person feels significantly eclipsed by your succes and he/she would like to gain access to your position through it (or as much as you). You will thus have to negotiate with him/her and to be very persuasive to lead him/her to support you in your progress. The key to your success rests in involvement. You will have to lead this person to participate more in your project in order to make him or her more aware of the importance of his or her collaboration. The more involved he or she is, the more he or she will find his or her pride and self-esteem. It is undoubtedly by helping this person to once again find his or her self-esteem that you will be able to convince him or her to align with you to get the precious support you seek.

The sincerity of a person (m/f) who says they love you is doubtful. This person seems to appreciate you more for practical (or financial) reasons than a real emotional attachment. Moreover, many clues indicate that this person cares very little for you and that you know it. In this case, your sensitivity is your weak point. This person knows how to use you in order to manipulate you. You are possibly too tolerant of these doings, which are frankly selfish. Also, there is the issue of a transfer of money from one person to another. Is it yours? To avoid problems, it would probably be better if you lead this person to show their consideration for you more concretely. You must be aware that promises are no longer enough. You need to demand real and immediate actions. Although this person tends to always postpone commitments they have made, youíll obviously need to ask yourself the question of whether they really intend to respect their oath. Promises can sometimes hide a terrible lieÖ So, donít be taken in if you donít want to prolong an uneasiness that is growing every day and which likely has no chance of being beneficial, no matter the (emotional or monetary) investment you will place in it. In the present context, this person represents fire, whereas you are the city. As a result, be careful and donít let this person light the city on fire, because fire is devastating. City = resources, solidarity, cooperation and security. Fire = indifference, waste and destruction without pity. In sum = desolation and obliteration of dreams.

End of your tarot cards reading. Thank you!

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