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Your freedom is priceless. You enjoy your freedom too much to allow others to dominate you. You should, therefore, not be submissive in your love life, because in the end you will feel trapped. Better to distance yourself from those who wish to run your life. You are not the sort to be manipulated, so your reactions are often unpredictable. You act on impulse and it is generally catastrophic for those around you.

You have the possibility of forming a new couple. You must not fear what shall come, because nothing can stop you from finding true love through this new relationship. The intentions of both are sincere and you are allowed to get involved. Your self-sufficiency and your independence will be protected and you will be able to blossom freely.

You have the unconditional support of a very close friend. This is a woman who is very important for you and who works with you in the implementation of an expensive project, of a personal endeavor, or of a major initiative. This woman is for you a great source of inspiration and without her you might be much less ambitious. Here, we are talking about somebody who is very intelligent and who has the ability to solve complex problems and crack particularly difficult puzzles. Even if she likes to play to lighten the mood, this woman does nothing randomly and she is ready to make sacrifices for you. On another level, this woman is also inhabited by a strong sexual energy. She is thus as intense in friendship as in love, and in intimacy her carnal needs sometimes become obsessive. Clearly, nature gave her a body whose needs overflow, but she nonetheless knows how to remain respectful, honorable, and faithful. You will make a trip with her and you will talk of business. This woman is as ambitious (and maybe even more) than you, so you will get along well. You will dream larger than life, but regardless, dreaming is not a sin even if sometimes we get lost in fantasy and imagination.
A man, barely elder than you, who lives close to a woman (a friend), will invite you to make a risky investment, an unnecessary payment or a useless expenditure. This is a smart and an extremely opportunistic man. He has a lot of worldly possessions, but it is largely thanks to the ill-gotten money (not necessarily in a dishonest way, but often in an objectionable or a highly questionable manner). This man knows how to recognize psychologically vulnerable people (or who are going through a difficult time in their life) and he does not hesitate to manipulate them. He is interested (in covetousness) by your friend and you've already been in contact with him professionally. Since he doesnít have the same standard of living as you financially, he will be likely to make you spend more than you can. If you are not enough conscious of your actions, he will have no difficulty in making you waste your money. Watch out for excessive and unnecessary expenses to which this man could lead you in the coming months (or weeks). Even though good investments are possible with him (but highly unlikely or very limited), you could get very quickly trapped in a maze of totally useless expenses because of him. If you do not avoid (or do not oppose to) these "useless" expenses, they will be seriously harmful to your health (psychological annihilation) and they will bring you extreme anxiety.

You will make a pact or an agreement with a friend (m/f). This friend will make you aware of the complexity of a situation. More specifically, this concerns a situation in which you cannot stand by without acting. You know what it is about, but you still do not know all the details. Here, you will have to break a social or professional impasse, as certain people seem more to slow you down rather than help you. You are not aware of everything, and that is why you will have need of this friend in order to better understand the attitude, the way of thinking or the ambitions of these people. Even if others seem to harm you, however, this is not necessarily the case. Long discussions are coming up, therefore, and you will have a decision to make. You will have to show an open mind if you want to understand the position of others, so you must show yourself to be receptive/responsive to their demands (claims, wishes, will or other). Listen to what they have to say and then you will know which way to go. In summary, even if appearances seem to show the opposite, people want to help you and everybody agrees on the notion that as much as possible should be done to enable you to make progress regarding a personal endeavour that you have recently undertaken. Your friend, however, will have to take a key role in your endeavour and you will not be able to do anything without him/her (and vice versa).

Someone has returned in your entourage. You have not seen this person for many years. It is someone you dislike. You are not happy to see this person again. There has always been tension between the two of you. You consider this individual to be a liar, dishonest and opportunist. You have already had an argument with him/her and you are worried that such arguing will repeat itself. You hold a big grudge against this person and you do not want to have to deal with or cooperate with him/her. It is a humiliating situation for you. You will act in a radical way once and for all. However, be careful that this does not hurt you.
You will have a disappointing encounter or discussion with a man. You donít know this man right now, or you donít know him very well. He is someone you will never be able to count on and with whom youíll have a hard time maintaining a loyal friendship. This man will edge into your close environment and will become a member of your regular acquaintances. Youíll then have to be perceptive about what he does and clairvoyant about his thoughts and plans. This man has the potential for creating problems for you and it is obvious that he will be the source of great aggravation for you. Whatís more, he never says what he really thinks and he shows no shame in denying his mistakes and lying whenever he needs to save face. Be careful not to trust his word because you may be greatly disappointed. Above all, donít expect anything from him as far as tasks or goals required as part of group work or a need for mutual help within your circle of acquaintances, and you will get along must better. Furthermore, this man has great sexual urges to satisfy and because of this, he spreads suffering all around him. His sense of morality is virtually non-existent, so that those he has intimate relations with are condemned upfront to endure torment and unending sorrow.

A desire will be fulfilled. Your efforts will finally be rewarded. Something that you have wanted for a long time is about to happen. For some time, you have been working to realize a dream, and your labors will finally bear fruit. You will get what you have been hoping for. Here, it is a question of means of transport (by road). We are probably speaking about the acquisition of an automobile (car, truck, motorcycle, etc.) More precisely, you are either about to buy a car, or you will take possession of a car (purchase, lease, loan, bequeathing, or other). Otherwise, you might be about to change cars (if you have an old car or a car in bad condition), or you will soon receive your driverís license (or a new driverís license which gives you more possibilities than the one your currently have). In conclusion, no matter the case, distances will now become less burdensome for you. You will now be able to move more freely over long distances, and you will feel closer to places of interest to you (places where you need to go or those where you want to go) and to the people who are important to you.

A new freedom will be given to you and you will be able to act according to your desires. You will have a conversation or a meeting with a woman on the professional level (work, business, studies, justice, healthcare, or other). This woman has her wisdom as a virtue. She will bring you to better know (or better analyse) your capabilities. You have an attraction or an interest for something very special, but you hesitate to fly with your own wings. You have great personal resources and you will discover your strengths. Evidence is emerging very clearly and you must be bolder with regards to your dreams. You need to build a greater confidence in your abilities, because you have an extraordinary potential. You can dominate your fears and have a greater influence on your future. You have a need for autonomy to fill and you can enjoy life more. Your road has been drawn long ago, but you stopped for some reason. You must get back on your way, because you still have a lot of things to accomplish. Yes, people are demanding of you, but it is you who will one day have to be more demanding towards them. You have a place to take in society, so do not let others take it in your place, because it is yours and not theirs.
A personality conflict exists between two people in your professional circle (work or otherwise). You know them well, but there is no (for the moment) causal relation between their behavior and your personal situation. The first person (m/f) is an opportunist, and he/she is using his/her charm to increase his/her influence with others. He/she is a manipulative type of person, and manages to impose his/her ideas relatively easily, even if they are not necessarily the best or the most sensible. The other person (m/f) is stubborn and intuitive, and has a great sense of judgement and objectivity. Both seek to maintain their image with others, but this is always at the expense of one or the other. This conflict is increasingly unhealthy, because constructive actions are not undertaken because of their incessant disputes. Jealousy is involved on both sides, and this conflict is leading nowhere. As their disagreements become more frequent and more pervasive, it is clear that you will soon have no other choice than to develop a plan in order to not let them get you involved in their incessant quarrels. Above all, try to keep both feet on the ground, because it is obvious that these two people have not for a long time already.

Love is for you a totally incomprehensible reality. Once day, it gives you immense happiness and the next day it grieves you. You expect a lot from your love life, yet it often requires great sacrifices from you. Even if some things frustrate you, you accept them in order to keep what you have acquired. Social (or moral) pressures are great, and more and more they are what govern your actions and your decisions. In fact, something is changing (unceasingly) against your will. Even if a situation is not desirable, you know that you have to endure it, because no other option (relevant or appropriate) is really open to you. Be careful not to fall into isolation. A decision will have to be taken (or a choice will have to be made). The impact of this decision (or of this choice) will be long lasting (irreversible). Your judgement will be particularly tested. You will have to think first about your long-term future (your personal happiness and love requirements), because when it comes to the coming years, everything will be decided in the coming months, perhaps even in the coming weeks. You want a major change in your life and your decision will have major consequences. You desire ďmoreĒ from your love life (happiness, pleasure, etc.) so you will have to be logical with yourself.

There is a sad announcement from the emotional side. You must resign to or from a distant dear friend. This is a person of the opposite sex who is younger than you. A beautiful chemistry was created between you two (in many ways), and possibly at the professional level (work or other), but mostly socially. So far, you've always had a common path that was constantly reinforcing. This person is part of your very small circle of privileged friends, but is not closely or officially related to you. He/she is well groomed and he/she attaches great importance to human relations (dedication, generosity, indulgence, etc.). He/she is faithful in love and he/she has great feelings of love for the person he/she considers his/her life partner. He/she likes to be in touch with people and he/she gives him/herself, his/her heart and soul to the people he/she loves. The departure of this friend is linked to economic conditions (difficult financial situation or a situation which needs to be significantly improved) or a change of job (better living conditions). This distance is only temporary, but it will be unfortunately for a long term. Warning: Although it is not a question of a final separation, this event will be shocking enough to cause great grief. You'll have to show yourself to be strong. This person will come back to your life (in a more intimate or more formal manner) only later (years).

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